Mamak Thugs Of Penang

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Indian Muslim, Internal Security Act, Malaysia, Penang, UMNO Youth

My Malay friends from Penang are all beautiful chaps but I cannot say the same to these Mamak thugs who have misbehaved and hijacked the peaceful Anti-ISA Forum held in KOMTAR, Penang, yesterday.

See here how these Mamaks have brought shame to Penangites..



  1. jerry says:

    when u r an Indian,but a muslim;always try to be more *muslim*that doesnt realy work here;ur genes still very indian and hence there is no peace within;LOL


  2. cobra nair says:

    these mamak thugs supports ISA, catch these fellows & put them under ISA. Do they use their brains when they talk. They want to be hero, but they dont know they are zero.Listen to Cobra, taubat lah, sembayang lah sebelum anda di sembayangkan. We all know, you want to get publicity, & wanted to come in the press, dont go for cheap publicity.You bark n u dont bite, but Cobra bites. You must thank the CM Lim Guan Eng, cos he is running Penang very well (as per d 2008 & 2009 Auditors Report) He is the best CM or MB in this country,Najib has agreed to this. All the other BN MBs & CMs must be sent to Penang for 3 day course under LGE, on “HOW TO RUN A STATE GOV”. Dont go to Taiwan or Korea, you can learn from Penang. Najib please take note.


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