Posted: July 28, 2010 in Mazu, Musa Aman, Sabah Politics
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FORMER Sabah Chief Minister, Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat wants to leave the fate of the aborted Mazu, Goddess of the Sea statue in Kudat in the hands of the people.

The million ringgit question whether the erection of statue will still go ahead lies unanswered.

“Let the people decide whether they want the Mazu statue to be up or otherwise,” said Chong. “I will accept whatever decision they make. For my part, I have done no wrong in putting up the statue.”

“Someone, either a court, a government body or an arbitrator has to decide on the erection of the Mazu statue. All of them don’t want to get involved,” he stressed.

“So far, no court has ruled that Mazu was illegal. So, now it’s up to the people to decide Mazu’s fate.”

He has however reluctantly resigned himself to the fact that the courts in Malaysia don’t want to get involved in his dispute with the Sabah state government.

“The Federal Court had not only deprived me of the legal avenue to seek redress but also denied itself the opportunity to hear out an aggrieved party,” lamented Chong.

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  1. Patty says:

    This case is over. No more hush hush talk.


  2. bei soo lang says:

    The people of Malaysia has become just like many of the silly Americans.They would fight to save the life of a sick baby monkey rather tha the thousands of sick Red Indian babies in their backyard.
    Fong Vui Kong is a drug trafficker who may make millions from the misery of drug addicts.These drug addicts will become snatch thieves and prostitudes to feed their drug addiction habit.In many places innocent housewives are killed when these drug addicts drag their hand bags from speeding motor cycles.Then the small children would suffer of having no mother.It is all due to drug trafficker like Fong Vui Kong.
    Why are not all these stupid people around Malaysia fighting for the victims of drug abuse? I can take them through the back streets of Kota Kinabalu after 10 pm.Thhere you can see thousands of drug addicts living in misery.May of the young native girls offer sex for 10 dollars just to feed trheir drug habit.
    I am from Kulim,Kedah but I have stayed in Kota Kinabalu for more than 20 years. I am in the hotel IT software business. My 5 star hotel has shown me CCTV of school girls going up and down the hotel for prostitution in order to feed the drug habits of their boy friends.
    It is all due to drug traffickers like Fong Vui Kong.
    He should be hanged to death by his neck according to the laws of the foreign land.If a foreigner should bring drugs to Kota Kinabalu we should hang him too.


  3. Juanita says:

    I agree that Mazu should be worshipped. Not to be used to make money. We must find out the real agenda behind the construction of the Mazu statue.


  4. lagi says:

    i do not understand why the mazu statue giving a big problem. just put wherever as long as government think where it should be. if not, just send to my home….he he he. you worship who, where or how is not a big deal. it doesn’t mean that the statue is there then you need to worship others god. how pathetic….they are. this is not what we called 1Malaysia anymore if the Mazu statue being a very sensitive issue. Be fair and square!


  5. Bei Soo Lang says:

    What is the function of armed enforcement agencies like PDRM and MACC?.
    They are supposed to catch big time thieves of the Malaysian treasury.
    In this way the wealth of the nation will be circulated within the country.
    Then it is not necessary for small theieves to carry out minor crimes out of necessity to fill the stomaches of their families.
    PDRM and MACC has failed the people in the above agenda.
    They goes around catching small theieves.But as the economy of Malaysia goes fom bad to worst more people are forced to be small thieves everyday.They never to be able to have enough mampower to catch all the newly born small thieves.
    PDRM amd MACC did not catch Tiong King Sing and Musa Aman who stole billions from the country.If these billions were not taken out of the country many Malaysians would have a decent job and do not have to resort to corruption and stealing from the supermarkets.
    I am from Kulim,Sabah but I have stayed in KK for more than 20 years.My IT management contacts in all the 5 star hotels have supplied me with a wealth of the corruption details on most of the Sabah ministers especially Musa Aman.But whenever I send them to MACC they always say that it is complete.They poured cold water over thw whole issue.
    But they must know that if I take the documents from Musa Aman’s office the police may arrest me for stealing and put me to jail.
    The conclusion between the police,MACC Musa Aman is simply I help you and you help me.Musa Aman steal billions and we cover you


  6. martycruz says:

    what is the main purpose of the project? I really do not agree if the main purpose is just to attract tourists around the world. God, is not for make money but to be worshiped.


  7. be-abn says:

    Stop politicking over this issue. It’s worthless.


  8. rutan says:

    harap isu mazu ini dpt diselesaikan segera.


  9. Sam says:

    Let the people decide whether they want it or not.


  10. jamie says:

    State govt try to find the solution for this issue..hope this issue will be solve in a good way..


  11. kebenaran says:

    Former sabah CM give the people ot choice make the decide for the Mazu statue. So, Find the best decision.


  12. LuvTo-ya says:

    Forgive those who are make this things more complicated, but all do i knoe the statue would never be place there…no matter what!!!


  13. Joan says:

    Majority voice is important. The government should listen to the majority in order to avoid any more issue to arise.


  14. Joan says:

    How come issues that involves religion is always the hardest to solve. Can’t we live in peace. Statue is just a statue, why bother so much.


  15. CareBear says:

    I have no problem with the statue. In fact, i think its a good thing to have the statue in order to boost the sabah tourism industry. Whatever the decision is, hopefully it will not cause any problems again.


  16. rutan says:

    isu patung mazu ini tak perlulah diperbesarkan. apapun biarlah rakayt menetukan samada nasib Mazu ini.


  17. martycruz says:

    so, find the answer by asking the people in Kudat.. you will know directly from them.


  18. SEW850i says:

    Huh? I thought this thing with Mazu issue is done. Looks like it has emerge again..Oh boy.


  19. adam says:

    This is the babi mentality of the so called melayu of Umno;pathetic & petrifying;they only want to propagate their religion,and fear others may give up Islam if there are alternatives;if their religion is good & valid,then there is no cause for alarm;food for thought!


  20. jason mah says:

    I’m a Catholic, I don’t have problem with muslim bow down five times a day with loud speaker blasting in my area, I don’t problem with the buddhist, the hindu temple ceremony in certain occasion. Question is; What is the problem erecting the Mazu statue?


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