Wednesday, 28th July, 2010

Masidi: Perm Sec not under MACC probe

Barnard Yaang

Kota Kinabalu: State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun denied that his Permanent Secretary was hauled in by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) for questioning recently.

He said he has no knowledge of the so-called MACC probe on Suzannah Liaw when asked to comment on the Malaysia Today web portal alleging that she was being investigated for graft.

” I can confirm to you no such thing happened,” he said, adding he was surprised that people kept asking him whether the allegation was true.

Instead, he said the issue was a result of a misunderstanding over Liaw’s insurance claim. He said Liaw sustained broken legs about two years ago in an accident following which she submitted claims for injuries from the insurance company.

The State Government, he said, has an insurance scheme for its employees and that the Sabah Tourism Board (STB) and Sabah Parks where Liaw served as member of the board of directors in both entities also provide insurance coverage.

However, the people misconstrued Liaw’s insurance claims as claiming money from the Government. He said Liaw is permitted to make insurance claims, as she is entitled to it.

He explained that the compensation payment from the insurance company was only paid to her after almost two years because the company requires time to ascertain the authenticity of the claims.

Maisdi said people have become vicious in passing rumours that hurt other people for no apparent reason.

“I hope this serves as a good lesson to remind us that if you dont stop all the nonsense in our society, we would be sinking into low morality,” he said.

He suggested the very same people who were jealous of Liaw for the insurance claims break their legs so that they could make similar claims from the insurance companies.

See full story here

  1. amir says:

    Siasatlah, jangan tak siasat.


  2. Hi, I have been quite a lurker on your website and wanted to break my silence. Your post, Masidi: Perm Sec not under MACC probe Selvarajasomiah's Weblog today was simply awesome.


  3. Birds of same feathers says:

    You scratch my back I scratch your back?


  4. Hamba Abdi says:

    Ini kes orang dengki and tidak puas hati bah ini..Datuk Suzannah is avery vocal and brave lady-tiak kira ko contractor ka pegawai tinggi kah if she tiak puas hati dengan progress and kerja kau yang can affect her and the ministry credibility for sure lah dia buli marah/tinggi suara/naik angin-so jangan ambil hati sama Datuk Sue-she’s a nice lady actually-when it comes to work yupp she’s a stringent one- cukup2 lah siapa siapa yang dengki sama Datuk Sue tu-tobat tobat

    Note: tu MACC neutral meh? bukan pro government kah hahahahha I doubt their credibility! tiak caya lah sama kau MACC-prove it to us by attending the JAWS and ikan besar2..itu bilis belakang cerita


  5. be with me says:

    Put this thing into rest. Nuff said.


  6. lderple says:

    Apapun jangnlah perbesarkan isu ni. Yang sudah tu sudah lah k.


  7. lderple says:

    Moralnya, lain kali janganlah terlalu cepat membuat kesimpulan. Ambil masa berfikir dan analisis sesuatu hal sebaik mungkin sebelum memilih utk percaya atau sebaliknya. At least tak juga rasa bersalah nanti kalau tersalah anggap. hehe


  8. lderple says:

    Hahhaha.. pirate, kadang2 media pun lebih dramatik dari politik :P hehehe
    Tapi yang penting hal ni dah dijelaskan, so harap2 takda kekeliruan lagi.


  9. lderple says:

    Na kan, inilah yang pentingnya dengar cerita dari semua pihak dulu baru buat andaian..


  10. pendekar malaysia says:

    namapaknya inilah cerita sebenar, tak perlu lagi nak perbesarkan hal ini.


  11. Dawn says:

    There is no need to sue anyone for slander. By suing the accusers, it shows that she is guilty of the allegations, when you are innocent, a few rumors will not hurt you. So why feed more firewood to fuel the rumors?


  12. pirate says:

    so, the MACC ‘strong evidence’ is actually liar.. the lesson is, don’t easily trust the media.


  13. Sam says:

    I dont think this issue about Datuk Suzannah Liew is only about an insurance claim. I believe there is more than this insurance story Masidi is talking. Masidi is covering up the actual story.

    The only people can answer is the MACC and the MACC will answer by charging the culprit in court.

    Alternatively, Datuk Suzannah should sue this writer for slander. If Suzannah does not sue than this story by Selva is true.

    Come on Suzannah do it to prove your innocent. Or not we will still believe there is some abuse of power by you.


  14. SEW850i says:

    Well, everything is clear now. Datuk Masidi have let all the cats out of the bag…


  15. T.O.P says:

    All because of an insurance claim, everyone in the society jumps to conclusion. This must change coz it’s getting into a bad and the worse habit of all. Misunderstanding is so over-rated. Che..


  16. jamie says:

    misunderstanding rupanya. sekarang kita dah tau lah cerita sebenar..


  17. CareBear says:

    So, Its rumors after all.


  18. Sasau says:

    ceh… rupa-rupanya misunderstanding pula..


  19. the real deal says:

    Suzannah was only ‘ demanding ‘ for insurance claims. A whole picture has been cleared, puas hati tak?


  20. Nicole says:

    That’s why next time, do your deep research before you published your articles…


  21. Sam says:

    Masidi has let the cat out. Now its confirm that some sort of investigation is taking place on an insurance claim.


  22. pegalan_river says:

    Macha, after you claim that a Tun has legal immunity and cannot be prosecuted, which turn out to be not true, you failed again in giving credible information to your reader…

    as Masidi said, go break your leg & you can make similar claims from the insurance companies…..


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