Picked this up from Brother Bernard Khoo’s blog aka Zorro-Unmasked

This is the outcome of yesterday afternoon’s forum on Sabahans working in Klang Valley organised by DAP.


FOR THE FIRST TIME, Sabahans working in the Klang Valley met to make a collective stand on living conditions here. I spent yesterday afternoon listening to them at a forum organised by the DAP.

Speakers at this meeting included PKR President Kak Wan, Dr Maria, Teresa Kok, and Lim Kit Siang. At the end of the three hour dialogue this RESOLUTION was adopted:

RESOLUTION of first meeting of Sabahans in Klang Valley in Petaling Jaya on Sunday, July 4, 2010:

The first meeting of Sabahans in the Klang Valley held in Petaling Jaya on Sunday, July 4, 2010 to discuss specifically the problems of Sabahans stranded in Klang Valley and generally the concerns, grievances and frustrations of Sabahans 47 years in Malaysia RESOLVES as follows:

1. EXPRESS grave concern at the socio-economic plight of Sabahans stranded in the Klang Valley to the extent that homeless Sabahans had to scavenge for food from garbage bins outside restaurants in the Klang Valley or depend on food served by NGOs;

2. EXPRESS grave distress at the spectrum of outstanding political, economic, socio-economic-cultural and citizenship woes of Sabahans, including:

o the long-standing problem of illegal immigrants in Sabah, causing the Sabah population to multiply from some 400,000 during the formation of Malaysia in 1963 to over three million

o Poverty in Sabah – instead of eradication of poverty in Sabah as promised by Barisan Nasional in 2000, Sabah has the highest poverty rate in the country.

o Shocking backwardness in the development of basic infrastructures in Sabah whether roads, piped water, electricity and broadband to Sabahans.

o Denial and discrimination against the rights of Sabahans with regard to 20% instead of just 5% oil royalty payment to Sabah government.

3. NOTES that the New Economic Model had pinpointed the basic failure of Malaysian nation-building which is not only undermining 1Malaysia nation-building and the transformation of Malaysia into a progressive, just and internationally competitive nation when it admitted why Malaysia is losing out in the international competitive stakes and stressed: “Malaysia must be seen by its people and by others as a land of equal opportunity to earn a good living and provide a secure, happy life for each individual and the family”. It is this failure in the past 47 years of Malaysian nation-building to make Sabahans feel that they have an equal place under the Malaysian sun, and that Malaysia is “a land of equal opportunity to earn a good living and provide a secure, happy life for each individual and the
family” that have made Sabahans feel strangers not only in Malaysia but in their native homeland in Sabah.

4. CALLS on the Federal and Sabah state governments, and where relevant the Selangor state government, to undertake a total transformation of their policies to address and resolve the long-standing political, educational, socio-economic-cultural and citizenship woes of Sabahans or all the talk of 1Malaysia and making Sabah as “one of the most liveable places and a leading economic region in Asia” will remain empty platter.

5. CALLS for a Royal Commission of Inquiry on how the dreams and aspirations of Sabahans and Sarawakians in forming Malaysia in 1963 had been fulfilled or betrayed in the past five decades.




-Sabahans have always been very tolerant in practically every aspect in their daily lives.And it is because of this tolerance,Sabahans have
been oppressed by the current regime.Crying over the past is not going
to help,we must stand up and tell UMNO/BN,”YOU ARE HISTORY COME THE 13TH GE”.
-My dear fellow Sabahan,,let me ask you this question and let it sink deeply in your heart before you answer my question. “How long you want to live in poverty and let these UMNO rules you state?” Do you know that we are beggars in our own state and we are being robbed by UNMO of all our wealth..Our land being sold to f…oreigners….So decide from now, if you still want UMNO in Sabah?
-Who will decide for our future,the future of our generation and our state??? The UMNO or ourselves??? Think about it…

Sabah Times: “I have not made any decision about anything … Leave it to me to decide what is best for Sabah,” the Prime Minister told reporters after conducting a walkabout at the Lido Market along Jalan Penampang here last week.

  1. amir says:

    Kalau tidak dapat cari kerja, balik ke Sabah sajalah.


  2. bei soo lang says:

    The death tango of a newly wed couple in a banquet from borrowed money.
    There was a very poor family in Sabah.Their eldest son was going to get married next month.The parents wanted to give everybody in Sabah the impression that they are very well to do so that the son can have a successful business career.They borrowed money from everywhere with more lies than truth.They borrowed money from relatives,friends,banks,money lenders and loan sharks.On the wedding day they have 100 tables of the best Chinese food with no Any Pow accepted.Every table had shark fins,bird nest,abalone and XOs.It was a beautiful wedding and everybody tango up and down the hall according to the instructions of the best tango dance instructors,But the joy only lasted 5 hrs and after everybody went home.Everybody pretended to be happy but they all knew that the family was dirt poor.The father and son sold fish balls that the mother made in her kampung house for many years.Nobody is foolish enpough to do business with poor people.
    They have to pay the debts quickly.The son was forced into robbery and selling drugs.
    The daughter in law was forced into prostitution and selling drugs.Both of us end up in the death row…in Kota Kinabalu jail..The parents committed suicide.

    I am a management expert selling computer software to all 5 star hotels in Kota Kinabalu ans all Sabah towns.
    I went through all their accounts.Most of them have debts of over one year.They could,nt pay my invoices but I continue to advice them.If they goes into bankruptcy I will not be able to collect a single cent..

    In our country do you know of any DEATH tango projects ?????
    100 story mega tower ??? 50 billion MRT project ??? 100 billion revamp of PKFZ projects..????

    You can all write under my name..
    Name: Bei Soo Lang
    email : beisoolang@yahoo.com


  3. avenge7fold says:

    I wonder if the problem is still persisted?


  4. richard says:

    Sabah and Sarawak within Malaysia has been short changed. The plight of Sabah’s native population, specifically its youth, is a direct outcome of the deliberate policies of the Federal government led by UMNO. For the past 50 yrs. the Federal government, aided knowingly by the state representatives , have been rapping this state of wealth putting essentially nothing back towards the economic advancement of its people. The strategy is simple and plain to see. Keep the locals ecomomically surpressed thereby depriving them of political power. All it needed was to “kill’ off one generation in terms of educational opportunities and the result is a bunch of uneducated or under educated populace. In turn the Federal government led by UMNO will further strengthen its influence in the states.


  5. wayangkulit says:

    all i can say is most of the people today, when he/she faced difficulty, failed to do whatever they wanted to do,failed to secure a job, started to blamed others rather than blaming themselves….whats more irritating is, politician started to make use this issues for their own gain, politicizing & making this poor kid think that all the hardship their endure is because of other party faults, when in fact the blame should also being bear by these kids…


  6. Bei suu lan says:

    Sabah bin Musa Aman has gone bankrupt.The Sabah economy is suffering from AIDS<AIDS<AIDS..which is Acute Income Deficiency Syndrome. Parents are sending their youthful children to West Malaysia as beggars.The money which they earned from begging is send back to their parents in Sabah. With this money the Sabah economy moves slowly like a man suffering from AIDS.
    I am from Kulim and I have stayed in KK for 20 over years.Sabah is my second home.The youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow.What kind of Sabah leaders are we going to have in future if our Sabah youths start their career begging in the streets of West Malaysia.They beg alongside with beggars from India,Bangladesh and Pakistan.
    I have taken numerous videos of them for many years.In the videos you can hear them speaking in the languages of Sabah.If any one of you wants to see them you can always come to my office in KK.I am in the hotel management software line and you can get my name and address in all the 5 star hotels.


  7. Stanley- Follow up says:

    we must have at least two strong party in this country. If opposition is not good we change. But at least give them a chance. U have given UMNO almost 50years- What do U think????


  8. aman says:

    Diharapkan warga tempatan menjadi keutamaan oleh pihak-pihak tertentu untuk mengisi kekosongan jawatan dalam pelbagai jenis pekerjaan di Sabah. Langkah ini juga dapat mengurangkan kebergantungan pekerja asing dan kehadiran peningkatan warga asing di negeri ini yang kian meningkat.


  9. kong says:

    Tidak perlulah kerja di SM tu sbb di Sabah pun banyak peluang pekerjaan walaupun ada persaingan dengan pekerja asing dari pilipina dan indonesia tapi pekerja tempatan amat diperlukan.


  10. namtas says:

    Heran juga ni sesetengah Sabahan mau p jauh2 if xda kelulusan or kelebihan untuk dijadikan tiket mendapat pekerjaan. Kalau setakat mau jadi pencuci piring baik d sabah saja. ini mau juga p jauh2. Tgo apa jadi? Bukan saja memalukan, tapi menyusahkan ramai pihak!!! Bukan teruk pun di sabah…tgo ramai juga yang berjaya, pun bukan dari golongan kaya raya, sama juga dari kampung. Pas tu ada juga yang menyalakan agensi2 pekerjaan. Macam kebodohan sendiri, padahal kes penipuan memang sudah lama diperkatakan. Heran juga tidak pandai paham???? Pas 2 ada juga yang salahkan kerajaan, itu ini la apa la padahal banyak suda kerajaan buat untuk mau ka c maju sini sana….tapi sendiri tidak pandai ambi peluang. Itu mentaliti ah kena ubah sikit!!!!



  11. lanchire says:

    Jadi macam mana la tu perbincangan?


  12. Without you says:

    I have nothing to against their voices in KV but the point is, parts of the problems are caused by themselves.


  13. sabahanmuda says:

    tindakan PR ini ada baiknya. tapi tidak guna juga kalau orang sabah itu tidak mahu balik sabah dan masih keras kepala mahu tinggal disana buat habis duit PR saja. mahu carikan kerja nanti mereka terlalu memilih pula nanti. susah..susah…


  14. Ujin says:

    Well, this is good.


  15. pendekar malaysia says:

    ya.. kat Sabah pun sebenarnya byk kerja, gaji pun lebih kurang ja bah.. p jauh2 pun tp kos besar sama juga tu. lebih baik kat tempat sendiri!


  16. kilangSabah says:

    janganlah kita selalu terpedaya dengan janji2 yang mengatakan kerja disemananjung LUMAYAN..tapi kalau dibandingkan dengan sabah..sama saja sebenarnya. taraf hidup disana lebih tinggi berbanding sabah. oleh itu. fikir sebelum pergi..


  17. WARNING ABOUT TRENDS IN AMONG CERTAIN CLIQUES IN PAKATAN RAKYAT (as regards to the below listed article at link :


    This article is a dangerously shameless and reckless of promotion and justification of nepotism by the article writer for a nepotistic dynasty in the making. I am posting this to foster awareness amongst our readers here.

    More nepotism and conflict of interest from commentator ‘observer’ ? If ‘observer’ is directly involved for politics or a propagandist for Pakatan, I fear for Pakatan’s success in GE13 for the reasons I list below.

    (1) If Anwar becomes the PM, Nurul cannot become PM in succession, or a dynasty will be formed and will set a bad example to politicians who lack the ethics to want the same. Love your family but not at the Rakyat’s expense. Not having the PM’s post in one’s family for generations is no sacrifice. Millions of Malaysians do not have the opportunity, so why should they vote for people who do not see the harm it can cause. If they do this will not come to past, but if it does (Anwar as PM then Nurul as PM in turn), then be prepared to vote for a 3rd Force Coalition for Pakatan merely replaces the existing Oligarchy of BN.

    This is what PM Badawi intended for Khairy and to even suggest this makes Pakatan Rakyat no better than Barisan. Nepotism is a sickness affecting all of Malaysia’s politicians, and their supporters know no better than to egg them on. This will create conflict of interest and make Pakatan’s governance and ethical paradigms untenable and begin a trend towards neopotism that will end in much misery for the people. Even blocs of MPs from the same family are causing conflict of interest in Parliament as of now. Only Tok Guru has had the statemanship and sense of ethics to demand his son-in-law to step down rather than fette him for leadership in PAS or GLCs.

    (2) Anyone can look good on the podium, but to apply ethics and prevent conflict of interest via nepotism is the preserve of a handful of rare men like Tok Guru whom must propagate awareness of such ‘creeping individuals’. There are no such things as good actors. Only good roles.

    (3) This country belongs to all of us, no single family or group of families must be allowed to reserve seats much less the PM’s post, directly or indirectly because it insults the people’s intelligence. Why should they allow you to become a dynasty? Why not run as independents on this premise of preventing dynasties alone?

    In fact all those who have had MP posts in should step aside after they retire (or train UNRELATED proteges specifically to prevent conflict of interest to continue their good work) so that other families of this nation (names not of that current ‘MP Family’ via Oligarchy and reserved seat so unsubtle . . . ) can experience governing a nation and share that pride further among the populace in a manner that distributes this indirect influence having a PM or a former PM in a family offers.

    (4) This right to be an MP or PM is to be shared by all Malaysian citizens and if sequestered within ONE family, or a group of families results in Oligarchy and subsequent Dictatorship – not by 1 family but 222 families or less if you count the blocs of relatives within parliment and the personal networks that ultimately become oppressive of the people in time.

    (5) Not having sons and daughters or relatives take up relinquished or retired seats is the essence of First World thought, this is the way REAL democracies must apply safeguards against nepotism to prevent conflict of interest, via strict and ethical politicians. I hope this warning will be taken to heart by the voters in preventing an Oligarchy or Fiefdoms and successive reservations of MP-ships or worse still Ministries and the DPM’s or PM’s post.

    There are unwritten rules clearly evident in application of ethics and prevention of conflict of interest via nepotism, and some of us aware will ensure that Dictatorship via an Oligarchy does not come to past.

    We can all be supportive of Anwar or Nurul alone being PM, but not both in succession one after the other on the PM’s post. We also do not appreciate the fact that Anwar, Wan and Nurul, Kit and LGE, Karpal and Dio, Ngeh and Nga and a few others are forming the same family bloc style governments as BN had. Yet as mentioned before to remove the worst of the Rakyat this must be tolerated as they are not the mainstream part and do not have access to a wider talent pool, but if this continues when they become the mainstream dominant party, to intend to have Nurul become PM after Anwar becomes PM will result in the early death of Pakatan Rakyat.

    (6) Could Pakatan Rakyat promise the people they will not create conflict of interest via nepotism after they gain power? Likely Tok Guru is already there in such understanding and statesmanship, what of the rest? This country belongs to all of us equally, please ensure all of our families have achance to have had a

    relative who was PM or Minister or MP. The Rakyat expects the best from REPRESENTATIVES voted by Rakyat, not conflict of interest and nepotism via reservation of seats.


    Nurul (like her BN countepart KJ) is too young to be PM and if Anwar has been PM (like Pak Lah has earlier before . . . ), then Nurul must never be PM. It was nepotism that tore BN apart as the sons of former PM’s fought for the future right to be PM, while they were fighting they became so weak that Pakatan easily took over as the non-nepotists within BN and the Rakyat became disgusted with BN and went to Pakatn seeking a difference. Anwar/Nurul trend is no different from Pak-Lah/KJ trend. Beware you nepotists of Pakatan! You’re headed down BN’s path . . .

    If Nurul means business, she will ensure the best for her fellow citizens but sacrificing the opportunity to be PM to set an example to all would be Oligarchs within Pakatan Rakyat. There is no shortage of arrogance among Pakatan Rakyat’s MPs and adus as of now, this fetting of Nurul as PM after Anwar’s PMship could be the straw that breaks the Pakatan camel’s back – do not test the tolerance of the Rakyat, administer and form no dynasties or the individuals mentioned could also get out of Pakatan and let ETHICAL statesmen arise to govern Malaysia . . .

    Otherwise we will need to vote for a 3rd Force coalition instead with best invites to a most respected and ethical PAS party to join 3rd Force and lead by example (though minor technicalities remain unclarified – *** But I’d rather deal with negotiating about an Islamic State than accepting a far more dangerous Nepotistic State *** ) . . .

    We do not need supposed ‘tooth sharpening’ children of nepotists tearing up DEMOCRACY, they will find they have bitten off more than they can chew – will more than chip their tooth or tear their gum. Remove these feral political animals from our midst ! I do not care even if English Caucasian post colonial crowds love them. They are HARMING DEMOCRACY !

    This shameless and bold faced promotion of a dynasty in waiting has gone on far enough, beware the teeth of the Rakyat, we will not tolerate a second BN via this NEPOTISM . . . just imagine if an Ayatolla appointed his son as the next Ayatolla, same thing with PMs !


    ***Shame on you Miriam. Shame on you Malaysian Mirror ! How could you betray the Rakyat with nepotism? Ethics and conflict of interest are something you have yet to learn . . . I’d rather deal with negotiating about an Islamic State than mindlessly accepting a far more dangerous Nepotistic State, for people lacking ethics will stop at no lengths to retain power and even murder with C4 in time to come . . .


  18. ANU BAH says:

    Apa guna perbincangan kalau tu remaja masih keras kepala?


  19. waterfall says:

    Bear in mind. Some of the youths are willing to go beyond the risk. They have figured it out so damn well before. However, I wish the discussion bears fruit.


  20. Hoew says:

    Whatever it is, jangan terpedaya dengan janji2 manis. Usaha tangga kejayaan..


  21. lidah says:

    seems the opposition is only rely on the government’s failure to win the support of the people..


  22. villager says:

    the opposition will use the meeting to influence the minds of Sabahan people and disseminate their political agendas. the issues raised in these meetings also is more to the failure of the government that will be used for their political interest.


  23. Pinocchio says:

    Selvaraja, just out of curiosity, did “someone” paid u to blog bad about the UMNO/BN? hehe.. I mean raja petra was paid, so i figure u might too. ;)


  24. gugur says:

    Sesetengah masalah itu adalah diri sendiri.


  25. kilangSabah says:

    but, Gov will try to help and try settle this. whatever, this the PR skill to attract people to VOTE them. first small issue, and PR try change to be a big issue..


  26. mr corn says:

    As of last May, there were 35,973 vacancies available in Sabah but only 1,273 were filled. actually there are plenty of jobs available in Sabah but why Sabahan still want to go there? nothing to do with government but the attitude of the individual itself make it become worse.


  27. Khairul says:

    There’s really no need to blame one another. Let’s just wait for the next GE to come and vote for our choice of candidates.


  28. Angie says:

    How come whenever there is problem arise, the government is always be the first to get blamed. Its not the fault of the government that those sabahans are stranded. Those stranded sabahans should have come up with a back-up plan if anything goes wrong.


  29. urbanchick says:

    Please don’t just shows to the people that you are care enuf f them but in a same time you own an agenda inside. Please, they are not one of your tools in struggling to ruling Sabah.


  30. polemic says:

    So does DAP has find solution for this?other than politicizing this issues?No they dont, but they manage to come up with a useless resolution…

    Has DAP help this stranded Sabahan to find a Job? or atleast persuade them to come back to Sabah? no, but DAP enticing them & make them believe that the source of their problem is the government (even though much of them came to KL to follow friends, adventure etc..)

    Help the stranded Sabahan, stop politicking!!


  31. ren says:

    If it is known that these Sabahans could not survive over there, are they planning to come back to Sabah? Or are they still planning to stay there and live like beggars?


  32. Ellie says:

    Only Sabahans can make a chamge.


  33. kilangSabah says:

    right, don’t blame to each other. we try to find the best solution for this issue about sabahan in Klang. hehee kita bergabung..for our rakyat…


  34. Soundgarden says:

    Agree with you Jing. That’s definitely a good idea. All party should sit together in one table and discuss professional. What Sabah is facing is serious. They should stop thinking about trying to win the election and focus more on how to solve these issues.


  35. jing says:

    all party should cooperate to solve this problem, don’t blame other!


  36. Andy F says:

    If not UMNO then, which party is the best for Sabah?


  37. Stanley says:

    How sure are you that the opposition will be any much better than UMNO? corruption is everywhere . We have been corrupted since young. No one can avoid corruption and I’m sure the opposition will turn against us once their greed gets to them.


  38. cobra nair says:

    it is a pity to note the true feeling of the sabahans & their sufferings in Klang & also at their own home state. PM must take a note of this & do a post moterm on this immediately. See what & where it went wrong.Alot of $$ been spent, but where it went? Into UMNOs pocket ? Corruption is the highest in Sabah & Sarawak. Can the MACC move in, or want to close one eye ? Both the CMs became billionaires, HOW ? PM , can you answer ? Why lah this is happening. One side the rakyat are badly suffering. In China, those caught for rasuah, are shot to death. Please bring this law in Malaysia.Najib, take note on this & implement at once.Take Cobra’s opinion seriously. Otherwise you will never ever eridicate CORRUPTION.If not , my dear friends, change the BN gov & give Pakatan a 5 years rule & you will see the changes & everyone will be happy.Take Cobra’s word.


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