Saiful’s Asshole Inserted With Proctoscope

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Anwar Ibrahim, homosexuality, Malaysia, Sodomy
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Guys should hear this. The Surgeon Razali Ibrahim, who had examined Saiful Bukhary Azlan for signs of sodomy, told the High Court that it was not easy to carry out the proctoscopy examination on Saiful, even with the use of a lubricant.

He related that it took him two tries to insert the proctoscope — a narrow, hollow and transparent cylindrical tube made of plastic that looks similar to a test tube — into Saiful’s asshole.

Razali said the first time he used a saline lubricant, but found he could go only a short distance inside Saiful’s asshole; so he switched to a gel-based lubricant for a deeper probe.

Razali Ibrahim also told the court that any sudden introduction of any instrument into the asshole would likely cause injury to the sphincter, a sensitive body part. Saiful’s ass was not injured looks like by the insertion of proctoscope by Razali.

It seems Saiful had not complained of pain during his asshole examination by the surgeon.

Wow! the fate of Malaysia is determined by Saiful’s asshole!

Well done Saiful, you have the most famous asshole in the world. You promoted Malaysia to the whole world. The Minister of Tourism should recommend a title for you now.

  1. Akulah says:

    Siapa yg nak selamat diri melalui jubur Sayfool? Jibby, Mahashit, whole UMNO goons and cows……..Selamat mampus BN


  2. sebastian says:

    try to force fuck the ass hole of a 20 yr old guy, you might end with a blue-black eye. come man , saiful is not a frail little girl , if he doesn’t consent,anwar will get a back-heel mule kick in between his 2 balls . think about it. the whole episode is just not naturally practical.


  3. wan salleh says:

    Taubat wahai kaum lut………..kan binasa lah kamu semua pengikut anwar al juburi


  4. cobra nair says:

    this shows that, Anwar is inocent, the judge should dismiss this case immediately,The doc has a point that Saiful’s ashe hole was not used. using the lubricant also, the apparatus didnt go inside. Oh my god,Saiful, you are a fool & being use as a tool by others, who want to see the downfall of Anwar Ibrahim.True muslims dont go for this. Saiful,taubat lah,& sembayang 5 kali sehari & come out and tell the truth & who are UMNO fellows behind this. Malaysia boleh,& Saiful pun boleh.Go & hang yourself.


  5. Sabahan says:

    I am lost for words over this case.How can the whole lot of supposedly highly dignified professional succumbed to such low level of shame and stupidity. It is really sickening to see and hear the obvious lies committed by the whole bunch -the prosecution and the witness plus the apparently, leaning of the decisions made so far. Is ‘integrity’ a liability to you?. What is worse is ,sadly, the whole bunch involved in this ‘Sendiwara’ are Muslims. Are you all not scared of the wrath of Allah, if not in this world in the world to come? Do you fear your Boss more than you do your Allah?Bertaubatlah semua sebelum terlambat.Please stop this nonsense..


  6. Dollah Othman says:

    Hillary Clinton is coming over. Guess her first reaction to see the Malaysia Headline of this above? Even the Lewinsky Affair is many times milder! What a cool country Malaysia is! Malaysia is NUMBER 1


  7. Ibrahim says:

    Dear peace loving Malaysians, our country is the laughing stock and yet UMNO seem proud to have the longest the biggest to tell the world that they can compete with the advance nation.

    I feel sorry with deep regret to the children of the one’s who have their father to lie in these case of Anwar such as the polis,judge.AG, and others who wants to put an innocent men behind bars.

    Whoever it is, remember..God will punish them.


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