The Federation of Malaya is 53 years old today and we have come a long way since independence.

Tunku Abdul Rahman, the prime minister-elect, who led the negotiations with the British for handover of power to the Malayans said in his speech on that day August 31st 1957, that, it was the greatest moment in the life of the Malayan people as a new star had risen in the eastern sky – a star of freedom for yet another Asian people.

Meanwhile the British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan who was representing the Queen during the handing over of power also on that day August 31st, said in his speech, that he hoped 31 August would long be remembered as a great and happy day in the continuing development of Malaya and the Commonwealth of Nations.

I take this opportunity to pay tribute to all my leaders and fellow Malayans, past and present, specially Tunku Abdul Rahman who made it possible for us all, to live in peace and harmony and prosperity until UMNO under Mahathir came along and actually split the nation with its version of their Independence struggles.

That’s why I’m not eager to celebrate Hari Merdeka. I’m fed up with UMNO’s ranting about its “independence struggles” year in and year out for the last 52 years claiming that UMNO had solely liberated the country “MALAYSIA” and the rest of the citizens were just “passengers” in this struggle.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Malaya!

  1. RockyMan says:

    Selvaraja, you are the only West Malaysian I know who dare openly declare that 53 years of merdeka is for Malaya and NOT Malaysia as what most if not all West Malaysians (or Semenanjung people) are made to believe or rather indoctrinated with. Syabas to you, my friend!!


  2. nathan says:

    Yes in the 53 years we have come a long way perhaps in the wrong direction, and the recent events seem to indicte that we heading for lots of trouble as far as National Unity is concerned.


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