Dr Mahathir Says Hypocrisy Is Very Much Alive In Malaysia

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Dr Mahathir, Indian Muslim, Malaysia, Malaysia Today, Race
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When putting his thoughts on the question of : To Be Or Not Be A Racist, Mahathir says hypocrisy is very much alive in Malaysian politics.

For me Mahathir should have quit when he was way behind. But he crapped in his own mess kit “Ketuanan Melayu” for 21 years. Don’t know what Singapore did to him during days in Raffles?

It’s just the way it is.

My Malay friends understand this, and it’s ok by me. I don’t have an iota of guilt about anything, and I’m Malaysian and been around here by nearly 150 years. I get along fine with the Malays I do know. Honorable men all. But we all understand it’s not the same.

So Mahathir can continue with his Ketuanan flight (invented by Mahathir himself) and we’ll just continue getting along with our Malay neighbors as we have for 150 years.

In the end though, Mahathir is a racist. Even if you won’t admit it, he will. But I’m ok with that too as long as he is. Unlike most racist, at least we know where he and I stand.


Read below Dr Mahathir’s full text and be your own judge if he is racist or not.

Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

1. Recently I had occasion to talk to a group of former state and federal members of the Barisan Nasional.

2. I had extolled on the virtues of the BN coalition type of Government and the achievements under the BN Government at State and Federal levels.

3. Then came question time. Very sensible questions were posed by these ex-YB’s and I managed to answer them reasonably well.

4. Then an ex-MP or State Councillor rose and pointed out that under the Opposition Government he sees more Chinese holding high posts in the Government. The component parties also seem to be working much closer with each other. As an example, PAS women members not only attended the funeral of a Chinese but also helped to fold the paper money usually scattered at Chinese funerals.

5. Why is it that the BN did not give more posts to the Chinese and appoint Chinese Deputy PM and assistants to the state MB’s? Why is Umno less tolerant of Chinese religious ceremonies?

6. I was startled by this criticism of the BN by an ex-member of the State or Federal BN Government. Do I answer truthfully or do I skip and gloss over things in order not to sound racist? But then in asking the question, isn’t the questioner being racist?

7. After the forum I debated with myself and finally decided that I must give the true reason for the fewer positions given to the Chinese in the BN Governments, and Umno appears to be less accommodating of Chinese religious practices.

8. The NEP has been on now for almost 40 years, far longer than originally planned. Admittedly the Malays had been at fault because they did not make correct use of the opportunities created for them in the NEP. But whatever the reason, the Malays have not gained for themselves the 30% target in corporate ownership even. But more than that if a proper audit is made their wealth is even less than 30% of total wealth of the people of Malaysia. Most of the wealth of the country belongs to the Chinese. It can also be said that the Chinese control the economy of the country.

9. In the political field the Malays appear to be in control. Most of the high posts i.e. PM, MB etc are held by the Malays. If these posts are held by the Chinese, then not only will the economy be under Chinese control but the political arena would also be under the Chinese. What will be the Malay stake in the country?

10. The NEP is about giving the Malays a fair stake in the economy of the country. Should they get this then they should be ready to relinquish a commensurate amount of control in the political field. Since they have not gained a fair share in the economy, then they should be allowed to retain this greater share in politics. If PAS appears to be more accommodating of Chinese religious practices, it is simply because it wants Chinese votes. Remember at one time PAS condemned Umno for having MCA as a partner. Now PAS is willing to accept DAP as a partner. It is political hypocrisy, not sincere partnership.

11. I am talking about racial issues simply because my questioner raised racial issues. It is said that the poor showing of the BN in 2008 was because the people of Malaysia were sick of racial parties and racial politics. I doubt it. Since 2008 there have been more talks about race than previously. And my questioner has illustrated this amply. Race is still very clearly an issue in Malaysian politics.

12. If PAS is extremely supportive of the Chinese today, it is not because the party has become disaffected with race and religion. It is simply because it wants to play up Chinese racial sentiments in order to win Chinese votes.

13. Hypocrisy is very much alive in Malaysian politics.

  1. Dr. H C Chan says:

    Mahathir instituted policies of discrimination against other races & religions. (Agama, Bangsa, Negara Policy)
    During his 22 years of tenure (1981-2003), every UMNO Assembly was an orgy of intimidation & humiliation of other races.
    Musa Hitam noticed racial polarization in university campuses. He was worried & raised the issue.
    Justice Harun Hashim was also concern about racial polarization in campuses.
    Prof of Economics (MIER) said he was SAD that racial polarization has occurred in campuses.

    Bill Hayden Australian Foreign Minister & Governor General called Mahathir a racist
    Marie Huhtala US ex-Ambassador to Malaysia said Mahathir govt implemented policies that discriminate other races & religions.
    President George Bush called UMNO Youth a KU KLUX KLAN organisation meaning it is RACIST party & will burn & kill & likening UMNO as Nazi Party.
    Lee Kuan Yew said Malaysia has a racial discriminatory policy.
    Nazri called Mahathir the Father of All Racism.

    John Mallot former US Ambassador said Perkasa a militia.
    Ibrahim Ali is a proxy and mouthpiece of Mahathir.
    Mahathir is the Patron & Guest of Honour of Perkasa.
    Ibrahim Ali formed MAF and held Meeting at UMNO HQ. Obviously this had the consent of Mahathir, President of UMNO. Can AL QAEDA hold a Meeting at UMNO HQ ???
    Maha dared NOT. USA will blast him off.
    At MAF, Ibrahim was giving a seditious & fiery speech & threatening the other races with his Blood Dripped Dagger (Keris) This was recorded by Karuna Shinsho of CNN and broadcast around the World. Very good publicity for Malaysia.
    Police & AG did not take action against Ibrahim for the seditious speech. WHY ???
    Maha was the PM and Minister of Home Affairs

    Mahathir said, “Malays will lose power.”
    This shows he is a racist.
    The majority Dayaks have lost power to the Malays/Muslims in Sarawak.
    The Majority Kadazans have lost power to UMNO Malays in Sabah.
    This is CHEATING !!! This is discrimination against race & religion.
    THAT IS MAHATHIR. Mahathir is good for twisting & Turning. # # #

    During 1999 General Election, Mahathir said,
    “There will be racial riots if UMNO/BN does not win by 2 thirds majority.”
    The Chinese were intimidated and voted for BN/UMNO led by him becos the Chinese did not want chaos
    Mahathir took it as Chinese supported him. @@@@@
    Husin Ali replied, “Mahathir talked like a gangster” & called him a liar.

    This is highly seditious. But the Police & AG did nothing.
    Election Commission should have disqualified Mahathir from contesting for intimidation & promise of violence after the election.
    But the Police & AG did not act & do their duties. WHY ???
    What if opposition gives similar threats? Then there will be riots after each election.
    Mahathir seems to know a lot about May 13 killings.
    The Police should interrogate him before he dies.

    In 1994, Mahathir app schemed the defection of 21 frogs led by Lajim Okin etc
    In 1999, Election Commission re-delineated constituencies to increase Muslim/Malay seats from 18 to 24 seats; reduce Christian majority seats from 18 to 12 and reduce Chinese majority seats from 7 to 4. (STAR)
    As a result N1 got 7650 voters and N13 got 25976.
    This a form of CHEATING. This is racist
    This is discrimination against other religions, race & basic human rights.
    Mahathir app instructed the Election Commission to do this UNFAIR exercise after he promised revenge against Pairin.

    Dr Kua wrote UMNO Youths led by present PM Najib Razak demonstrated at TPCA Stadium in KL carrying banners reading

    “Soak the Keris in Chinese Blood”
    “May 13 Has Begun”

    This is highly seditious & inflammatory.
    But the Police & AG did not take action. Why ???
    Becos Mahathir was the Prime Minister and Home Minister !!!
    This rally & the seditious banners must had the CONSENT of the President of UMNO, Prime Minister Mahathir.

    The statement is racist.
    Mahathir wanted to kill the Chinese race. Mahathir wanted Chinese blood.

    There are 1. 5 billion Chinese in the world. Mahathir should tell Hu Jin Tao of China of his intention so that President Hu could arrange for him the number and the date of blood letting.
    When Mahathir was Prime Minister, Malay Muslims were taught to say openly,
    “Israel is our enemy. America jahat.”
    Mahathir hates the Jews
    Mahathir is the WORST PM we ever had.

    Correction/criticisms welcome


  2. adam says:

    Mahatdir is the most crooked of crooks;LOL;can be chameleon also;from Keling to Melayu;like a leopard can change its spots;LOL


  3. armouris says:

    info tentang Dr. Mahathir di SIHAT SELALURahsia Muda Dr. Mahathir


  4. cobra nair says:

    Hallo Helloshine, ayo, ayo, you put it in a very nice way. What u said is 100% true.Let me salute u. U were very open minded cos the way u express it. I woulld put sweet in yr mouth. Mahathir is a wolf in a sheeps dress.He is Chief Mahaguru among the Mahagurus for the hippocrites. He as an Indian, he went all out to surpress them,he hates the chinese group, & many crony UMNO malays became filthy rich, many more malays suffered. Corruption was unattended & almost all BN MBs also became $$ loaded. MACC didnt look into this. So it is called BNs “touch & Go , sametime “take & Go”. Malaysia got a bad name cos of one man,that is Mahathir & he is the senior adviser to Perkasa which is going round perkosa kosa,but it is also berdosa dosa.


  5. Duke says:

    OMG, this mamak pariah is truly unbelievable.

    Can you imagine Botak ‘Muck’riz as PM?


  6. swinger says:

    He epitomizes why Malaysia the country is what it is today and what we see today is nothing but a reflection of his legacy. Haven’t he be given the opportunity to help the Malys in the 22 years he was in power.

    Mahathir has his signature literally in everything that’s ailing the country. Every major corruption uncovered or events causing the country losing billions has his name written in it. Every government institutions and GLCs have become corrupted from top to bottom during his time. In any other nation such record would’ve put the government (let alone the PM) out of power a long time ago. We hear corrupted leaders in Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia being brought down and faced charges but never in this country. The guilty one still walk around offering advice and ideas. Haven’t he has any ‘maruah’ at all.

    He condemned Badawi almost immediately after handing over the baton and now he’s doing the same to Najib. First he handpicked his successor and then he will bring him down. Any morally upright person would feel a sense of responsibility to help his or her chosen successor but not Mahathir. Most would readily agree that both Badawi and Najib are poor choices but make no mistake that most of the mistakes and blunder and plunder started and happened during Mahathir’s time. Because of his idiosyncrasy and erratic ways Malaysia started to slide and rot as the effect is there for all to see.

    His 22 years in power indeed did help enriched many, those specially chosen by him but unfortunately it did not not help the poor Malays. Now he goes around the country as a self-appointed advisor to help the Malays and blamed the Chinese. We see most ex-PMs enjoy a special position being invited all over the world for functions and events but Mahathir gets invitation only from the likes of Perkasa.


  7. ezz26get says:

    Does it matter who sits in the high position as long as he is capable and whatever he does benefits the whole of Malaysia at large? On the converse, what is the point if a malay sits in high position and he is corrupt and make losses for the entity and the whole nation has to bail out the entity?

    This is not a theory question but a hard fact seen in Malaysia over and over again. One need not look further than the GLCs such as MAS, Sime Darby, Telekom, PLUS, Water Authorities, Banking Institutions, etc and even in the Government Department such as the Ministry of Defence, Finance, Education, etc. Malay sits in top positions in these entities. Ask yourself do malay and the whole of Malaysia benefits from them occupying these positions?

    In fact, such an unnatural situation of racial selection only breeds mediocrity, corruption and loss/loss/loss situation to the malays, other races and the country. How many billions has the country incurred in bailouts of these companies and how many billions has the country lost in leakages and corruptions?

    I have not even touch on how low the education and knowledge standards the whole nation has sunk itself and how uncompetitive the country is compared to other countries. Also look at the integrity of the judiciary, the PDRM, the MACC, the Immigration, the Customs Department and a myraid of others and how they suppress ordinary malaysians, malays included!

    Why should we fight among ourselves? Shouldn’t we be united and fight and compete with the rest of the worlds?

    Mahathir has done a lot of irreversible damage to the malays and the country than he cares to admit. With his huge ego how can he admit that he is wrong? Only when he is gone, History will write how one man has caused so much damage to the country.


  8. Helloshine says:

    Mahalanun, don’t be a damn hypocrite aka Hippo lah. 1. You were the one and only one to start the racist policies to enrich yourselves and your cronies. 2. You are a damn Hippo still using racist tricks to pull the wool over the Malays’ eyes and at the time being buddies with your Chinese and Indian cronies plundering the nation. 3. You are a damn Hippo for denying your Indian roots. 4. You are a damn Hippo accusing the Chinese being the richest in the land but we all know you and your cronies from all races are actually the richest. 5. You are a damn Hippo for accusing the Chinese wanting to control the nation but you were the one who screwed up the finance, education, defense, civil service, enforcement agencies etc when you were in power. 6. You are a damn Hippo for purposely keeping the rural Malays down and under your thumb so that you can loot and pillage to your heart’s content but in public you shed crocodile tears.


  9. Lim Boo Chang says:

    “If these posts are held by the Chinese, then not only will the economy be under Chinese control but the political arena would also be under the Chinese. What will be the Malay stake in the country?”

    Answer : Malaysia would have been the most progressive nation in this region. There will be no race politics and all Malaysian will have equal rights. There will be more quality Malay doctors, engineers, etc. Malaysia’s foreign reserves will be the strongest in the region. There will be less or no corruption and meritocracy rules the day. Poverty will be a thing of the pass. The Malays will work even harder to compete to ensure position are held by people with the right qualifications and know what they are doing. Malaysian first race is secondary,

    Today under the Malay rule, corruptions in the billions goes unchecked, Infrastructure falling apart (from falling stadium to falling bridge), Malays are still the poorest race, high positions are held by the incompetent, education for higher learning is the poorest in the region, Malays are unable to compete in the international arena (apa U cakap, change mode to stupidity)……………….and much more….. I hope this answer your question. A racist cannot see beyond race. Sial Betul !!!!


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