Posted: November 16, 2010 in Anak Bangsa Malaysia, Bruno Manser Fund, Sarawak

This is the newest radio station in Malaysia – RADIO FREE SARAWAK

Transmission details

*1st Transmission

0630-0730 local time on 7590 kHz

*2nd Transmission

1800-1900 local time on 15680 kHz


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  2. Why is the government so scared about RFS? Because RFS is telling the truth.For all these years,the corrupted government has been brainwashing the people of Sarawak with their AUTOCRATIC style of government.theirs are always right and correct.

    We must be fair if we are a democratic country.We must have speakers corner like UK where we can voice our opinion but not to attack the AGONG only.We are not a communist state but practice democracy or “DEMOCRAZY” I suppose where information is one way only.

    Long live RFS..LOL to the people behind it.Yes I know that PJJ will be unable to come back unless the government changes


  3. Headhunter says:

    Congratulations to all involved in the establishment of Radio Free Sarawak.
    Hopefully the people in Malaysia particularly Sarawakians will be able to get the truth.
    However the choice of frequencies is not quite correct .From experience the frequency of
    7590khz is not suitable for dx transmission from London to Malaysia.The other frequency 15680 is OK.. Get your radios and long wire antenna ready.


  4. Nawawi says:

    It is heartening to know that our Sarawakian brothers have now set up their own Radio Free Sarawak. I hope that with this RFS, all Sarawakians whether in the heartland or in the urban can now know the truth and awaken up to the abuse committed by the white hair and his cronies. Its time to throw them into the sea. Who knows West Malaysians may also follow suit and set up our own Radio Free Malaysia as well to get rid of the tyranny and abuses of the BN/UMNO led govt. Ngap Sayot!!!!!!!!!!


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