Dr Jeffrey Kitingan Wants Sabah and Sarawak To Create 16 New States

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Datuk Dr Jeffrey @ Gapari Kitingan, Malaysia, Malaysian Politics, North Borneo, Sabah, Sabah Politics, Sarawak
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By Joe Fernanderz, Sabahkini

SABAH opposition strongman, Datuk Dr Jeffrey @ Gapari Kitingan has urged that Sabah and Sarawak seriously consider creating new states within themselves.

He cites the vastness of the territory, empowerment either within (or outside) Malaysia, greater efficiencies through decentralisation and maximisation of potential, as reasons for doing so.

His idea is that Sabah be carved up into five states along the borders of the existing residencies viz. Tawau, Sandakan and Kudat along the eastern and northern seaboard, and West Coast and Pedalaman elsewhere, and to be known as the Sabah states.

The 11 existing divisions in neighbouring Sarawak should re-emerge as new states i.e. Kuching, Samarahan, Sri Aman, Betong, Sarikei, Sibu, Mukah, Kapit, Bintulu, Miri and Limbang.

“The total of 16 states and one federal territory in Malaysian Borneo will eclipse the 11 states and two federal territories in peninsular Malaysia,” pointed out Jeffrey in his keynote address at a closed-door forum, ‘Formation of Malaysia, a Promise Revisited and the Way Forward’ on Saturday in Kota Kinabalu.

The forum was a curtain-raiser to the first official celebration of Malaysia Day on Sept 16.

The event was organised by the Borneo Heritage Foundation (BHF) in association with the Common Interest Group Malaysia (CigMA), an ad hoc apolitical movement.

Power shift

If there’s method in Jeffrey’s ‘madness’, it’s this – that the new states will help Sabah and Sarawak win back the 32 percent share of the seats in the Malaysian Parliament that Malaysia outside peninsular Malaysia had until Singapore “was booted out in 1965”.

“With Singapore out of Malaysia, the island’s 15 seats in the Malaysian Parliament (141) should have gone collectively to Sabah (14) and Sarawak (16),” recalled Jeffrey. “Instead, peninsular Malaysia (96) took seven of Singapore’s seats for a new total of 103 and the remainder was divided between Sabah and Sarawak to give them 18 and 20 respectively.

This resulted in the original power balance between peninsular Malaysia and non-peninsular Malaysia, i.e. 68 percent to 32 percent respectively, to become even more in favour of the former.

He left it to the 500-odd invited participants – opinion leaders, students and others – to work out the ratio today: 74.32 percent (peninsular Malaysia) and 25.67 percent (Sabah/Sarawak).

The logical deduction of the audience, prompted by Jeffrey, was that 14 of the 165 seats held today in Parliament by peninsular Malaysia belong legitimately to Sabah and Sarawak.

“From being a partnership of Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo degenerated after 1965 to be two out of 13 states,” said Jeffrey. “The federal government refused to acknowledge the status of Sabah and Sarawak. This was in order to create more parliamentary seats for states in peninsular Malaysia at the expense of Sabah and Sarawak.”

Jeffrey sees this as the main reason why the federal government was able to whittle away at the 20 Points (Sabah) and 18 Points (Sarawak) entrenched in the federal constitution.

The 20 and 18 Points respectively are the basis for the 1963 Malaysia Agreement and the formation of the new federation.

“The creation of new states in Sabah and Sarawak will neutralise peninsular Malaysia’s argument that it has 11 states and two federal territories to merit its present seats in Parliament,” reiterated Jeffrey. “Hopefully, this would be the way to reverse the recolonisation of Sabah and Sarawak by peninsular Malaysia in the wake of the British departure in 1963.”

The number of seats any particular state should have in Parliament, stressed Jeffrey, should not only be based on population  “a peninsular Malaysia argument” but also on territory, economic potential, history and law.

Ills of recolonisation

Recolonisation has also allegedly meant the degeneration of the federation into a unitary state, the erosion of the doctrine of separation of powers which assures checks-and-balances, the lack of transparency, accountability and good governance, and the advent of a police state sanctioned by four unrepealed emergency ordinances.

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  1. 26yearsold says:

    if we divide sabah it will strengthen the our boarders and it will be harder for the illegal immigrant to travel around. but will cost more spending but i think will provide more job opportunities for the sabahan… because its been a long time.. sabahan people still not bersatu untuk bangkit dan majukan ekonomi for the sake of their future generation.. its hardly to get a good pay job here in sabah and the cost of living especially in KK is very high.. if we divide the land might make things run more efficient then why not give it a shot in a.. let Dr. Jeffry present to us about his ideas and how this will benefit the people especially the poor.. hope the ideas was not for the sake of the elite and rich family… coz im very sad to live here in sabah… I cannot find ways to guarantee a secure financial support for my family…


  2. Anonymous says:

    I am always impressed by Dr Jeffrey’s ideas. This one is even better. If done properly and truly in the spirit of democracy-rule by the people of the people and for the people, why not. Many of our people will get a job, better representation, better equality as per the vastness of the Bornean states. The moment of truth has come. Sabahan Intellectuals, stand up; speak up; be counted-make yourself heard. Let’s support revolutionary ideas. We are moving forward are we? Let’s think outside the box. Self contentment in an impri.sioned mind is very dangerous


  3. amir says:

    Saya rasa kita patut bersatu dan bukan diceraikan kepada 16 negeri.


  4. Tambanuo says:

    Rakyat Sabah perlu bersatu dalam satu bangsa (tambanuo) tanpa meninggalkan identiti suku masing-masing. Perlu satu unity yang kuat termasuk panggalakan kahwin campur antara kaum orang asal Sabah. Ianya akan melahirkan satu generasi baru yang akan menyambung perjuangan generasi sekarang khususnya perjuangan Dr. Jeffery Kitingan sebagai penyambung kepada perjuangan Paduka Mat Salleh. Sebagai pejuang yang genius Dr. Jeffery perlu study kenapa bangsa Israel boleh menguasai dunia hingga ke hari ini. Daripada itu generasi baru orang asal Sabah akan dapat berganding bahu menuju kebebasan dalam mencapai kejayaan. For Israel for Israelite so Sabah for Sabahan.


  5. Byron says:

    I guess its to hurry to form a new 16 states fro sabah and sarawak. The most important thing is, to topple down the corrupt government and rebuild a new form of east malaysian. we just need improvement first. Then after that, if we are able enough to from as a new country or 16 states if its strong enough to begin as a country then only we proceed. Well if singapore can withdraw from malaysia and become more develop than malaysia, why not we(sabah and sarawak) as we have more sources than peninsular even singpore? The federal government has been violated all our rights most of it, why not we can be independent? I thk Dr Jeffrey’s idea are brilliant. Its just the matter of time that this things gonna work……. we deserve our rights( all the 20 points).


  6. Andex says:

    i like dr jeffry ideas.. pembahagian 16 negeri adalah satu idea yg baik untuk pembangunan..
    kawasan lebih kecil mudah di majukan. sedangkan wakil rakyat sendiri pun tidak habis melawat kawasan masing2, apa lagi ketua menteri… sebagai contoh, jikalau di beri budget untuk negeri sabah sebanyak RM10 billion…kemanakah duit itu pergi??.. dan jika sabah di bahagikan kepada beberapa kawasan yang lain dan di beri RM10 billion setiap negeri???..
    Cuma perlu di kaji semula baik buruk idea ini…. yang penting tiada TOL…


  7. ijam says:

    saya rasa Sabahan dan Sarawakian adalah yang berhak menentukan samada idea Jeffrey ni releven atau tidak!


  8. ijam says:

    pembahagian Sabah dan Sarawak kepada 16 negeri mungkin ada kaitan dengan memudahkan pengurusan dan pembangunan setiap kawasan yang selama ini diabaikan. secara realitinya, pembahagian kekayaan di Sabah dan Sarawak setakat ini adalah tidak saksama..cuma kalau betullah, sukar pula hidup dengan banyaknya sempadan negeri. nanti ada pula jalan-jalan raya yang bertol di sana sini :)


  9. nathan says:

    I served in Sabah as a health dept. personel for 3 1/2 years, and what Sabah needs is Development…minus the Corruption! Divding it into more states will merely add administrative layers which will further hamper development. The political commitment to eliminate Corruption, and tackling the Illegal Immigranmt problem,which are of utmost importance right now, Must be addressed.
    Equity in Health and Education has yet to be adqueately addressed after 46 years in Malaysia.


  10. RAMASAMY says:

    Well, i really like the dr Jefry’s idea.If he’s successful with this idea,then do allow more chinese and indians from the peninsular to reside and work in the 16 states.We will help Sabah tp prosper.Drive out all those Filipinos and Indonesians from the Sabah and sarawak..


  11. Sabah Sifu says:

    Pete, how will the State of Kudat, Pitas, Beluran, Kota Marudu etc will survive?


  12. pete says:

    the many of you who disagree of having 16 states for sabah and sarawak do not really grasp the wisdom dr j is trying to put forward. this is the only way for us east malaysians to be able to match west malaysias in term of power be it political or economics. think about it very carefully.


  13. Sabah Sifu says:

    Why do we need to create 16 new states and create 16,000 new problems at the same time. Jeffery is also in PKR, why not just change the structure of PKR to reflect the Malaysian Agreement (Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya). Stop copying the UMNO structure which emphasis only the MPs.


  14. Abdul Latif Kamaruddin says:

    No mater what you suggest but still the top 10% of the Kadazan or Chinese or Malays or Indians or whatever ethic becomes richer and richer including Dr. Jeffry but the bottom 10% will become poorer and poorer The same thing in the Communist countries. Politics are bull shits.
    Practice with the teaching of your religion. Whatever your religion that you believe

    If you don’t believe me see me in 10 years time I can eat your shits if this things never happen


  15. aku bah says:

    Apapun idea ni memang ada pros & cons… So jangan terlalu taksub utk melaksanakan sesuatu yang belum dikaji sebaik mungkin.


  16. aku bah says:

    Bagi saya sabah sarawak hanya perlu dibangunkan untuk lebih maju lagi. Tak perlulah dibahagikan. Apa salahnya bersatu dan berusaha utk berkembang daripada asyik berfikir yang bukan2…


  17. aku bah says:

    16 new states???? hmmm, rasanya tak perlu lah…


  18. Hi Hachiko,

    Dr Jef has always got some Revolutionary ideas and this one is incredibly refreshing and his pieces always blow my mind, to be frank. I have known Jef for a long time and he never fails to impress me with his insights.


  19. SEW850i says:

    I can’t imagine if this divination will happen. Chaos ensure man.


  20. Akinabalu says:

    16 new states??! Isn’t that way too many division?


  21. Nicole says:

    Gosh… divided into 16? negative to me… lets just be one and stand together, we will be good…

    Peace No war!


  22. dobie says:

    16 states will be too much. How about Sabah being an independent country?


  23. Xavier says:

    What sort of motive does Jeffrey have this time.


  24. kilangSabah says:

    for me, sabah and sarawak now is enough and only need to develop more and not to divide make the small state.


  25. Hachiko says:

    Hi Selva,
    I like Jeffrey’s idea yet I’m still unsure whether it would be a smart thing to do. I would love to know your opinion regarding this matter.


  26. Joan says:

    If this idea of Jeff gonna be implemented, make sure it has more pros than cons or else more issues will arise.


  27. Azmi says:

    Dr Jeffrey is a genius and as a Sabahan I’m proud of him. Only a brilliant person can think like this. Sabah needs more Jeffreys to screw the Malayans who have been taking Sabahans for a ride since 1963. Wake up guys and lets support Dr Jeffrey’s new idea so that we can become free from the strangulation of KL.


  28. kebenaran says:

    Same with me. I guess, think it first to divide the sabah and sarwak into 16 state. This related with the people. So Jeffery, study it first.


  29. CareBear says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to develop and solve the issues which Sabah and Sarawak is facing first before considering to divide Sabah and Sarawak into 16 states. As a Sabahan, I’m very concern about the many issues that occurring in Sabah, especially the illegal immigrants issues. Do solve that issue before the population of the illegal immigrants increase.


  30. CareBear says:

    I don’t like the idea of creating 16 new states. I’m sensing more problems would arise if this happens.


  31. martycruz says:

    is it the best solution? Do not simply decide to divide Sabah because it will require a lot of changes..


  32. jamie says:

    i think no need to create 16 new states. may be, the new states can create new problem to us.

    now, all the leaders should bring more development in to Sabah and Sarawak.


  33. rutan says:

    jika sabah dan sarawak dibahagikan, ia boleh menjejaskan hak2 dan kepentingan penduduk bumiputera, selain itu, akan wujud jurang antara kawasan2 negeri yang dibentuk. saya yakin ramai rakyat sabah dan sarawak tidak bersetuju dgn cadangan ini.


  34. rutan says:

    tak perlulah nak bahagikan sabah dan sarawak kepada beberapa negeri. ia boleh menimbulkan lebih byk masalah.


  35. Sam says:

    Aiyooh, Sabah and Sarawak are not vast lah………
    Vast is Australia, period. 50 times the size of Malaysia, East and West combined! But the Australia Electoral Commission is 1000 times more efficient and democratic.
    We get the results same evening, even most of the postal and overseas votes, come August 21st.
    Sabah and Sarawak are just backwards because they have useless politicians abusing the rights of the rakyat. Hopefully the East Malaysians will get more courageous and fight for the betterment of their own future. Otherwise they may all end up like the Orang Utans.


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