Gathering of Sabahans in Klang Valley

Posted: July 2, 2010 in Anak Bangsa Malaysia, DAP, Malaysia, Malaysian Human Rights, North Borneo, Pakatan Rakyat, Sabah
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Sabahans back home were shocked that Sabah youths, who had gone to Kuala Lumpur to seek greener pastures, were roaming the streets and relying on food served by NGOs and on leftovers in dustbins for an additional meal.

Sunday’s meeting of Sabahans in Klang Valley will seek to get first-hand information about the neglect of socio-economic rights and development as well as the frustrations of the people of Sabah.

The July 4 meeting of Sabahans in the Klang Valley however will also have a broader scope and agenda – to cover the whole spectrum of frustrations of Sabahans.

Read Here what YB Lim Kit Siang of DAP has to say.

  1. wayangkulit says:

    Im eager to know what is the outcome of this gathering…cannot find it anywhere…anyone knows please post some links so that people can know the outcome…because it seems that the gathering was only made as a “show of public relation” rather than finding a way to solves a problem…


  2. lemak says:

    Perbincangan harus menitikberatkan perlaksanaan.


  3. essentuak says:

    I have nothing to object if it is for good reason.


  4. pendekar malaysia says:

    gaji kat sabah dgn klang lebih kurang sama ja.. p jauh2 pun tp kos besar sama juga tu. lebih baik kat tempat sendiri!


  5. amenah says:

    Sayang baitu masa kalau ditinggal-tinggal. Makanya, jangan buang terlalu banyak masa berbincang tapi masih buntu juga.


  6. hesitancr says:

    Beware. Don’t repeat the same mistake again.


  7. gugur says:

    Harap2 masalah yang membelenggu remaja Sabah dapat diselesaikan secepat mungkin.


  8. sakura says:

    I understand their concerns on this matter but don’t ever do something that’s totally aligned from it.


  9. ren says:

    There are lots of good jobs in Sabah if they look properly.


  10. Darren says:

    This is why we must not do anything without proper planning. What of those who got stranded overseas? Who’s helping them?


  11. pendekar malaysia says:

    orang2 Sabah tak perlulah nak pergi ke SM jika nak mencari pekerjaan, kat Sabah ni sebenarnya byk peluang pekerjaan. cuma mereka yang tak nak cari! apapun terima kasih atas keprihatian pihak yang membantu rakyat sabah kat SM ni.


  12. G.D says:

    A job well done DAP. I hope this matter will be settled as soon as possible. :)


  13. joe syarib says:

    Perkara ini harus di beri perhatian oleh semua pihak-pihak tertentu bagi membantu samada untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan kepada belia sabah, menghantar mereka balik ke sabah atau sebagainya.


  14. joe syarib says:

    Diharap semua pihak dapat memberi kerjasama dalam menangani masalah belia sabah yang mengangur, merempat dan sebagainya di Lembah Kelang.


  15. the youth says:

    Don’t blame anybody for this. I mean, the government has called to get them back. But, they refuse to do so. Can we force them?


  16. Linkin says:

    Mana2 pihak pun boleh membuat pertolongan seperti ini. Lakukan dengan ikhlas.


  17. polemic says:

    I dont see anything in these forum…they have not producing any solution but they only come out with a referendum that who knows when will going to be solve….for me, a forum like these is a place to find the immediate solution to the problem, but instead of discussing about that, the speakers talk about how bad the government is, its the government who made them jobless etc…how does that going to help those who are stranded there? How does enticing hatred towards the government inside each & everyone of the forum participant will going to solve the problem??

    In my opinion, issues like this should not be politicize because it will not going to solve or minimize the real problem…hating & blaming the government & others will not going to give them a job or an opportunity to improve their life…its the person who politicize this issues will gain whatever he want to gain…


  18. ChristianDior says:

    Jika ini boleh membantu apa salahnya, tapi apa yang saya tahu memang sebelum ini ada usaha yang telah dijalankan oleh Kerajaan mahupun NGO2. Jika saya tidak silap, telah ada yang mendapat pekerjaan dan ada yang balik ke Sabah.


  19. medresher says:

    government or NGO bodies should organize seminar or program to bring awareness among Sabahan youths especially in rural area about job opportunities, employment agency scam and the problem faced if they want to find a job in SM.


  20. kilangSabah says:

    hope the sabahan problem in peninsular will handle it. find the solution for what happen for sabaha..


  21. Stanley says:

    Apa-apa pun, sya amat berharap isu ini akan diselesaikan.


  22. kilangSabah says: sweet the PR word..”bah, mari kita bincang mahu tulung orang kita”..hehehe this the way PR want to attract the sabahan. Whatever, this problem should settle it. Government must find the solution for this problem.


  23. Ellie says:

    If they are sincere in helping the stranded Sabahans, I’m grateful for them. But I hope this is not just a politicking tool.


  24. medresher says:

    do not show your concern just for a while only, show you proposal and plan how you are going to solve this problem, instead of making questions repeatedly.. so that the people can see you effort and put their trust on you..


  25. man says:

    harap masalah rakyat sabah di SM dpt diselesaikan!


  26. Hensley says:

    Suppose DAP were to win the election, i hope they wouldn’t give any false promises. We Sabahans are sick and tired of empty promises.


  27. Janice says:

    Hopefully they are sincere in helping these stranded sabahans and for political interest.


  28. Lee says:

    Well done DAP and Lim Kit Siang. Shame on UMNO Sabah and all the Sabah BN parties for not taking a proactive role to help Sabahans in Klang Valley.

    DAP should register all the suffering Sabahans as they are all potential voters and for sure they will vote Pakatan Rakyat the coming 13th general election.

    Good move by DAP.


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