Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Anak Bangsa Malaysia, Chinese New Year, Lim Guan Eng, Malaysia, Penang, Year of the Rabbit

To all my Chinese readers – HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

Today is the eve of the first day in the lunar calendar, which makes tomorrow the official New Year’s Day for the Chinese. It’s reunion time now, enjoy with the family and be happy guys.

This year is the Rabbit Year and I believe like rabbits good in copulating and breeding, we too are gonna see more pregnancies and babies.

Happy Chinese New Year again to Everyone, and not forgetting all my Chinese friends in Penang and Sabah.

Kong Hee Fatt Choi!

I like to reproduce this years Chinese New Year Message from Lim Guan Eng which I think all clear thinking Malaysians should take time to digest.

Wednesday, 02 February 2011

Let us embrace the future by embracing every Malay, Indian, Chinese, Kadazan and Iban as Malaysian brothers and sisters, Malaysian sons and daughters

In the Chinese New Year Of the Rabbit, DAP wishes all Malaysians a peaceful, harmonious and prosperous new year. DAP also expresses our condolences and sympathies to those who lost loved ones and suffered losses in the massive floods affecting Johor, Negeri Sembilan and Melaka.

To attain peace Malaysians must stand united and reject those who wish to divide us by preaching racial and religious hatred. If we want to benefit from equal opportunities and realize our human potential we must stop extremists from continually degrading others as inferiors so as to uplift ourselves.

We can only achieve harmony together. Despite our differences and diversity, Malaysians can make our common aspirations of freedom, justice, democracy and truth come true if we remember key values.

That it is not who we are that is important, but what we are that is important; not the colour of our skin that is important but the content of our character; and not our past ancestry that is important but how we connect with the present and with each other to face the future.

We can only be prosperous together. The time has come to focus on the economy, in employment, education and business opportunities as the conditions for prosperity. We must build human talent and be performance-based.

The time has come for Malaysians to choose carefully. Only a two-party system can ensure peace, harmony and that Malaysia’s rich natural resources benefit 27 million Malaysians. A two-party system requires a strong opposition which can not only deny BN its customary two-thirds majority but also able to form the government.

For those who say that PR do not know how to govern, the 4 PR states of Penang, Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan have proven our ability by beating the other 10 BN states by attracting RM25 billion in investments comprising 53% of Malaysia’s total investments of RM47.2 billion in 2010. For the first time in history, Penang is now the new champion of investments in Malaysia, coming out top in 2010 with RM 12.2 billion.

Malaysians can not compromise on corruption. Too much have been lost. The shocking revelations by the US-based financial watchdog Global Financial integrity of RM 888 billion illicit capital flight from Malaysia between 2000-2008 cost is shocking. This means that every Malaysian man, woman and child have lost RM 33,000 each over 9 years! Whilst our Royal Malaysian Navy commandos are heroes for their successful capture of Somali pirates in international waters recently, DAP regrets that land “pirates” are allowed to roam freely in Malaysia.

There is no reason why under the Economic Transformation Program, 19 entry point projects require RM 67 billion in investments to generate 35,000 jobs. In other words, almost RM2 million is required to create a job!

This is ridiculous and only shows the extent of leakages in the economy in the form of inefficiency, wastage and even corruption. Contrast this to the number of jobs created from total private investments for Malaysia in 2010. From a total investments of RM47,177 million in 2010 will help to generate 97,310 jobs or RM 485,000 for each job.

Only an economy free from corruption can we ensure that the people prosper and benefit. Let us embrace a future free from fear and cronyism. Let us embrace the future by embracing every Malay, Indian, Chinese, Kadazan and Iban, as Malaysian brothers and sisters, Malaysian sons and daughters.

Then only can we grow together, learn together and enjoy the success together.

  1. Faisal says:

    Selva, Happy Chinese new year aa..hehee


  2. Faisal says:

    Selamat tahun Baru kepada semua rakyat Malaysia yang meyambutnya..hheee


  3. DAP regrets that land “pirates” are allowed to roam freely in Malaysia.

    Nepotism and Oligarchy, family fiefs in political parties as in Taib or the below list, no Term Limits or no Asset Declarations in Pakatan Rakyat are a form of piracy against Democracy too.


    Three of the below must be challenged so that only a single candidate without relatives remains :

    Lim Kit Siang (MP Ipoh Timur – Perak)
    Lim Guan Eng (MP Air Puteh – Penang)
    Chew Gek Cheng (Assemblyman Kota Laksamana – Malacca) Guan Eng’s wife
    Lim Hui Ying Guan Eng’s sister (Vice-Chairman)

    Two of the below must be challenged so that only a single candidate without relatives remains :

    Karpal Singh (MP Jelutong – Penang)
    Gobind Singh (MP Puchong – Selangor) Karpal’s son
    Jagdeep Singh (Asssemblyman Dato Keramat – Penang) Karpal’s son

    Two of the below must be challenged so that only a single candidate without relatives remains :

    Anwar Ibrahim (MP Permatang Pauh, Seberang Prai)
    Wan Azizah
    Nurul Izzah Anwar(MP Lembah Pantai – Kuala Lumpur) Anwar’s Daughter

    Also either Ngeh (Pantai Remis) or Nga (Sitiawan) must go to prevent 2nd degree nepotism and the kind of environment that caused DAP’s Kulasegaran to be kicked out possibly an act of racism but more likely at the order of the Lim Dynasty clique.

    For even stronger consideration, I also list seats that HRP demands :

    1. Padang Serai (Incumbent: PKR – N Gobalakrishnan)
    2. Batu Kawan (DAP – Ramasamy)
    3. Sungei Siput (PSM – Dr D Jeyakumar)
    4. Ipoh Barat (DAP – N Kulasegaran)
    5. Bagan Datoh (BN – Ahmad Zahid Hamidi)
    6. Cameron Highlands (BN – SK Devamany)
    7. Hulu Selangor (BN – P Kamalanathan)
    8. Kuala Selangor (PAS – Dzulkefy Ahmad)
    9. Klang (DAP – Charles Santiago)
    10. Kota Raja (PAS – Siti Mariah Mahmud)
    11. Rasah (DAP – Anthony Loke)
    12. Teluk Kemang (PKR – Kamarul Baharin Abbas)
    13. Alor Gajah (BN – Fong Chan Onn)
    14. Tebrau (BN – Teng Boon Soon)
    15. Lembah Pantai (PKR – Nurul Izzah Anwar)

    HRP might very well be aware of some things we are not aware of to list some surprising choices as well, do not discount their reasons.

    Here’s something that will help voters decide if candidacy is not their thing or too expensive :

    Barisan – Apartheid, Corrupt and Nepotistic-Oligarchs
    Pakatan – Corrupt and Nepotistic-Oligarchs (excepting PAS)
    3rd Force – Corrupt Only (watch Marina’s cliques as well)

    Pick the coalition with the least flaws. JOIN the 3rd Force Parties but still work with the non-Oligarchs and non-racists on either BN or PR ! End the APARTHEID ! Destroy the Oligarchs in all political parties ! 3rd Force is best.

    People with the cash and time but don’t act – either selfish or a coward. We cannot give carte blanc to BN or PR’s worst. Stand forth as independent 3rd Force candidates like Umi Ali or Koon Yew Yin.

    3rd Force is best and closest to representing the people. One more acid test could also be to demand that MPs rubberstamp the 15,000 candidacy fee into 15.00. That way it will not be about money and everyone can run for election, even the poorest sweeper, so we have many choices to pick from instead of 1 or 2 rich selfish Oligarchs who are there merely because they have 15,000 in their pockets, but can’t even declare assets. PR has lied and not declared assets. BN will NEVER declare assets. Only 3rd Force could be induced to start this transparency drive.


  4. Jenifer says:

    Thanks for the CNY wishes. Come to my place 2nd day CNY. Don’t give excuses this time again as i’m nearer to your new place now.


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