Yesterday, Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) had detained Datuk Richard Christopher Barnes a senior lawyer, a confidant of Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman on links to Micheal Chai and his alleged smuggling of 16 million cash out of Hong Kong airport. 5 MACC officials went to Richard Barnes legal firm, Shelley Yap Leong Tseu Chong Chai and Co in Kota Kinabalu, and took away boxes of files in relation to this case. As of now, Richard Barnes is in remand for 5 days in the MACC office in Putrajaya.

Yes, Premier Najib Tun Razak’s fight against corruption is closing in on Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman. Initially, the Premier was in a quandary and was unwilling to pass a routine political directive for the arrest and prosecution of Musa Aman’s cronies for the allegedly involvement in illegal foreign currency dealings and the smuggling of 16 million cash out of Hong Kong airport by the adopted brother Micheal Chai‏. But not for now. Premier Najib Tun Razak is going after one by one, all of Musa Aman’s timber cronies and nominees and so far 14 have already been roped in by the MACC. Well done!

In Malaysia no arrest or prosecution takes place without Premier Najib’s sanction and this is a fact. It is a political formality that the police or MACC and Attorney General adhere to.

The MACC’s criminal investigations department started to investigate Musa Aman’s close allies, for flouting exchange control regulations and running Mafia-type shelf companies in Hong Kong, Switzerland and Singapore which runs to hundreds of million. Most of the money is under-table payments from timber kickbacks from Yayasan Sabah Concession areas made to Hong Kong-registered companies said to be linked to Musa Aman.

These companies would buy and trade foreign currency on the black market with money from the timber kickbacks. Micheal Chai and GANG then made weekly transfers involving millions of dollars which amounts to sabotaging our economic reforms by trading on the black market and flouting the Exchange Control Act in both Malaysia and Hong Kong, an offence punishable with jail time or a fine.

Since Mahathir’s pegging of the US Dollar in the late nineties, when the exchange rate was fixed, several business people, timber tycoons, hoteliers and bankers have been arrested for illegally dealing in foreign currency. However, it appears that no one had the guts to go after Musa Aman’s Cronies, Micheal Chai and Gang of 14 including Freddy Lim— whom many have dubbed the Godfather of murky foreign currency dealings in Malaysia. Freddy Lim was at one time put under the Internal Security Act ISA for economic sabotage.

The Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) revealed that a docket was opened last year and handed to MACC for action. But no political directive was forthcoming, so MACC put an end to the investigation.

I was reliably informed that a second probe was conducted by the MACC only after the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) officials came to Sabah to investigate Musa Aman personally last year. Sometimes January this year, the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) officials had informed their Malaysian counterparts that if they do not act on the individuals link to the money laundering in Hong Kong, the ICAC Hong Kong would get an arrest warrant in Hong Kong for the arrest of the Chief Minister Musa Aman as his name had been implicated in the smuggling of the 16 million cash out of the Hong Kong International Airport.

The docket was made available to the MACC by a high-ranking source in the government of Hong Kong. It is all there.

License to govern does not mean license to be corrupt and Musa Aman has to learn this the hard way.

One wonders when there will be enough awareness in this country that citizens would learn to question the ‘civilised robbers’, question them, fight them and fix them. Newspapers in the meantime will be busy with Anwar’s sodomy or Ketuanan Melayu debates or New Parliament in Putrajaya, while this nation is being robbed by those who are supposed to be guardians.

  1. Vincent PM says:

    If not yet jailed…. It still is just a piece of Wayang Kulit….


  2. amir says:

    Harap isu ini dapat diselesaikan.


  3. sunny tye says:

    roderick….u still behind yr good friend? i hope so…by the way…. how did he get involve with that musa guy?…remember the repco share? omg! u guys are in for some rough stuff….omg.


  4. sunny tye says:

    richard barnes….i’m sunny tye. remember? i’m in penang n i’m fine. what about u?


  5. sunny tye says:

    richard….how’s yr badminton…. u improved ? or r u still sore for losing……james wong with u?


  6. sunny tye says:

    i know richard n lajim personally. they are goood people…ordinary….greed….that’s only human….which side u on?


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  8. mandau says:

    jgnlah nak kaitkan musa dgn kes iini jika tak ada bukti kukuh. jika benar dia terlibat, dah lama dia ditahan, tp dia masih lagi bebas. maka ia tetap tk berkaitan dgn hal ini.


  9. rutan says:

    i dont think musa involved with this case. Musa Aman is millionaire before become CM. he no need to involved in corruption.


  10. pendekar malaysia says:

    sya tk percaya jika Musa Aman terlibat dalam kegiatan ini, tidak ada bukti dan asas kukuh nk libatkan dia. dia adalah KM sabah yang byk membangunkan negeri Sabah.


  11. NgamNgam says:

    Time to change…time to make difference.


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  13. Rahman Kalbut says:

    Kami berdoa dan bersolat hajat agar jika benar Musa Aman melakukan rasuah itu. Maka Allah segerakanlah hukuman kepadanya.Amiiiin…..


  14. ChristianDior says:

    Why was Musa Aman involves himself to this kind of activity? i don’t think he’s kind of person, since he already make a lot of money before he became the CM. WHY? Someone want to trap him so that someone benefited to it.


  15. adam says:

    Money laundering is nothing new in Sabah;during the Berjaya era the then Minister of Finance Mohd Noor Mansor(not sure he is still living)appointed one Hong Kong national called Thomas Cheung who incidently happened to be my tenant at that time;this act of injustice had robbed the true Sabahans to what they are today;ubi kayu also cannot to buy;this is the reality of life;perhaps we should draw up new laws *survival of the fittest*to protect our timber & forests and whatever that needs to be protected;LOL


  16. I really love this blog… Such great posts all the time!


  17. lucgrant says:

    This author only write based on his trusted sources…what if this ‘source’ is not as trusted as the author think? what if the ‘source’ only want to use the author for his own gain, without the writer knowledge?

    If the author said that he has witnessed all the thing that he wrote, maybe i can say that the credibility of his information is about 40-50%…but right now his writing based on his unstated ‘source’…or maybe he just get the information from other blogs/alternative news portal??because the story about this has been circulating & debated around the net for some time…

    So, take extra precaution when reading news or article from the net because i can say that most of the story in the net is mostly unreliable..


  18. Peter says:

    Well done?

    What is so well done about MACC moving only when Najib gives the go ahead? Praises heaped upon the undeserving.


  19. R.Ramli says:

    The transfer of huge illegal money by Richard Barnes, Musa is nothing new.
    Goes on all the time by Barisan, Umno people to hide their loot.Just tip of iceberg.
    If PKR were to win General Election, and all the money laundering going on EXPOSED in newspapers, TV, radio and internet- rakyat will demand blood from Umno, Barisan.
    The swindled money(over these 5 years)will at least buy
    800,000 low cost houses of 30,000Rm each, or
    4,000 schools with 10computers each or
    50,000Rm can be given to every kampong to provide infrastructure or
    2 million new jobs.

    No need for Malaysia to go bankrupt in a few years. Barisan, Umno have complete control of rakyat with brutal force, bashing and jail for speaking out.
    And will do anything to hold on to power, even murder.
    No way, PKR will rule. If PKR thinks it has a chance, it must have shit in their brains. Unless it starts 100 times vocal and demonstrate in the streets.

    PKR has as much chance as me growing another head on my shoulder.


  20. 520 says:

    I just dont understand why there are still people defending these CORRUPTED Bxstxrds…. and dont tell me this MA didnt take a single cent……………


  21. myexpat68 says:

    ” Sometimes January this year, the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) officials had informed their Malaysian counterparts that if they do not act on the individuals link to the money laundering in Hong Kong, the ICAC Hong Kong would get a arrest warrant in Hong Kong for the arrest of the Chief Minister Musa Aman as his name had been implicated in the smuggling of the 16 million cash out of the Hong Kong International Airport.”

    If the above is true, then that’s what made najis/MACC act. I rather that they don’t act and let the Hong Kong Authorities do their job. Then there will be fair, transparent and swift justice!! The Hong Kong ICAC is ceratinly a force to be reckomed with!


  22. Rivelino Carter Moinin says:

    musa and najib r just the same species. one is a corruptor like marcos and one is the grandmaster of swindlers like mardoff especially what happen in the altantuya and scorpene case. Malaysia needs clean, efficient, integrity leaders not like musa or najib or bung mokhtar


  23. Day-break says:

    Richard Barnes? Who is this guy? Never heard of him until you mention about him in your blog post. Sorry for my ignorance as I am not one to judge and just merely observing..


  24. Leon says:

    If they want to capture Musa Aman, they should start catching the big ones. Musa? He’s just a small fish. There are bigger fish out there and why none of them were detained to be investigate and charged for corruption and confiscate their assets…Che..double-standard without proof and facts..This will be the next downfall of the ruling Gov’t if this continue to happen.


  25. Nathan says:

    Noted that quite a number of those posting comments think that either najib is going after musa aman becuase he did not share the loot or because he najib is now getting tougher on corruption. The truth of the matter is, as so clearly stated in this blog is the fact that the Hong Kong authorities are threatening to arrest musa aman if M’sia is not going to do anything about this criminal and that my friends will be the proverbial shit hitting the fan as far as najib and barisan are concerned and abracadabra… najib now has no choice but to let the toothless hounds er..i mean the macc put up a show till najib and barisan decide how to minimise the fallout from the shit hitting the fan.


  26. Naskam says:

    What a shame, it takes Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) to ‘pressure’ the MACC before latter makes her move?


  27. foruma says:

    Biarkan desas desus berterbangan, makin dikata makin hangat diperkatakan.


  28. H says:

    Without further details, I won’t throw myself in that field.


  29. Alan Wong says:

    If the Prime Minister of a country including his wife can cover up the murder of a Mongolian lady for which they are alleged to be responsible, what else can he not dare to resort to ?

    If a Prime Minister is so corrupt as alleged by so many people, shouldn’t he be the first one to be investigated by MACC ?


  30. supra says:

    what the evidence Musa Aman involved in this case? i dont think MUsa Aman involved in corruption. many conspiracy i hear about him. but for me he is the great CM of Sabah. this is not true.


  31. tip of sabah says:

    Maybe Micheal Chia is an accomplice of Musa Aman, & maybe not…but this case has been published over the net countless time, but nothing happen…im started to doubt whether this story is a pure facts of fiction…


  32. R.Ramli says:

    From a newspaper:

    THE report on four girls (between the ages of 6 and 10) hospitalised after eating soil and pebbles in Gurun, Kedah, because their parents could not afford to provide food for them is heart-wrenching (“Soil eating girls’ case complicated” — NST, June 2).
    Over the years, the NST has highlighted reports of people living in chicken coops, a goat enclosure, a make-shift toilet, a cemetery, tents and ramshackle huts.”

    Najib, you and your crooks have sucked so much from the whole country by taking food and shelter from our mouths and the above example shows a similar picture of what goes on in real life for many many people.
    Why don’t you, Rosmah and your adult children eat soil and pebbles and live in chicken coop for one day????????

    You are all dirty rotten pigs!!!!!!!


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  34. supra says:

    what the evidence Musa Aman involved in this case?


  35. lidah says:

    Do not slander the Sabah CM untill the MACC has proved that he involve in that corruption..


  36. Nicole says:

    This is not a new thing to me, its been quite long people keep on talking about Musa and Micheal, corruption potpetpotpet…..but until now nothing happen i mean, they fail to give a concrete facts to connecting Musa and Micheal…So.. people can say that actually nothing to do with Musa and the real man fully responsible is Micheal Chia alone!!!


  37. 1181mr says:

    if the MACC want to fight corruption in Malaysia, firstly make sure the MACC staffs free from corruption and independent…not that i claim there’s a corruption activity in MACC but i just hope there’s no ‘kuman seberang laut nampak, gajah depan mata tak nampak’…there’s lots of political leaders in Malaysia involved in such activity…what the MACC will do about them? why only focus on Musa Aman? what about the others in Peninsula and Sarawak? don’t tell me there’s no corruption done by them there… and why said all the arrested person was Musa cronies? yet there’s no solid proof…


  38. 1181mr says:

    its a good thing that MACC doing their job well in fighting corruption in Malaysia..however, there’s some unclear statement which said all the arrested made by MACC was connected to Musa Aman the CM of Sabah…is there any solid proof? maybe there’s someone (not Musa aman) behind this..why must Musa Aman? many says its Musa Aman the mastermind behind all this, yet there’s no solid this a conspiracy to bring down Musa Aman from the number 1 position in Sabah?
    for me, as long as there is no solid proof, Musa is not guilty…don’t judge someone before he/she prove guilty…just let the MACC do their job…no need for anybody to make some false assumptions which just bring more misunderstanding and confusion…


  39. Minda Mandol says:

    Why only Musa Aman? This is only a small fry. There’re bigger sharks that must be dealt alike Najib himself, Taib Mahmud n many many others in UmnobEnd. You can do selectively as human but God Allah SWT knows everything what u all have done. Taib got billions RM in kickbacks from logs xport to Japan. Najib got billions commission from scorpene n jets deal whwn he’s a deputy PM n Defence M. Are all these not cooruption? Ur cock. Ur shit.


  40. Hmmm just wondering my dear friend. Will the Chief Minister of Negeri Sembilan be next?? How is it Bank Negara has proof that he transfered 10 million ringgit to the UK illegally and even closed a string of money changer outlets (Salamath Ali if I’m not mistaken) but until now still no action??? Again we see the 1Malaysia selected prosecution in action. I beg not to be misconstrued as a supporter of Musa Aman however, if PM Najib is sincere then every law breaker should be prosecuted!!!!! More so when it involves the Rakyat’s hard earned money.


  41. adam says:

    These licensed *robbers* of BN should be brought to justice;the people cant even afford ubi kayu now which is selliong at rm3 per kilo;many thanks for these *piluks* who voted BN for the past donkey years(47 to be exact);now this state is nearing bankruptcy;insya Allah the thieves will be brought to justice;Alhamdulilah!


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  43. R.Ramli says:


    Every time you step out of your house or Parliament, Don’t you and your wife feel paranoid with people looking at you with invisible MURDERER, SWINDLER written on your chests.
    Both of you are vampires and Malaysians are turning whiter everyday.


  44. R.Ramli says:


    You and your bunch of mafia crooks and murderers ARE LEAVING YOUR DIRTY FOOTPRINTS ON THE GROUND FOR RAKYAT TO FOLLOW. Yes, good to create chaos, poverty, murders among rakyat.

    You are a dirty rotten arsehole, the biggest one in Malaysia.


  45. R.Ramli says:


    Najib wants to get rid of Musa Aman and does not like him. So this crime will get rid of him. But the illegal 16 million cash and money laundering is just a drop in the ocean of grandfather swindling and corruption that swims in Umno, Barisan leaders.
    At least 95% of all at the top are involved—–so all must be kicked out and money taken back from them. Of course, like the Yakuza, Italian mafia—–Najib, the godfather, will be free, so as his close friends and relatives.He is just picking on small rotten fish but not his monster sharks who talks, dines with him everyday, him as the Great White Pointer Shark.
    MACC is a toy of Najib, the grand swindler and murderer.

    Just a small example of the grand swindling that lives- A close friend told me that in Melaka, a gomen contract of about 41 million Ringgit was given to a company for 29 million. The 12 million was kept by Barisan datuk or official. I bet the CM would have kept a big portion of it.

    If newspapers are free to write, Malaysians will be shocked to the bone for months to read and see the SHOCKING DARK SECRETS OF GRAND SWINDLING, CORRUPTION, MURDERS, CHEATING.

    There is no way PR will win general election because Barisan will use any dirty means to win because they are the YAKUZA and no one can touch them.
    Get that into your thick head, PR !!!!!!!

    If PR wins, I will walk naked from Johor Baru to KL.


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