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Guys should hear this. The Surgeon Razali Ibrahim, who had examined Saiful Bukhary Azlan for signs of sodomy, told the High Court that it was not easy to carry out the proctoscopy examination on Saiful, even with the use of a lubricant.

He related that it took him two tries to insert the proctoscope — a narrow, hollow and transparent cylindrical tube made of plastic that looks similar to a test tube — into Saiful’s asshole.

Razali said the first time he used a saline lubricant, but found he could go only a short distance inside Saiful’s asshole; so he switched to a gel-based lubricant for a deeper probe.

Razali Ibrahim also told the court that any sudden introduction of any instrument into the asshole would likely cause injury to the sphincter, a sensitive body part. Saiful’s ass was not injured looks like by the insertion of proctoscope by Razali.

It seems Saiful had not complained of pain during his asshole examination by the surgeon.

Wow! the fate of Malaysia is determined by Saiful’s asshole!

Well done Saiful, you have the most famous asshole in the world. You promoted Malaysia to the whole world. The Minister of Tourism should recommend a title for you now.