Just before the Tadau Kaamatan Festival this end May, Musa Aman had invited ALL Sabah Barisan National Youth Leaders for a meeting. The meeting was basically to gather support for Musa Aman to continue as Chief Minister, in an attempt to retain a hold on the state.

The Barisan Youth Leaders would come out with statements in support and prove loyalty to Musa Aman in public displays of self-flagellation for Musa to remain as Chief Minister. It is also to send a clear message to premier Najib Tun Razak that Sabah Barisan National do not want Musa Aman to be dropped as Chief Minister. Sabah needs Musa Aman.

Then today in a statement, Sabah Umno Youth had urged premier Najib Abdul Razak to seriously consider a cabinet post for the movement’s national chief Khairy Jamaluddin the son in law of former premier Pak Lah.

Musa’s boys decided Najib had to be cut down to size to protect their leader; and what better way than to use Khairy the SIL who is most hated by Rosmah, Najib and his mentor The Mahathir. And so Khairy, the UMNO Youth Chief is proposed for a cabinet post and a proxy war launched by Musa Aman against Najib.

A ground revolt, disgusted at the attempt to shorten Musa’s odds to control Sabah, made sure of it. Najib does not control Sabah. UMNO Sabah does. But many Sabah UMNO Division kingpins are indebted to Musa. The Sabah UMNO Division chiefs, though supported by Musa Aman financially via kickbacks and contracts, is in revolt. There is a split. The defiance of at least eight Ketua Bahagian align to Datuk Shafie Apdal has spilled over.

Then you have Sabah BN which is dissatisfied with Kuala Lumpur’s secret negotiations with Brunei over the Limbang fiasco and the losing of Sabah’s oil-rich Block L and Block M on the process.

Najib is now worried if removing Musa Aman as Sabah Chief might make other UMNO chaps turn against him. Can he afford this? But he knows that to be in charge, he has to destroy Musa Aman, the unlikely flag-bearer of the Pak Lah insurrection. Najib knows that Musa Aman was only Pak Lah’s pawn to bring him down during Pak Lah’s era so that Pak Lah could continue as premier and make way for Khairy Jamaluddin to become the youngest Prime Minister of Malaysia.

There is little love lost between Musa Aman and Dato’ Seri Najib. The Najib camp in Sabah is in disarray. Najib’s prefered choice to head Sabah UMNO, the federal cabinet minister, Dato Shafie Apdal does not have the kind of cloud and money Musa has, which is in a tune of US$ 3 Billion.

The Sabah UMNO crisis has got out of hand. Dato’ Seri Musa is Pak Lah’s man in the state. But the growing revolt against him, mainly from his unalloyed ambition to be the power in the state, his arrogance, his belief that he is Sabah UMNO and Sabah UMNO he, foments a revolt.

The infighting in Sabah UMNO over the next chief minister is not easily resolved. UMNO in the state has more factions than colours in a rainbow. Besides, the non-Malay tribes, the Kadazandusun, and others, resent being told, after the Saturday 8 March, 2008, 12th General Elections, that the chief minister in future will be from UMNO.  If Dato’ Seri Musa is ousted, it weakens Sabah BN yet more as Datuk Pairin Kitingan of Parti Bersatu Sabah may claim the Chief Ministership of Sabah which rightly belongs to him. And Datuk Seri Pairin Kitingan “posthumously” conferred the Tan Sri tittle by the Yang di Pertuan Agong has anything to do with this?

  1. amir says:

    Macam sudah tiada apapa pasal ini.


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  3. wayangkulit says:

    Right now the political development is changing its courses….Najib has made numerous trip to Sabah, it is imperative for both of the leaders from the state & Federal government to sit down & sepak out the problems that has been the source of ‘problems’ between them…State-Federal relationship should be tighten, it is important so that any development plan which can benefit the rakyat can be implemented smoothly….


  4. embogajah says:

    I am tired with Musang Tak Aman lah….Just look at Sawit Kinabalu Sdn. Bhd. How come a retired west Malaysian was appointed as the Group Managing Director when that company belong to Sabahan and should be managed by Sabahan. What you expect, Sabahan to be GMD on West Malaysian companies???. May be he is Musang’s proxy….


  5. ChristianDior says:

    Some people will appreciate you and some might not, but whatever it is still people not blind to see the differences before and after.


  6. SingaSabah says:

    I hope all pembangkang will unite in Sabah & for sure rakyat will vote for u!


  7. cobra nair says:

    overall BN menteri Besars or Chief ministers are not doing their jobs.They work very hard, until the people put them in the chair, once in the chair, they start working for the chair & not the people.They should learn from Penang CM @ LGE. We take our hats for him,for his honest & wonderful job he is doing. All BN CM’s & MB’s must go to Penang for 3 days course to learn from LGE, on how to run a state.Nakal Najib should lead them. No UMNO ,no corruption. Good staff can produce great stuff.What Idris Jala said is 100% right.If we have UMNO corrupt leaders, Malaysia will go bankrupt in a few years.Good example is Toyol Istana worth 24 mil. Oh yes, what is MACC doing about it.Dont cover up MACC. We need people like Zaid, Anwar Ib,Nizar,Mafuz Omar , Karpal Singh or Lim Guan Eng to be PM to bring Malaysia to greater heights.Nakal Najib cannot, cos he steals Aduns by giving miliions. If PR comes to power, Indian Mahathir ,En Ibrahim Ali,$amyvelu,Zahrain,Zul Nordin & Perak frogs, must put them under ISA, not forgeting Vell Pari & IGP Musa Hsn. A Tit for a Tat.


  8. Smashingpumpkins says:

    Who is more qualify to be the CM of Sabah if not Musa. He had done a lot for Sabah regardless of what negative thoughts people might think about him. I believe in second chances and he should get his 2nd chance to prove us Sabahan that he is worthy of his position as a CM.


  9. Sabah Sifu says:

    The point that he must make clear is that he is UMNO, his position as Ketua Perhubungan is UMNO, his position as CM is UMNO does he have to kowtow to UMNO President? or the people in Sabah? That goes to the rest of the Barisan leaders do they kowtow to Barisan President or the people in Sabah?
    If the answer is the same, they KowTow to KL what is the point to become a leader in Sabah? They are simply “machais” who follow orders so is Sabah a state or just another Federal Department?
    Please stop repeating the mantra about maintaining the status quo.

    Is it not time to think about CHANGES and how this change can be achieved.


  10. tip of sabah says:

    I think that Musa is still the man to lead Sabah…i cannot think anyone can replace his place for now…maybe Shafie can secede him, but not now…Shafie should gain more experience first b4 thinking of getting the Sabah CM chair…


  11. Sabah Sifu says:

    It is not a question of doing a lot effort to see Sabah advances in many areas, it is the question of the QUALITY of these efforts.
    The basic issue is whether Datuk Musa care about Sabahans or he must obey his UMNO President? For this matter all of the Barisan leaders in Sabah are in the same situation. Who do they care the most the people in Sabah or their bosses in KL?
    Indeed this is most unfortunate for Sabahans.


  12. Nicole says:

    Datuk Musa still care for Sabahans and he did lots of effort to see Sabah advances in many areas. So, whatever it is Datuk Musa meritorious towards Sabah.


  13. jeffrey yap says:

    Sabah UMNO should be more independent and not under the thumb of PM Najib, but Sabah need honest and capable and hard-working leaders , not those like Musang Aman and co. Someone like Lim Guan Eng , good for Penang, but, alas, no such luck for Sabah.


  14. Sabah Sifu says:

    Bei Suu Lan,
    Please read my blog about Sabah and Brunei, don’t become a deuce for Mahathir. It unbecoming of a Sabahan. Remember Project M?
    and this one
    That is why I have to write about him in
    enjoy the read


  15. Bei Suu Lan says:

    Politicians have been betraying each other time immemorial.It is alright and is part and parcel and one the tricks of the trade.But if they sell two big petroleum blocks to Brunei it is treason.They would be selling off the future of unborn Sabahans.
    In olden days the penalty is death by public beheading for everyone to witness once for all.The motherland is not for sale.
    All good Sabahans should go the their nearest police station to make police reports against Musa.If there are millions of police reports the AG would be forced to act against him.
    If they do not know how to write a report they can come to my office in KK.They can also contact the IT department in any of the hotels.


  16. Sabah Sifu says:

    It is not a question of change or no change, it is a question of are you doing your job right. If you have done your job right people will be happy, not all, but the majority will be generally happy. For this you earn the right to be a leader.
    However, when more and more people becomes dissatisfied, you may have a problem in hand. The first solution is to give nice pictures, if that doesn’t work, cheat and still if that doesn’t work coerce. The minute it reach this stage then prepare for change, for bad or worse.
    Nothing last forever, Taib Mahmod was an exception to the rule.


  17. lidah says:

    this is just an opinion.. i don’t think sabah people is ready to change government or CM. just check it out in the states ruled by the opposition such as selangor, kelantan, perak, kedah and pulau pinang.. nothing better and their people still have complaints on them..


  18. supra says:

    Musa Aman is the great CM sabah. so i think he must continues as CM Sabah.


  19. jack says:

    so funny….how you know that the meeting was too against Najib? are you there too?


  20. ikangelama says:

    Whatever it is…media is media. The truth can be wrong and the wrong and evil can be truth and honest!


  21. Danildaud says:

    The only option is to rid Sabah of all these band of thieves.
    Starting with Musa , Pairin…
    Etc, right down to that low life dork , Bung ‘hole’ monkee who’s not only guilty of offences under sharia laws but has also in collaboration with several other accomplice forged the birth cert of a child he had fathered.


  22. Bei Suu Lan says:

    Anwar Ibrahim was a million more times more powerful than Musa Aman in 1988.
    He was the Deputy Prime Minister and UMNO chief of everything.
    He could be removed with the drop of a pin.
    Why are they not removing Musa ?
    Ada udang di belakang batu????.
    Take him in if you mean business ???


  23. Bei Suu Lan says:

    Former Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak James Wong Kee Ming tried to sell Limbang to Brunei.
    He was arrested under ISA and locked up until he is ” INSAF ” in Kamunting.Perak.
    A precedent had been set in the arena of politicians who betrayed their motherland.
    The Home Minister sign the order for AMAN immediately.
    He should arrested under ISA and locked up until he is ” INSAF ” in Kamunting.Perak.


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  25. Rainbowseahorse says:

    Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat is the only tested and reliable person to be Chief Minister of Sabah.

    All others, including Piring Kiddingcunt, are totally useless as all their teeth have been kicked in by UMNO back in the ’90s…And that Datuk Yong Teck Lee is only making a lot of noise (and raising issues now which he should had tackled when he was in power as rotation CM) is only looking for opportunities to plunder Sabah once again.And that Jeffery kidthecunt? LOL, he is so full of ego and power crazed that he doesn’t even know which time of day it is.

    Piring “Posthumousely conferred “Tan Sri” title?? Yup, it might as well be that as the Piring of old is indeed very dead!


  26. Ray Tambong says:

    The Pairin we knew in 1985 is no more around. The Pairin of 85′ died when PBS joined BN the 2nd time, to be the lapdog of UMNO and Musa Aman, to help to prop up UMNO in Sabah and sell his sole to Musa Aman and UMNO.

    You are right when you say “posthumously” conferred the Tan Sri tittle, by the recommendation of Musa Aman and now he will not go claim the CM’s post. Pairin is a disappointment to the Sabahans.


  27. Tazak says:

    Nicely put Mr Selva….Datuk Pairin “posthumously” given Tan Sri. Yes when he is politically dead they acknowledge him and hence kill him alive. You got a nice way of writing..i like your style of writting…curry flavour and very acidic :)


  28. Mohd says:

    “And Datuk Seri Pairin Kitingan posthumously conferred the Tan Sri tittle by the Yang di Pertuan Agong has anything to do with this?”

    What is this? Is Joseph Pairin Kitingan dead?


  29. R.Ramli says:

    Barisan/Umno just work only to fill their pockets with truckloads of money thru swindling, bashing and murder of rakyat. only shit left for the rakyat.
    What a damn country. Japan PM resigns because he is not wanted by the Japs. But in Malaysia, the PM and his mafia are still sucking blood until the country is pale and getting white dead. WHAT A DOG SHIT COUNTRY.

    Story borrowed from Raja PK…….

    One day, a woman went to her doctor to discuss a ‘problem’ she was facing.
    “My husband loves anal sex,” she told the doctor.
    “So?” the doctor asked.
    “Well, is it safe?” asked the woman.
    “Do you enjoy it?” asked the doctor.
    With a blush on her face and not daring to look the doctor in the eye, she admitted that she does.
    “Well, carry on then,” the doctor replied, “as long as you also enjoy it.”
    “But can I become pregnant through anal sex?” asked the woman.
    “Of course you can,” the doctor replied. “Where do you think Barisan, Umno politicians come from?”


  30. shah says:

    what do you mean by “And Datuk Seri Pairin Kitingan posthumously conferred the Tan Sri tittle by the Yang di Pertuan Agong”. Pairin is still alive lah!!!!!!.
    posthumously means given after someone is dead.


  31. jesseltonite says:

    Get rid of Musang and then what? Replace him with Shafie??? Shafie will only be a yesman and will sign away whatever is left of our forest reserves (e.g. Maliau Basin) to Najib & Rosmah!

    Make Pakatan Rakyat next lord?? At the current state of Sabah PR..I’d rather let Sabah BN continue to be in charge. PKR Sabah is in TOTAL disarray..their supposed ‘leader’ Jeffrey Kitingan ain’t doing any sh*t except sulking at the top leadership..the ONLY party that seems to be doing anything is DAP Sabah and more recently SAPP..Sabah PR needs to buck up..we don’t want to jump out of the pan into the fire no more..remember PBS 1985???

    I say..vote for who u think will best represent you in state elections (that means if u have to vote for BN then do it…)…but at the parliamentary level totally vote PR! maybe we’d stand a chance of seeing a better future if Sabah BN can strike a deal with Federal PR…forget about past corruption..move ahead..leave us alone except enforcing a free and independent MACC to catch future corruption..and go back to the spirit of the 20point agreement…
    too idealistic? i think so too…

    God bless North Borneo…our biggest mistake was to believe that the Feds will actually keep their part of the Malaysia Agreement…


  32. observer says:

    Yes, throw them all out and make Pakatan Rakyat the next lord of Sabah.


  33. orang kampong says:

    For the sake of Sabahan’s future, please remove this Musang Tak Aman. Sabahan has suffer enough under his leadership. If you think the Toyol is corrupted, Musang is 10x worse than him.


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