To Be Executed Yong Vui Kong’s Mother Meet Singapore Lawyer in Sandakan

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Anak Bangsa Malaysia, Malaysia, Sabah
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The 21-year-old Sabahan, Yong Vui Kong, sentenced to death by Singapore’s High Court for trafficking 47 grammes of heroin had his Singapore lawyer Ravi taking his own initiative to visit Sandakan to meet up with Yong’s mother. So nice of Ravi and all the Singaporeans who came along with him for the visit.

Who said Singaporeans are like machine and heartless? I have my cousins from my mothers side who are Singaporeans and they are beautiful people and so is Ravi and all other Singaporeans who have taken special interest in Yong. Before I forget, need to give a word of thanks to Rachel Zeng the activist from Singapore, who is so passionate about dignity of human life and has taken so much interest in Yong’s predicament and she has put a lot of us to shame for not doing enough for our fellow humans. I too like Rachel believe that the death penalty is the ultimate denial of human rights and it is the premeditated and cold-blooded killing of a human being by the state and its cruel, inhuman and this degrading punishment is done in the name of justice, it violates the right to life.

See below Ravi’s meeting with Yong’s mother in Sandakan.

We visit on our third day in Sandakan. She looks surprised to see so many of us. But we’re even more taken aback by the state of her little two-bedroom flat. Vui Fung had told us earlier that she lives alone. We’d half-expected her home to be gloomy and untidy. But the place is immaculately kept. Clean, and bright and airy. There are photos of her children and grandchildren everywhere. A large, framed family portrait takes pride of place in the living room.

We’re all nervous about meeting her. Terrified we’d somehow let slip what she must not be told – that Vui Kong, her youngest son, sits on death row. We’d all heard her heartbreaking story. We know of her mental illness, her struggles as an impoverished single mother, her visit last year to Changi Prison, to see Vui Kong just two days before he was originally scheduled to hang. He had told her he was going away to seek penance for his sins and that he would never ever return.

That narrative had confused me back then. Did she really buy the story? Surely, a mother must know?

Meeting her now, I finally understand why Vui Kong felt he had to protect his mother from the truth. It is impossible to have a conversation with her. She hardly says a word. Doesn’t acknowledge anyone’s questions. It is as if she’s living in her own little bubble, a bubble you dare not burst. Vui Fung blames it on anti-depressants.

“They make her sleepy and slow.”

But her older kids don’t want to wean her off the pills – they’re afraid she might sink back into depression and try to kill herself again.

The previous day, we’d visited their old house, a two-storey building in the middle of an oil palm plantation. No one lives there now. It’s where the family keeps their unwanted junk.

Inside a room full of odds and ends, Ravi (Vui Kong’s lawyer) found an old cupboard full of children’s things. Her children’s things. Vui Kong’s mother had carefully preserved his old textbooks. Primary 1 to Primary 4. He’d dropped out of school after that, to find work in the city.

We found Yun Leong’s report card. He was an excellent student. If only he had kept on studying. We found an old school t-shirt and tiny shorts. All meticulously packed away.

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  2. Truth Speaks says:

    Truth speaks for itself. I can see lots of kind souls are taking angles from Vui Kong’s family. Why not take a walk down life’s of those who were destroyed by drugs? You can say they deserved to die because no 1 force them to take drugs, similarly, no 1 force Vui Kong to deliver the drugs so he deserve to die. If you want to push the blame to the “BIG Bro”, why not push the blame to the farmers who plant durg-plant. Its too far, pals…Keep it simple..take drugs, you die; deliver drugs, you also die… no matter how young and naive you are. Dun tell me, yound drug addicts do not suffer the same fate?? they do… May GOD grant you peace and rest when you hear the verdict, Vui Kong. Safe Journey.


  3. BiG-B says:

    Served him right to be hang. The sooner the better… U all do not see the BIG PICTURE here, if a convicted Drug Dealer (whether small or big one) to be pardoned then how ’bout those others Drug Dealer with same predicament as Vui Kong…do we pardon them to? Do we let them walk out to the street and start to sell drugs again? For whatsoever reason no one / nobody force him to be drug dealer…the choice was his and now its time to pay back – BIG TIME… How ’bout those thousand or hundred of people become of victims from the drugs he smuggled… I say LET HIM BE HANG…. If he truly repented why wait till got arrested, why not repented earlier.. People like this only used our mercy for their benefit.. I don’t believe he is repented..he just putting on act just to gain public mercy…


  4. Joan says:

    He was very young and innocent back then when he commited the offence unintentionally. Please give him a second chance!


  5. Joan says:

    Law can be cruel. Very cruel. The penalty is too heavy for a young man like Vui Kong. All he did was deliver the drug. The person that deserve to be hang is the drug dealer.


  6. jason mah says:

    Human law never give him mercy, I hope god will compensate his family who lost a son bcoz of kiasu law.


  7. martycruz says:

    he was still too young to bear it. please give him a mercy and chance to continue his live. or use another kind of sentence other than death.


  8. Akinabalu says:

    Don’t forget to sign the online petition:


  9. Akinabalu says:

    Agree with you strongly Cobra. Only the pen holds the power to free him from the death penalty. Vui Kong does not deserve a death sentence. The one who suppose to be hang is the drug dealer.


  10. Xavier says:

    I believe everyone deserves a second chance. Rather than hang him, let him be jailed for a few years and when he comes out, he can have a fresh start.


  11. CareBear says:

    This is a really heart breaking story. :( Vui Kong doesn’t deserve to be hang. He should be given a second chance. Let us all pray that the Singapore President will find it in his heart to spare Vui Kong from death penalty.


  12. cobra nair says:

    Oh God, have mercy on him. Give him a chance to live. Tha whole family will be happy again if he is pardoned by the S’pore President. His fate depends on the pen. The pen is mightier than the rope.The world is full of kind people, who had held prayers for him.Kindness is a language, whereby the blind can see & the deaf can hear.Mistakes are bound to happen, due to the family background & stress.To ease the family heartache is to pardon Yong.Mistakes are to life as what shadows are to light.Sadness has blown out the lamp in the mind of Yong’s family members.S’pore President’s Pardon will be the memory of the heart.We see tears in the eyes of his family cos,Tears are the noble language of the eye. Cobra will continue to pray for you,Yong.


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