It is election time in Sarawak. 71 state seats will be decided. Every political party in Sarawak is leaving no stone unturned to garner votes. Some are promising heaven, while others have started distributing money and you know who I’m talking about. There are a few parties who are playing identity politics and then there are those who are pretty sure of their candidacy because they were born to political families. And how can we forget those who propagate the politics of the hatred?

One of the big name who made headlines for the wrong reasons, is Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud. (Click on the link here to read the full story) Which party does he represent? Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB)/ Barisan National. The other regional parties are also not behind – some are even offering Tuak aka Sarawak Tapai in Tajaus and some even LCD TV sets and some even mobile phones in exchange of votes.

What do they tell you ?

They are promoting bribery, corruption, materialism for votes. This is only the beginning, wait for the elections and you will see parties indulging in horse trading, offering millions for YBs who are willing to sell themselves for support to the government. We have seen in Sabah in the past and there is no reason to believe that this will not be repeated.

Where do these money come from?

They can’t be legitimate – right? They are all black money pouring in from various corners of the country – This money is generated either through illegal source or businesses most of which are never accounted for..I will not be surprised, if there are plenty of Submarine/Razak Baginda transactions involved too..

How do these politicians or their sycophants make so much money? Most of us know but we never express…I can get into the details, but leave it for some other day.

There are several of these issues that need to be tackled – corruption, nepotism, capital cronyism, lack of transparency and accountability, race politics, social discrimination and displacement of native communities due to logging and the controversial Bakun hydroelectric project, etc. The list is endless. Sarawak politics is a quagmire of all the possible evils that you can think of. Yes there are exceptions and exceptions are always rare..Aren’t they?

In this cesspool, ALL Malaysians are looking for HOPE. The same HOPE that became a symbol of change for United States of America. If America, can bring about positive changes, there is absolutely no reason why we can’t do the same in Malaysia too and Sarawak will be the catalyst for change.

What we need is a political party with a will. A will to change, a will to defy the status quo, a will to fight all evil forces, a will to lead by example, a will to transform a society that is so much neck deep in corruption. What we need is a party that stands for what is RIGHT. It might be ages before we see the result, but we will see the result…….most definitely, my lifetime.

Malaysian Politics will see a change and that change is coming soon. Here is a political party that represents just what is right for Malaysians. This party will change the rules of the game soon. I say it with confidence because we have done an extensive research on this party.

So, wondering which party are I’m talking about?

Well, I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag so soon. You will have to wait for my next article to know who I am talking about. But I do want to show you a glimpse of the many changes that this party is proposing to bring about. Here they are, in their own words

* Eliminating all forms of discrimination by birth through ensuring opportunities for quality education, healthcare, skills and employment.
* Enhancing incomes in agriculture and other traditional occupations of the Natives in the Rainforest of Borneo.
* Improving quality of life by creating basic amenities in all rural and tribal settlements.
* Establishing truly empowered and effective kampong, district and local governments and decentralizing power.
* Promoting full transparency and accountability at all levels of governance.
* Establishing rule of law and ensuring that all people are treated equally without favoritism or discrimination.
* Ensuring social justice by building a new society in which a child’s future is not determined by birth, family, region, religion or wealth.
* Utilizing public resources fully and properly.
* Eliminating corruption.

This political party in contention, stands for what is good for the country. We at Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) will support every step that is in the right direction,unconditionally while we continue to analyze and present the various strategies of this party and others alike.

We are looking for your support in spreading the word in whatever possible way you can..

  1. TruthPrevails says:

    I would tend to agree with AgreetoDisagree’s view that MCLM is set up to break up the opposition strength and numbers which PR had took many years to build. On the surface, it looks like MCLM is creditable but after some reading behind the lines, there are some backers of MCLM who would like this new group to break the backbone of Pakatan Rakyat.

    If MCLM’s objective is clear, that is, to join forces with Pakatan to fight the BN then why don’t MCLM join forces with PR to fight BN. The combined strength of PR ( with MCLM as a component ) would be very much stronger than two opposing forces in the opposition front.

    Why I am against MCLM’s forage into the next elections on its own is that I suspect there are some backers who would like to use this new set-up to break the opposition’s strength. In fact, BN had a hand in this by even providing monetary support as well as ex-UMNO politicians to get close to Raja Petra. If we can remember, the former MB of Kedah, Sanusi Junid is now getting very close to RPK in UK and trying to get RPK to quickly set up this MCLM. He even informed RPK that he had the backing to Mahathir to back this new MCLM and encourage RPK to form this set-up..

    What is Mahathir’s objective in encouraging RPK to set up this new MCLM ? Obvious isn’t it ? He wants MCLM to contest against PR in a three cornered fight and ensure BN will walk away winners in the next election. Mahathir is damn scared of PR forming the Putrajaya government.

    Do you smell a rat ?

    I hope RPK is aware is this ulterior motive in a few old UMNO hands approaching him and even providing support in the quick set up of MCLM. Harris Ibrahim’s support of RPK in setting this new outfit should be viewed with suspicion.

    My bet is the Malaysian government would gladly and quickly approve MCLM’s set-up with no resistance at all. Just see how PR had so much difficulty in getting their common logo approved when MCLM can be given spot approval.


  2. Tengku Dr. Haris Ibrahim and MCLM could be a write off and the most insidious trojan of UMNO, especially if he and RPK don’t bother to run as candidates.

    Also beware of ‘conveniently saintly’ Marina ‘Evil’ Mahathiru who looks potentially to angle herself via MCLM as Malaysia’s First Female PM, and the spectre of her becoming Malaysia’s First Female PM in true DYNASTY/OLIGARCHY form after her father dr.Evil, is just too horrible to mention. dr.Evil would never face a trial, and the ‘pity my father’ and ‘since I am also PM’ ploy will be all too obvious by then.

    She would likely to protect her father, whitewash Ops Lallang, or the Vehicular AP system or the APARTHEID or billions worth of ILLEGAL shipping bailouts and illegal movements of funds for Marina’s brothers Mirzan and Mokhzani.

    By vested interests Mirzan is a director of at least eight companies listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. His private company, Peringkat Prestasi, a large stake in Lion Corp. His Konsortium Perkapalan Bhd, a listed haulage and logistics company, controls almost half of Malaysia’s road freight market. Imagine the number of freely given contracts this guy got!

    Mokhazani, ex-UMNO Treasurer, is worth well over a billion, through his vehicle Kenchana Petroleum and much of the undistributed NEP wealth through a network of subsidiaries and proxies. Imagine the number of closed tenders this guy got while his father was PM and maybe even now!

    Careful of MCLM simply by the association of committee post bearer Marina to her brothers and by extension dr.Evil Mahathir!

    Blood is thicker than water and in the nepotistic and oligarchic world of blood relations, ALL the Rakyat are but water, so NEVER vote for those who by association attempt to protect those who have harmed Malaysia so much over the past 22 years.

    Careful of MCLM. I’d drop it for fear that friendships between Haris/RPK and Marina would be a protective last pitch weapon coordinated by the evil Mahathir in the background somehow. To play it safe, I’d advise all voters or current MCLM supporters to look for other options than MCLM or set up as private candidates instead. A 3rd Force is indeed needed but MCLM by blood association to dr.Evil, has too many holes for any cautious voter’s liking.

    Citizens, run as private candidates instead if you want a 3rd Force so badly. Or see what Zaid is up to, as he appears to be the last viable 3rd Force faction, barring those unknowns lurking in the background. Readers and potential 3rd Forcers note that AKIM being a splinter of PAS and having Semangat 46 roots has a good reputation overall, and has no attachment to MCLM so Zaid’s AKIM could be very much the protector of best ideals in Malaysia WITHOUT the baggage MCLM likely has.


  3. Yussof says:

    BN under serious threat in S’wak, says Adenan

    KUCHING: The organised assault by a “cancerous” opposition could leave several Barisan Nasional candidates on the losing end in the soon-to-be held state polls, according to a senior member of Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s Cabinet.

    Sounding a serious warning, special adviser to Taib, Adenan Satem, said the voters would not vote for a party anymore.

    “The situation has changed. People have easy access to information and are more politically aware. The people’s mindset has changed and BN cannot afford to rest on its laurels,” he said.

    In what is seen as the first confession of BN politics in Sarawak, Adenan said the current scenario was less favourable to BN.

    He said frustration among dissatisfied voters coupled with structured campaigns by an empowered opposition and widespread allegations of abuse over the Internet had filtered down and would affect the party’s standing.

    He said that voters today were more inclined to support individuals who were committed to serving them.

    “The best advise to BN candidates now is to stay close to the people and attend to their needs.

    “Don’t take voters for granted. Nowadays people don’t vote along party lines…the personality of the candidate also matters and could contribute to a defeat or victory.

    “So candidates need to be convincing, open to criticism and must listen to the grouses of the people,” Adenan told newsmen at the recent pre-Christmas gathering organised by the Bidayuh Graduates Association.

    Adenan, who is also Tanjung Datu assemblyman, pointed out to cases where local BN candidates were not supported by their own party members and in the end “these members themselves campaigned against the candidate.”

    Eroding voter-bank

    Adenan’s confession speaks of the seeping fear among BN of cracks within and that even its ‘fixed deposit’ of native voters, once considered a savior, is also eroding.

    It is common knowldge here that BN has lost much of the Chinese support despite denials by the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP).

    Opposition DAP has openly stated its confidence in wresting 15 seats fuelled by its victory in the Sibu by-election in May.

    PKR, in the meantime, is steadfastly working on land issues, which is the core concern of native voters.

    The latest ‘directive’ by Sarawak’s Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communication Michael Manyin to community leaders not to endorse native customary land (NCR) saying they have ‘no authority’ has also riled locals with many seeing it as yet another puncture in BN’s vote-bank.

    A former deputy president of the Council of Native Customary Laws, Nicholas Bawin has lambasted Manyin for his ignorance with regards to the customs and adat of Dayaks (natives).

    “Under the adat, the Tuai Rumah, Penghulu, Pemancha and Temenggong are custodians of the adat. They are appointed because they have substantial knowledge of the land,” Bawin said adding that by virtue of this knowledge their appointment came with ‘authority.’

    Sarawak PKR chairman Baru Bian, who is also a wellknown NCR lawyer, said that forbidding headmen (community leaders) from carrying out their role was a “serious abdication of responsibility”.

    “Headmen (should not) shy away or be prevented by certain political powers or individuals from discharging their important duties. It is irresponsible of them not to exercise their rights,” he said.

    Meanwhile a realistic Adenan has admitted to ‘weaknesses’ in the system and is urging the people to give BN time to change.

    Admitting to the four ‘ailments’ outlined by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak during the recent BN Convention 2010, he said: “People are not as appreciative as before. Now they believe it is the government’s job to look after them. The government, they say, is paid (by taxpayers) to do so.

    “But we are realising our weakness and shortcoming.

    “Give us (BN) time to change and we will change…but it will take time,” he said, adding that in the ‘final analysis’ BN was still the only party who could bring development to the rural areas.


  4. Susan says:

    You are greedy, evil, corrupt parasite feeding off the blood of the poor and oppressed . When you time comes you will burn in hell.


  5. Selutan Musa says:

    Out with the White Hair Rajah!

    It is absolutely outrageous that we have this man so unashamedly enrich himself and his family by oppressing his own people as a Chief Minister of a democratic state. Here is a CM, a son of the soil and a brother to his other brother sons of the soil who is elected by the people but has so grievously failed to demonstrate that he is governing Sarawak for the people of Sarawak, in particular those who are t natives of Sarawak.

    Can this man and his collaborators and partners in oppression and injustice be allowed to continue with his “reign of error” as the White Hair Rajah ?

    How far have the people of Sarawak, especially her native peoples, the Ibans, Bidayuhs, the Orang Ulu and yes, even his own Melanaus been short-changed, cheated and deceived by this White Hair Rajah?

    Take the following steps and the answer is deafening.

    Look at the catalogue of his wrongdoings; his cardinal “sins’ if you like, so well-documented and widely reported . To date this White Hair Rajah has seen fit to maintain a not so elegant silence. They remain undenied, uncontradicted and unrebutted; and simply stated therefore deemed to be admitted.

    These are committed under his “Reign of Error” which is a state of ill-governance devoid of any commitment to the principles of good governance.

    Then compare them with the reign of the White Rajahs who by and large have attempted to do right byr the people of Sarawak, especially the native peoples of the land by governing in accord with clearly defined principles of governance.

    And what are the Cardinal Principles of the Rule of the English Rajahs?

    These are:
    1. That Sarawak is the heritage of Our Subjects and is held in trust by Ourselves for them.
    2. That social and educational services shall be developed and improved and the standard of living of the people of Sarawak shall steadily be raised.
    3. That never shall any person or persons be granted rights inconsistent with those of the people of this country or be in any way permitted to exploit Our Subjects or those who have sought Our protection and care.
    4. That justice shall be easily obtainable and that the Rajah and every public servant shall be freely accessible to the public.
    5. That freedom of expression both in speech and writing shall be permitted and encouraged and that everyone shall be entitled to worship as he pleases.
    6. That public servants shall ever remember that they are but the servants of the people on whose goodwill and co-operation they are entirely dependent.
    7. That so far as may be Our ubjects of whatever race or creed shall be freely and impartially admitted to offices in Our Service, the duties of which they may be qualified by their education, ability and integrity duly to discharge.
    8. That the goal of self-government shall always be kept in mind, that the people of Sarawak shall be entrusted in due course with the governance of themselves, and that continuous efforts shall be made to hasten the reaching of this goal by educating them in the obligations, the responsibilities, and the privileges of citizenship.
    9. That the general policy of Our Predecessors and Ourselves whereby the various races of the State have been enabled to live in happiness and harmony together shall be adhered to by Our Successors and Our Servants and all who may follow them hereafter.

    So there we have it. How has Sarawak and how have Sarawakians, in particular her native peoples fared under the White Hair Rajah?

    Res ipsa loquitur. The facts speak for themselves.


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  7. […] Well, I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag so soon. You will have to wait for my next article to know who I am talking about. But I do want to show you a glimpse of the many changes that this party is proposing to bring about. Here they are, in their own words:READ MORE HERE  […]


  8. cobra nair says:

    this old horse should go. Even when Indian Mahathir was in power, he was scared of this Taliban Taib. The rakyat there are suffering alot. Tons of money spent, but it doest reach the poor people.The rich are getting richer & the poor are living a dogs life. one becomes evil when rich, Taib is one of them. Get rid of him once for all. Mahathir should be blamed for this. God is watching you, Taib.Mark Cobra’s words.


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