First it was the Kimanis Power Plant project, Sabah’s new 300-megawatt power plant, a whooping RM1 billion contract. Then Sabah has been allocated another RM10.723 billion to implement 424 new projects in the first phase (2011-2012) of the Rolling Plan under the Tenth Malaysia Plan. Then there is another RM3 billion in MoUs signed by Sabah State Government with private sectors to invest in agriculture and forestry and manufacturing.

It is a commentary on the bizarre priorities of our information order that investment commitments total-ling $14 billion, equaling nearly one tenth of Malaysia’s GDP, are either ignored or put on par with anodyne political statements. This, however, is not the occasion to lament the lack of even-handedness in the treatment of anything remotely connected to Sabah chief minister Musa Aman. It is the time to celebrate something that is fast becoming undeniable: the emergence of Sabah as the investment powerhouse of Malaysia.

The start of the Rabbit Year, there was a stark contrast between a Sabah bubbling with optimism and the rest of the country despairing over economic mismanagement and missed opportunities. It is not that all the MoUs signed with private sector will be translated into reality. Many will remain paper commitments . But when the who’s who of Malaysia industry line up to proclaim their faith in Sabah as a wholesome place for investment, having already put their money where their mouth is, neither Malaysia nor the rest of the world can afford to be in denial.

The proclamations of faith in Sabah are all the more meaningful because they have been made despite KL’s unremitting displeasure with anything that could bolster Musa Aman’s credentials. Musa Aman doesn’t usually win awards for being the “Reformer of the Year” or for innovative governance. In fact, he doesn’t even make it to the shortlist. But he has invariably secured an unequivocal thumbs-up from those who have a real stake in the emergence of Sabah as a Malaysia economic power house.

The skeptics, who insist that the rise and rise of Sabah has little to do with the state government, are partially right. Entrepreneurship and business are part of the Musa Aman’s DNA and not because he is Sabahan, and its reason why Sabah has always proudly cloaked itself in the business ethos since Musa took over as CEO of the state.

The reason Sabah has registered the highest, near double-digit GDP growth in the past 2 years owes much to the targeted, business-friendly approach of its government. Four features stand out. The first is quick decision-making—what Musa Aman has dubbed the “red carpet, not red tape” approach, ask corporate philanthropist Datuk Victor Paul, for example, recount how the land allotment and development for the Perdana Park in Tanjung Aru was made possible. Datuk Victor Paul built the multi-million ringgit park all with his own money, there was no such thing as land swap and he build the park entirely as part of his Corporate Social Responsibility and as a gift to the state and the people without any form of payment or reward. Victor Paul completed the whole project in less than two years, a quick-fire decision that has fetched Sabah this park.

The second feature is the curious phenomenon of the near-absence of political corruption at the top. Even Musa Aman’s worst enemies will not deny that the chief minister’s fanatical personal integrity has had a salutary trickle-down effect. Irritated by politically inspired extortion, industry has identified Sabah as a place where it is possible to do ethical business.

Third, Sabah since Musa Aman 2003, has been marked by social and political peace. Particularly important for industry is the absence of political unrest, which unseated Pairin in 1994 and is now so marked in Perak. This is because Sabah has bucked a national trend and is witnessing high growth in agriculture—last year the sector grew by 9.9%. This means that farmers mainly natives, now have a stake in the larger prosperity of the state and aren’t swayed by populists like Anwar Ibrahim.

Finally, the growth of Sabah has been spurred by a philosophy of “minimum government and maximum governance”. In plain language, this means that the state government has concentrated on creating the infrastructure for growth and left it to the private sector to get on with the job of actual wealth creation. In Sabah, politicians don’t talk the language of class conflict; they too mirror the preoccupation with business. So all-pervasive is the respect for enterprise that even the Perdana Park which I call Victor Paul’s Park, which has the state of the art facilities, someone has even suggested that Victor Paul create amusement features for kiddie games centred on the use of virtual money!

The extent to which this vibrant Sabah capitalism will benefit Musa’s ambitions is difficult to predict. But one thing is certain. As Sabah shines and acquires an economic momentum of its own, more and more businesses will find it worthwhile to channel a major chunk of their new investments into Sabah. Kuala Lumpur may not like the resulting uneven growth but the alternative is not to thwart Sabah by political subterfuge-such as preventing public sector from engaging with the state government and the whimsical use of environmental regulations. Sabah has shown that accelerated and sustained growth is possible when the state plays the role of an honest facilitator, rather than a controller.

Musa Aman didn’t create the Sabahan character; he was moulded by it. He merely gave it a contemporary thrust and an ethical dimension. If politicians focused on these, Malaysia as a nation will be a much better place.

  1. Shalmon S says:

    Datuk Victor Paul was a business partner of DSP Wilfred Bumburing , since Musa trusted Victor Paul so much and given so many projects ,why did DSP Bumburing left BN to joint PR ??? is Victor Paul buying some insurance by asking his partner to joint PR in case BN lost ????


  2. pluto says:

    the leader who know how to contribute to this state is much much better than the leader who only know how to make this country bankrupt..


  3. Bei Soo Lang says:

    Before we start to think that our MACC has turned over a new leaf under 1Malaysia, think again.
    Before we start to think that MACC’s action against the ‘Sabah Cronies’ is part of Najib’s clean up of corruption in Malaysia, think again.
    Yes, I am referring to the arrest of various individuals since last month that emanated from the intervention of the Hongkong’s ICAC i.e. Independent Commission Against Corruption.
    Apparently, if the ICAC had not pushed the matter (that involved a crony, Michael Chia, caught in Hongkong with RM16m cash on him), action from our own MACC would have been muted.
    And why is that? As usual, it is the political ramifications that caused MACC to make those arrests … to protect the political ‘rajas’ or princelings …. so that the fall-guys will be their cronies, as always.
    Besides the blogs, the only prominent news portal to report about the Sabah Cronies is Malaysiakini, especially with the arrest of senior lawyer from Sabah without naming that person. I understand it is Richard Christopher Barnes, a Burmese born crony of the past few Chief Ministers of Sabah.
    Malaysians should not be too surprised about these slush funds in Sabah that amount to the billions of Ringgit. Such were their wealth and might that they could even purchase private jets e.g. Jet 20 Falcons for their travels. Who says Tiong King Sing of the Port Klang Free Zone infamy is the only one who could afford these jets?
    This nonsense is not a recent phenomenon. Back in the days of Tun Mustapha in the late 1960s and early 1970s, he was known to have owned a Boeing 707!
    It is therefore quite embarrassing for the UMNO led government to require a foreign anti-corruption agency to have the will (and expertise) to expose this long-standing disease that is engulfing Malaysia.
    This disease also looks like it has spread to Malaysian listed companies in that two, not one, of those arrested last month are CEOs of Sabah-based public listed companies.
    This is assuming that portals like (sister portal of Malaysiakini?) are to be believed.
    Why am I not surprised?
    The two are in fact brothers, Andrew Lim Nyuk Foh and Freddy Lim Nyuk Sang.
    Andrew Lim is the controlling shareholder and CEO of Priceworth Wood Products Berhad and has been extradited to Hongkong to be charged!
    Freddy Lim is the controlling shareholder and CEO of Kretam Holdings Berhad and was once arrested under the Internal Security Act in the late 1980s for economic sabotage and banished to a small town in Peninsular Malaysia! He was then a runner for the then Chairman of Yayasan Sabah (that issues timber concessions), Jeffrey Kitingan, the younger brother of then Sabah Chief Minister, Joseph Pairin Kitingan.
    In the case of Freddy, it makes you wonder how a person with such an ‘illustrious’ background could be allowed to run a public listed company!


  4. Bei Soo Lang says:

    Speech by Lim Kit Siang at a DAP Tawau ceramah in Tawau on Monday, 21st January 2008:

    Abdullah should announce concrete safeguards to assure Sabahans and Malaysians that Sabah Development Corridor will not end up as a “corridor for mega corruption” in Sabah

    Many legitimate questions have been raised about the Sabah Development Corridor (SDC) to be launched by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at the Sepanggar Bay container port, 35 km from Kota Kinabalu, next Tuesday, including:

    Why the SDC is the last “corridor” to be announced and launched by the Prime Minister when it should be the first as Sabah has the worst poverty rate in the whole country.
    How the SDC will eradicate poverty in Sabah, which is the worst of all states in the country, with an incidence of poverty of 23% in 2004, much higher than the two other poverty-stricken states of Terengganu (15.4%) and Kelantan (10.6%). Sabah has also the worst hard-core poverty rate at 6.5% as compared to the next three states with the highest incidence, i.e. Terengganu 4.4% and Kedah and Kelantan 1.3%.
    How the SDC will end the long-standing socio-economic marginalization of the Kadazan-Dusun-Murut (KDM) community as the new underclass in Sabah.
    Whether it is possible for Malaysia to implement five “development corridors” simultaneously or is the “corridor” concept more hype than reality.

    A poster raised a pertinent question on my blog on the SDC when he said the Barisan Nasional is “simply trying to hoodwink the rakyat into throwing support for the BN”.

    He said that declaring a “corridor” would usually mean that such a “corridor” or region is the focus of intensive development efforts. However the Sabah Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Musa Aman has announced that the SDC will cover the whole state of Sabah and not just confined to certain areas – making nonsense of the “corridor” concept!

    As this poster asked – “Corridors lead from one room to another. Can your entire house be all corridors?”

    However, there is an even greater concern about the SDC, whether it will just end up as a “corridor for corruption” in Sabah.

    When Abdullah became Prime Minister four years ago, he pledged to clean up graft and corruption in the country. This, however, had been one of the greatest failures of the Abdullah premiership, which is reflected by Malaysia’s worsening position in the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index from No. 37 in 2003 to 43 in 2007.

    Corruption in Malaysia has become more rampant and blatant in the past four years with Sabah leading all the other states not only in having the worst poverty rate but also the most serious corruption problem.

    Instead of a clean-up of corruption in the state, Sabahans talk about a “Mr. Vaccuum Cleaner” who plunges Sabah into as new dark age in corruption.

    When he comes to Sabah next Tuesday, Abdullah should announce concrete safeguards to assure Sabahans and Malaysians that the SDC will not end up as a “corridor for mega corruption” in Sabah

    * Lim Kit Siang, Parliamentary Opposition Leader, MP for Ipoh Timur & DAP Central Policy and Strategic Planning Commission Chairman


  5. amir says:

    Kita tunggulah dan lihat saja buat masa ini.


  6. Bei Soo Lang says:

    All Malaysians should put an end to the case of Teo Ben Hock,
    This is a political death,
    Many other major countries also have political deaths,
    America has lost Abraham Lincoln and JFK who were serving presidents in at the time of assassinations..
    India lost three of their serving prime ministers namely Mahatma Gandhi,Indra Gandhi and Raj-iv Gandhi to assassinations.
    Who are the real mastermind behind these deaths ?????
    No one will ever know the truth,
    If you want to follow the case to the end,
    Wait till the final judgment day,
    I am raising a fund for the family,
    Teo is dead..
    The family needs money,
    Look at their pathetic slum face and wet market appearance in court,
    Money will help them,
    Not justice..
    Call me Bei Soo Lang at 0378053838
    For more information on the fund for the family..


  7. bsoolan says:

    The corruption of Mahathir:
    adapted from Bangkok Post (Not published locally)

    I have always said Dr Mahathir is a menace to his own people. Now only you can see the effects of his foolishness when the ringgit has halved its value overnight and your economy goes kaput.
    Single handedly you have caused hardship to millions of your own people. You have built useless mega projects at tremendous cost to the country.

    The telecoms tower in Kuala Lumpur and the highest building in the world show how stupid you are. Not only does it cause massive traffic jam, it has totally no purpose.

    If you need high ground for telecoms antennae a nearby mountain is there for free.

    This tower has no purpose from the ground up to 300 metres. The
    satelites make this totally unneccesary. A fool and his money are soon parted. The only thing is you are the fool and the money belongs to Malaysians. You make 20% in every project, you have real estate in Japan and billions of shares corruptly acquired.

    Your 3 sons are worth 8 billion US$. Where do they get this money? Of course, corruption.

    You are known as the Marcos of Malaysia, having enriched yourself to the tune of billions.

    You dare to shed crocodile tears during UMNO delegates meeting about the ills of corruption.

    Yet you are the most corrupt of all the prime ministers before you.
    A thief is crying thief and hopes people look the other way. Who dares to say anything when the chief is caught with his hands in the candy jar?

    You said wisdom is not the monopoly of the West. So is foolishness. You have more foolishness than most people would believe.

    Billions are used to build two high rise Petronas buildings that benefit nobody. They now stand tall, a symbol of stupidity and irresponsibility. Instead they just add on to traffic jams.

    What is this reclamation of 10 islands off Kedah? Totally absurd and stupid. Of course your benefit is 20%. And the bridge across
    from Malacca to Sumatra across international waters?

    Why not build a bridge to the moon? I am sure you still can get your 20%.
    You called me a Moron . How can a Moron make so much money. By
    allowing short selling and borrowing millions of shares from your banks we fund managers made millions out of your inexperience and poor regulations.

    You lose all Malaysians’ money, therefore you are the Moron . Now you know too late and start crying over spilt milk.

    In Australia you are known as the recalcitrant ego maniac; in UK the corrupt bastard because of your stupid purchase of our movie studio and the 290 million ringgit Lotus racing car plant and the shady Pergau dam loans from the UK . They are useless to us and you still want to buy them.

    What about buying British reject submarines through your agent, of course. The agent/ broker is designed to make millions out of the Malaysian government.

    Your purchase of our battleships is at least 50% more than others are
    paying. Your purchase of 9 hospitals from UK lock, stock and barrel does
    not support your local architects or your industry and the British send you obsolete medical equipment. The design is atrocious, one end to the other is half a kilometer and there is no CT-scan, an absolute necessity.

    In the UK your face appears in no less than 17 newspapers as a corrupt dictator.
    In Malaysia you are known as the (IBM) International Big Mouth.
    In Japan they call you the ‘smallest one’ (brain size).
    In Pacific islands, the Santa Claus (giving advice left and right).
    In South America they call you the parrot (he talks a lot but does not know what it is about).
    In Manila the living Marcos.

    In Malaysia they are spending millions to lure tourists and you talk
    rubbish scaring every foreigner away. When he is dumb he is doubted a fool, when he opens his mouth it removes all doubt.”

    While I agree the West does not have the monopoly to wisdom, your actions are not the wisest either. Your EAEC has totally no support even in Asean.
    Your South-South dialogue meets with the same fate and what is this I hear of the Bridge from Peninsula Malaysia to Sumatra covering 20 miles across International shipping lane?

    How crazy can one get? Even the Japanese don’t have the money. This world’s stupidity seems to be concentrated in one man’s mind – yours.

    The multimedia super corridor – MSC -. Well in USA it’s the Most Stupid Concept because we Americans, would have thought of it light years before. Even if it makes money, we can copy this concept can’t we?

    Why do you want to spend your hard-earned money doing questionable projects? It will be like the Bakun project. Abandoned fund wasted and another white elephant. I always say politicians should not be involved in business. Your ministers are also businessmen and almost every official is enriching himself.

    Look at Rafidah Aziz, selling thousands of Approved
    Permits (APs) for cars each worth 20-30 thousand Malaysian dollars. Why not your government sell them and make the money? She has acquired millions of shares meant for bumis for free before she agrees to list them.

    Look at your Selangor Chief Minister collecting millions for approving high rise buildings from businessman. He is worth a few billions.
    Unfortunately he was caught with a few million pocket money in Australia .
    Every Chief minister is awarding useless projects to his cronies then collecting secret pay offs on the side. The Land Development Boards and the Economic Development Boards are used to bail out any loses suffered by politicians. The profits they keep, the loses they force the Government bodies to absorb.

    How can your poor ever close the gap when every good deal
    is snatched by your politicians? How can your country get out of poverty if all the billions of corruption money is taken out of the country?

    Look at the Sarawak Chief Minister selling billions worth of timber
    concessions under the table; selling every piece of state land to
    businessmen without tender; using his own companies to obtain lucrative government contracts; selling approval signatures for a fee ‘you pay I approve’. He has 8 billion US stashed overseas.

    Thousands of acres of land are given to one or two companies while thousands of poor people still live in cardboard makeshift homes; have no water and shit into the river.

    Thousands of acres of land are sold to companies for plantations while the natives do not have even one acre to their name. He is selling sand near the beaches to one company for earth filling and then ask the government to spend millions to protect the coastline when erosion occurs.

    He lost 300 million of the Sarawak government money trying to make computer chips. He has built a port in Northern Sarawak town in water so shallow it needs dredging every year.

    The Prime Minister built highways without tender, your cronies get the deal and the price double. Your Langkawi airport runway was built double the cost by your own company, Ekran.

    The Malaysian nation has lost at least 30 billions during your last 10 years of corrupt rule.
    1 billion lost from the purchase of phantom Skyhawk
    war planes nobody has ever seen (are they still in the Nevada desert, USA ?).
    3 billion lost from the London tin scandal (you thought you could corner the London tin market without knowing the Americans have a stockpile! Stupidity at its best.
    6 billion Perwaja steel mill where nobody even knows where the
    money goes.
    3 billion bank Bumiputra scandal when George Tan bribed all the
    bank officials to lend him the money.
    6 billion forex lost by Bank Negara (the fool and his money are soon parted) and 6 billion to build three of the world’s tallest buildings (built by Japanese and Koreans and furniture
    imported from France – not Malaysia ) and 1 billion lost from purchase of British warships including fees paid to the broker and under the table.
    Add the 10 billion you stole and 5 billion taken by Ministers.

    In the 1997 the World Journalists meeting voted Dr Mahathir the Prime Minister of the Decade. It sounded strange to everybody until it was revealed those who voted against are threatened by IRD officers and with losing their jobs.

    In New York the United Nations 1997 meeting, the most
    corrupt Prime Minister of the decade is President Suharto and second Dr Mahathir (Actually Dr Mahathir should take first place but bribed the Indonesians to take honour of Number One.)

    There are fifty thousand of your university students not given places in Malaysia but are good enough for places overseas resulting in billions of dollars lost. The British and the Australians are thinking how stupid.

    Your best students are sent overseas raising their standards while as in most countries the best are kept in local universities and the rejects sent overseas.. A university student in Hong Kong is much more prestigeous than any Australian counterpart. You have been colonised by the British so long you cannot even educate your own people.

    Look at Hong Kong or Singapore , less than 5% study overseas. All the money saved. Your country could save billions if every student overseas is recalled to a local university, and at the same time raising your own standards.

    Your people are still without shoes, without land to farm, without homes, bathing in rivers shitting in holes in the ground, without water and electricity.
    Your cities are concrete jungles without greenery and open spaces.
    Your KL is jammed with traffic. Yet you still keep on building high rises.
    You should come down from the clouds and stop daydreaming and firmly plant your feet in the ground.
    Your schools are cramped 500 students to an acre and thousands of acres are given free to some politicians who leave them idle.

    Your parks are being taken by politicians to build shophouses and every cabinet minister is a land-grabbing businessman who builds roads only to their cronies’ land.

    The Malaysians’ Prayer, “Ya Allah, we thank you for your gifts of timber, oil and grain. But then the devil sent us corrupt Mahathir without a Brain and look we are back to square one again. So just take Dr Mahathir back to Hell and we will be alive and well.”

    In China people have been shot for embezzling one thousand dollars. With 8 billion you have stolen, therefore you would be shot 80 thousand times.

    Now you are leading an anti-corruption campaign. We all know what you should do. Look yourself in the mirror. You see the crooked you. Then use your left hand and handcuff your right hand.

    You have put the opposition leader and his son in jail when they said in parliament you are the richest PM in the world. And his colleague Mr Karpal Singh too for 2 years.

    So I get a reward or bribe if I now say you are the poorest PM in this world?
    Your 3 sons are sitting on the board of directors of more than 200 companies.
    They must have been educated in Harvard school of business and obtained distintions? Or is it “you don’t know me, you don’t do business in Malysia” law that applies.

    Billions of ringgit of Employee’s Provident Fund and
    public Petronas funds are used to bail out your sons who make losses investing in every venture you thought you could make money. How unethical! and corrupt.

    Every one of your politicians is sitting on the board
    of tens of companies making thousands without any effort, lending their VIP names to borrow millions from local banks without collateral.

    Now these have become non- performing loans. Now you want 20 million Malaysians to sacrifice for the folly of ONE man? Why not the fool resign and admit he wasted and took most of the money. I could teach you how to put your economy on track but first you must apologize to the Malaysian people.


  8. amir says:

    Setiap orang akan menilai sesuatu dengan cara mereka sendiri.


  9. pengait says:

    Sabah has been administered badly before Musa Aman taking over the state top post. when he was appointed as the CM back in 2003, the state cooper was almost empty & the Sabah foundation in the verge of bankruptcy..

    He manage to turn around the situation and save thousand of state government & Sabah foundation workers from being retrenched..

    No one can denied that Sabah is way better than it was 15 years ago. Comes with the improvement are various problem; illegal immigrant, bad road,power woos, water disruption, poverty etc…

    we may the poorest state in Malaysia, but we are on the right track to upgraded ourself to become one of the richest state..


  10. richard says:

    Nice try, Selva. However you failed to mention that ALL these so called “sudden” attention to Sabah is because the General Election is just around the corner. You also failed to mention that the contracts that will be awarded will inevitably be negotiated contracts. A handout to UMNO’s proxies and supporters. It is the same old MO over and over again by the people in power ! NOTHING, NONE of these so called project will ever benefit the peoples of Sabah. It is just one of the many ways for UMNO and its proxies to siphon $$$ from the country. Let me know when I am proven wrong.


  11. satu says:

    Kedaulatan Sabah jangan dipertikai lagi. Yang penting adalah untuk memastikan kita mendapat habuan yang setimpal.


  12. leader says:

    I don’t know who’s behind all this.All I want to know is, whether Sabah is capable to achieve something good to be proud of now.


  13. Joe says:

    Betul cakap kau Brian. This Salleh Said Keruak cannot be trusted. Salleh has been supporting Shafie Apdal and trying to pull down Musa Aman from day one. The only way way Musa could cut the links between Salleh and Shafie Apdal was to make Salleh the State Assembly Speaker. And this is what Musa did. A smart move by Musa. Today Salleh is all out supporting Musa Aman because of this Speaker punya job. What about Salleh punya FINAS job as Chairman…is he still Chairman of FINAS? He should resign as Chairman of FINAS as he is SPEAKER of the Assembly now and this is the right thing to do. I hear last week he went to KL to attend a FINAS meeting. THis is not right ba. SAlleh is greedy and he wants everything. I also hear he use PM NAJIB’s name all the time.


  14. Kit says:

    I wasn’t sure about Musa’s leadership till you write this article. Musa has indeed helped develop Sabah. Sabah has gone from “zero to hero” .


  15. Kit says:

    This is a well article written by you selva. I’m sure this article will make an impact on the readers.


  16. Brian says:

    Mr Selva, can you please check on this? I hear the newly appointed Sabah Speaker Salleh Said Keruak makes frequent visits to KL on the expenses of the Sabah Assembly and he uses PM Najib’s name all the time. He tells the staff in the State Assembly that Najib is seeing him and therefore they get him his free ticket to KL and his accommodation on the expenses of the state. This I hear is a lie. PM Najib has no time for him but he uses Najib’s name all the time. He has already made 7 trips so far and the State Assembly had to foot the bill. When he goes to KL he takes his whole family along with him. A single trip cost the state close to RM10k. Every-time he throws Najib’s name. Does PM know this? Does our CM Musa aman know this? Please check on this.


  17. be says:

    Honestly, Sabah has grow, and is growing.


  18. mantra says:

    harap sabah akan terus membangun sehingga menjdi negeri termaju di Malaysia.


  19. amir says:

    Kita hanya boleh harapkan yang terbaik.


  20. pluto says:

    the leader who know how to contribute to this state is much better than the leader who only know how to make this country bankrupt.


  21. tombolo says:

    teruskan untuk majukan lg negeri sabah.


  22. Faisal says:

    BN still strong in Sabah if they do their job. Help Sabahan and fight for Sabahan right, make something can give the benefit for People. Sabah will move forward slowly..


  23. surandry says:

    Try to help our State..So Govt must do the best if want people still to supporting BN.


  24. mike says:

    something must be done about the cabotage policy..


  25. mike says:

    just know that Perdana Park in Tanjung Aru was built by Datuk Victor Paul..


  26. mike says:

    just hoping sabah will more develop and move forward..


  27. mike says:

    whatever it is, Musa did a great job for sabah..


  28. Dunstan says:

    Bertambahlah kredit BN untuk menang PRU13 nanti.


  29. rutan says:

    sabah dilihat sekarang semakin membangun, ini adalah hasil usaha pemimpin dan penduduk sabah sendiri, teruskan usaha untuk membangunkan lagi Sabah.


  30. gie says:

    I hope Sabah will continue to move forward.


  31. Nelson says:

    Time for Sarawak and Sabah to declare independence, both are Dayak Land and NOT Tanah Melayu, what ever the old senile Mamakthir from Kerala want to call it.


  32. Amin Mulia says:

    Musa Aman is only helping his family and all the Pakistanis and Bugis become rich in Sabah. Time to get rid of Musa Aman.


  33. Oettinger says:

    this is the best blog i’ve ever read in my whole entire life. so little and yet so much. can i take up writing classes from you selva?


  34. Lim Chee Seng says:

    Datuk Victor Paul is a recluse. Have not see much written about him except in selvarajasomiah’s blog. Can you please write more about this man? Hear he has built a church in Bangalore India. Hear also he has donated for churches in Sabah. Hear he is originally from Penang like you Mr Selva. Was he the one who got kicked out from Sabah by Datuk Harris Salleh?


  35. Salleh A says:

    Musa Aman is the best thing to happen for Sabah. I agree with all you have written Mr Salva. Keep it going and let the world know the truth about our CM Musa Aman.


  36. johnny says:

    Oi Selva, apa sudah jadi? Bila mau kasi kena itu Musang? Kita ini tidak boleh sabar sudah. Time to whack UMNO ba….what are you waiting for? U punya pasal now Musang looks like an angle. Time to bring out the dirt man!


  37. Allen says:

    Selva, i like your style of writing. You are doing a good job, keep it up! I know you will attack Musa Aman the MUSANG shortly.


  38. Guest says:

    Oi somiah,
    Are you high on something?


  39. Aiyoh Samy says:

    Maybe this Selva had consumed a bit too much of THC as he confessed.


  40. sabahman says:

    I used to respect what you wrote but not now.It is just too obvious and I mean the 360 degree turnaround you made with regards to Musa Aman.The chinese used to say that life is all about integrity but once you lose it then its better to jump down the cliff.Who are you trying to fool anyway?You are doing more harm than good to Sabah UMNO as people who read your article will definitely cast their votes in the opposition favour for they know that corruption had somehow made its mark on you.


  41. annonymous1943 says:

    my god
    what utter rubbish
    Never ever coming back to this site


  42. Sabah Sifu says:

    Why not ask, who owns the surrounding land which price will go up with a nice park? Who gain from these development at the expense of the poor people in Kampung Tanjung Aru. Dey mau angkat pun mesti ada class lah.


  43. The Grand Spin Master says:

    Your article was ok until you mentioned “near absence of politcal corruption at the top”. Then it was very clear you were spinning. The mark of a great spin master is to never reveal the obvious lie.

    How can you then explain the 14 millon cash case in HK? I was also rather surprised as your GDP calculation. 20% of GDP is something like RM 160 billion.

    But can’t blame you. Do what ever you feel is right.


  44. Sucker says:

    Selvaraja, money can do wonders….. there has been a paradigm shift in your articles after Musa Aman bought you over…. every man has a price… what was yours? Even Stevie Wonder knows what Musa Aman is upto in Sabah. Of course corruption is not prevalent in Sabah? There is only person calling the shots and ensuring that corruption is centralized….. who else but the kijang…… Anyway your attempts to glorify Musa are pathetic….. stick to penang brother…. LGE is doing a good job there


  45. Observer says:

    What bullshit comments for this Musang Musa state !


  46. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by mikichoo, Yvonne Ho. Yvonne Ho said: Is it time to acknowledge the Sabah ‘miracle’ ? […]


  47. Joshua Kong says:

    Musa Aman has to answer to many of my 30 Police Reports..


  48. Anonymous says:

    ask any businessman who ever have experiences doing business in sabah and they will tell you… ooohhh, banyak buaya di sabah oohhh, basar2 lagi


  49. jeman says:

    too good to be true! in the sea of corruption system like malaysia those who could see thru anything for the worth of money they have, will not put their money here!


  50. Sinosabah says:

    Ya Meh, Silva ?? Then please answer us the 81 daily kenapa Musa haruslah letak jawatan sebagai Ketua Menteri revealed in Wikisabah. Blogspot then I can only be convinced!!!!


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