Anwar why are you doing this to PKR Sabah again? Sometimes you just make me puke. Why now? Why now after 12 months you go after those 12 aligned to Dr Jeffrey for their so-called involvement in the botched effort to register Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS) ? Is it because of the PKR divisional elections next month? That’s bad. Datuk, for your info, at the rate it’s going, there is enormous discontent within the party base and PKR Sabah had to watch out that it does not lose its credibility. The ground is saying you want to get rid of all 12 because you know they will all win in their divisions and because they are align to Dr Jeffrey, its bad news for you, Azmin and all your other “butt kissers”. Sorry Datuk for the language, but, this is what the ground in Sabah is saying and I’m just the barometer.

The 12, Daniel John Jambun, Awang Ahmad Sah Awang Sahari, Mozes Iking, Guandee Kohoi, Sylvester Balon, Dr Nicholas Guntobon, Harry Manisit, Rubbin Guribah, Paul Kerangkas, Innocent Makajil, Gonsubin Yosundang and Nasir Sami are all good people. I know most of them and they are all committed to the PKR struggle although they look upon Dr Jeffrey very highly.

The timing is out Datuk. How come during this divisional elections you are taking action on them? After all, the PCS matter was considered solved last year. You had asked the 12 to withdrew the PCS application from the Registrar of Societies. Which they did based on your advice then. What more? And you had even agreed to Jeffrey’s demands as condition for him and Christina Liew to retract their resignations as vice president and supreme council member respectively. You even sent Tian Chua and Michael Bong to resolve the impasse and that was the end of it. It was settled. Then why this matter resurfaced again now?

Are you afraid Jeffrey and his group might throw their support to Zaid Ibrahim for the PKR deputy President’s post and your Azmin Ali might lose his pants? And are you doing this to save Azmin Ali’s back? Anyway, Zaid is difinitely more popular than Azmin Ali as far as Sabah and Sarawak is concern. And for Azmin Ali to win he must get votes from Sabah and Sarawak members and looks like Azmin Ali lost that support after his “great fumble” when he was handling PKR Sabah the last time.

I want to reproduce my article I wrote on June 19th 2009 which I think has got some relevance, “Anwar Ibrahim Better Living In Exile Than In Prison”, see below :

Datuk Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy charge is to be heard by the court beginning 1st July, 2009.

Another 10 days more for Anwar Ibrahim to meet Saiful The Pondan, in person, in court, after Saiful The Pondan had lodged a police report last year on June 28, claiming that two days before the police report, Anwar, had sodomised him on various occasions, the last being at a condominium unit in Damansara. Saiful The pondan also claimed that he could not pass motion for a number of days after being sodomised.

Remember, back in 1998, Anwar Ibrahim was also first charged for sodomy for sodomising in 1994, Azizan Abu Bakar the driver of Kak Wan Azizah. For this, Anwar was sentenced to 15 years in prison for sodomy and for abusing his authority to cover up the deed. However the court overturned the sodomy conviction and freed him in 2004, after Mahathir had retired.

So what will happen to Anwar when he goes for trial this July 1st? Most likely, he may be denied bail and then sent to prison under remand. After that, there will be a quick conviction and found guilty and jailed for 20 years and whipped under section 377B of the Penal Code. This is a very possible scenario. If this is going to be the case, Anwar may die in prison after this.

So, can we trust our judges to be impartial and fair? I have my doubts like many other Malaysians.

I totally agree with many that our system has fallen pray to Umno power play and money. Consequently, many individuals and even lawyers wonder if they are ever going to get a fair trial here. Such a question should never enter someone’s mind when going to court. But its not the case here, sad to say. All judges should be fair and impartial, and when we start questioning whether our judges will be fair and impartial, democracy ceases to exist as we know it.

The only alternative for Anwar in this scenario is to go into exile from Malaysia. Maybe Anwar should look into this option. Anwar should know that even Daw Aung San Suu Kyi should have gone into exile long time ago in order to be more effective for Burma. By staying put in Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi was not able to meet and talk to the international community and hence could not urge more international pressure to be put on Burma like what Khomeini or Dalai Lama did.

What are you waiting for Datuk? This is a sincere request from a fellow Penangite. Don’t wait lah! Malaysians will be very depress if you go in for the next 20 years and there will not be any more SEMANGAT to fight. We want you outside so that the fire will be burning till there is a real regime change.”

And then on 17th October, 2009, I wrote another piece “Manifestation Of Peninsula-centric.” See below :

The problem with Anwar Ibrahim is that he is not empowering the PKR local chaps in Sabah. Why cant he get the Sabah boys to lead Sabahans? Why cannot? What is so wrong with Dr Jeffrey Kitingan to lead? Why so peninsular-centric even after 46 years of independence. Come on lah Anwar you can do better than this.

Appointing Azmin Ali to look after PKR Sabah is a real mistake.

This Azmin Ali fellow is suppose to organise and help facilitate for Anwar Ibrahim in Sabah, but he is not. He is trying to micro-manage PKR Sabah big time. Who is Azmin Ali a junior in politics, a greenhorn to Sabah politics compared with Dr Jeffrey Kitingan?

All the good people left PKR because of Azmin Ali’s stupid attitude and tendency of dominating and monopolising Anwar. See how he undermine Tan Sri Khalid in Selangor, even in Penang he try to undermine my goodfriend Dr Mansor the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang. Now Datuk Zaid Ibrahim seem destined to become yet another casualty.

Maybe Anwar and PKR should go and learn some management skills from Kit Siang and Karpal. See how the DAP does in Sabah and Sarawak. DAP does not put a West Malaysian guy to look after their operations in Sabah and Sarawak. Go learn from DAP and maybe this will help PKR run their operations in Sabah better.

I don’t know what is with this KL. It seems politicians both opposition and ruling seem to manifest how peninsula-centric they can be. Even the federal govt officers in Sabah are full of ego and superiority complex and some so BIG head, arrogant and living in a world of their own. How to promote national unity and integration like this eh? A Penangite, I have been in Sabah long to know of this kind of mentality and its even more disgusting when my kids both Sabahans tell it to me on my face.

Now Najib our PM talks in great deal about this 1Malaysia thingy, this sugar-coated slogan of his. For me, this 1Malaysia is an empty-shell slogan with no real substance and intentions. As long as we have corruption, injustice, discrimination, inequality and particularly the “Ketuanan Melayu”, no way we can achieve 1Malaysia. Can Najib do it? I doubt it but we shall see as time will tell. Maybe Najib should come stay in Sabah and Sarawak to learn about 1Malaysia which has been existing long before Malaysia was formed in 1963.

The issue is colonization in the 21st century. East Malaysia is getting the same treatment as East Timor under Indonesia, becoming a second class minority in their own country, with no history of being part of Malaya until Malaysia was formed.”

And today my friend Haris Ibrahim of People’s Parliament writes ” Mahathir kicked Anwar out of UMNO, yes, but who will now kick UMNO out of Anwar?”

On 5th November, last year, Malaysiakini carried the following report :

“Nahalan, a prominent leader in the east coast, took some time to explain his position at length on why he supports any proposed new party to be headed by Jeffrey.

“I received a call from Anwar Ibrahim last week asking me why I supported Jeffrey to be PKR state chief and not Thamrin,” disclosed Nahalan who is a Bajau-Suluk.

“I told him that Jeffrey was elected by the majority of division chiefs including my division. Besides, he’s the best leader we have in the opposition. It’s not true that he’s crazy about posts or likes to switch from party to party for no reason.”

Implied, but not stated specifically by Anwar during the hour-long telephone conversation, was that Nahalan should seriously think about supporting Thamrin on the basis of their common faith.

Apparently, Anwar was busy working the phones last week trying to persuade other Muslim division chiefs as well, including KadazanDusunMurut, to withdraw their support for Jeffrey to be the new state chief.

Muslim KadazanDusunMuruts come from the Orang Sungei along the Kinabatangan, Bisaya in the west coast and Ranau Dusun tribes in the high country.

Anwar’s willingness to ride roughshod over local sentiments in Sabah was the last straw for Nahalan. He said he realised that “Anwar has not changed since his Umno and Abim (Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia) days and is very much a closet racist” .

10 days later, at a ‘meet the bloggers’ session hosted by Anwar at the Lake Club, I broached Anwar on this.

He assured me that there was no truth in this and that Nahalan had in fact sms’d Anwar to say that the Malaysiakini report was completely untrue.

Anwar, of course, was not to know that I had already been told by someone who was at the meeting on 6th November, 2009, in Kota Kinabalu, where Tian Chua met several of the PKR state leaders, including Nahalan, that the latter had reiterated the very same allegation to Tian Chua.

I thought then that I would let this pass.

What’s a little face-saving white lie from a politician?

To be expected, no?

I was in Kota Kinabalu end of last month for the ’1963 Re-visited : The Way Forward’ forum organised by the Borneo Heritage Foundation together with the Common Interest Group Malaysia.

This was an important forum and I will blog about it soon.

I’ll just tell you now that what I learnt at the forum was that just as BN screwed us Semenanjungites big time, they did the same to Sabahans and Sarawakians.

Big, big time.

After the forum, I sat down to coffee with two PKR leaders from Sarawak.

The discussion, while wide-ranging, finally turned to Anwar and PKR.

“PKR, under Anwar, is UMNO by another name”, one of them said.

“Go and ask Anwar if he will deny that his plan is to keep the Dayaks divided so that the Muslims will continue to rule in Sarawak. How different, then, is PKR from UMNO? If he dares deny this, come back to me and I will give you proof”, the other offered.

I referred to what Nahalan had said last November and asked them what they thought.

“Anwar is more dangerous than that Perkasa fellow. That Perkasa fellow is openly a bloody racist. Anwar hides behind ketuanan rakyat. He is still on a Muslim agenda. Anwar is more dangerous”, one responded.

The other nodded in agreement.

See the rest HERE

  1. bei soo lang says:

    The people of Malaysia has become just like many of the silly Americans.They would fight to save the life of a sick baby monkey rather tha the thousands of sick Red Indian babies in their backyard.
    Fong Vui Kong is a drug trafficker who may make millions from the misery of drug addicts.These drug addicts will become snatch thieves and prostitudes to feed their drug addiction habit.In many places innocent housewives are killed when these drug addicts drag their hand bags from speeding motor cycles.Then the small children would suffer of having no mother.It is all due to drug trafficker like Fong Vui Kong.
    Why are not all these stupid people around Malaysia fighting for the victims of drug abuse? I can take them through the back streets of Kota Kinabalu after 10 pm.Thhere you can see thousands of drug addicts living in misery.May of the young native girls offer sex for 10 dollars just to feed trheir drug habit.
    I am from Kulim,Kedah but I have stayed in Kota Kinabalu for more than 20 years. I am in the hotel IT software business. My 5 star hotel has shown me CCTV of school girls going up and down the hotel for prostitution in order to feed the drug habits of their boy friends.
    It is all due to drug traffickers like Fong Vui Kong.
    He should be hanged to death by his neck according to the laws of the foreign land.If a foreigner should bring drugs to Kota Kinabalu we should hang him too.


  2. Ibrahim Daging says:

    It appears that a deal was concluded on 6th December 2009. The turning down of JK’s resignation and reinstatement of Christina Liew after the ‘deal’ date imply and indicate that an amicable solution and a concrete agreement has been reached.

    Now if PKR HQ or DS Anwar does not honour that agreement and flip-flopping his words, then the trust in PKR leadership is eroded… gone…. kaput!

    Goodbye Anwar, goodbye PKR. Its hard to trust u both again. Once bitten forever shy!


  3. Ariff Shah says:

    Just let the Sabahan and Sarawakian to decide their future. Its not a wise move to let PKR to meddle into their affair as most of them still have the Umno rent seekers aptitude. I don’t see any chances in PR to set a strong footing in EM from the way Anwar handling this matter. A good orator may not necessary be a good leader. Talk is cheap and to walk the talk is another different thing.


  4. James says:

    Who knows how true these rumours are, but I full well remember anwar’s disgraceful role in the 1994 sabah state election, the most racist and biased we’ve ever had. I have only grudgingly supported him since as I want BN out, but I’ll never quite support him fully as he has never acknowledged or apologised for his rolein Sabah then. As you suggest he does not understand Sabah; I’d go further and say he could not be bothered to understand us. By the same token, don’t be too quick to be taken in by Jeffrey-he certainly cannot be trusted either!


  5. Dennis Madden says:

    Anwar is a symptom of Malaysian’s desperate need for an icon to cling to. All he is is another smooth talking empty vessel spawned by the same society that spawned UMNO. He has nothing to offer the future of Malaysia except more of the same, as can be seen by (some of ) the followers who are attracted to him

    Malaysian politics is suffering from Post Mahathir Syndrome where politics is another word for greed and where idealism is suppressed by the University’s Act and by religion

    Get rid of both in matters of state and perhaps you can see a future … but in 30 yrs time.

    In the meantime its more “as you sow, so shall you reap”


  6. Teman says:

    However you look at it, PKR is short-sighted in taking any action on the 12. The issue should have been resolved in June 2010.

    Does PKR want to have Parti Cinta Sabah to be part of PR in Sabah instead?


  7. RockyMan says:

    It is in the best interest of the nation that she has a TWO-PARTY system. But Cobra, for Sabah and Sarawak it does not make damn of a difference whether BN or PR take over Putrajaya, their treatment towards these two Borneo territories is all the same – “suck them off!!”. It is best if these two territories be governed by their respective local based parties and team up with PR to govern the federal government. Problem is PR also has the same mentality as BN. They want to lord over Sabah and Sarawak as if they are our colonial masters.


  8. cobra nair says:

    Anwar will be making a mistake of his life, if he tries to put down Jeffry Kitiggan. JK is a great & able leader & has the callibre to be the CM of Sabah.JK has got the grassroot support of 88 % of the sabahans. Anwar must control his ego, & dont go out of control, when you are in control. JK is an assert to the party.We are trying to capture Sabah in the next 13 GE, & if u dont work hand in hand with JK, you will lose the voters. Listen to Cobra, “if you cant win them, join them.” Keep this in mind, we have to take over Putrajaya, so when you make any decision, think thrice. Dont keep out Jeffry Kitiggan, if you want to take over Sabah.


  9. Anonymous says:

    malaysia anjiiinnng . . babi loe . . sebentar lagi kita perang . . mampus loe . . kamoe islam tapi tunduk sama kristen . . anjing loe


  10. RockyMan, and also Tamrin.


  11. RockyMan says:

    Ansari, Ronnie and the rest must be jumping up and down in ecstasy.


  12. adam says:

    Sad revelations;makes me me wanna forget about politics for a while!


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