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My buddy Raja Petra affectionately called Pet is in London speaking publicly for the first time since having left Malaysia on self-imposed exile. This was organised by Solicitors International Human Rights Group, UK.

The video is in 7 parts.

You can also hear some parts of the video where Raja Petra talks about Filipinos/Pilaks in Sabah given Blue IC during Pairin’s time under Mahathir sponsored “Project M”.

  1. bei suu lan says:

    These youths are the real bumiputras of Sabah.Their ancestors were in Sabah thousands of years ago before anybody else.But as a tribal hill people they could not compete in the modern IT world.They need help from the Sabah government.The AG being from Sabah should have understand the plight of these hill youths better than anybody else in Putrajaya.Bong being born and bred in Sabah should know the needs of these hapless and poor people.But Bong needs a baby doll face to boost his ego more than his love for the people of Sabah.Sabah does not need a leader like Bong anymore.He better bring his baby doll face to Hollywood,USA.


  2. bei suu lan says:

    Bong spent billions to bring a artise doll home from KL.
    Who does not know that she is a gold digger,
    Look at the reconstructed baby doll face,
    Bong should have brought these helpless Sabah youths home,
    That is what their parents elected him for.to help the masses….
    Bong have betrayed the people of Sabah.
    Thursday February 25, 2010
    Scores of Sabah youths living like beggars in KL after losing jobs

    KOTA KINABALU: They sleep along roadsides, parks or buildings and have to forage for leftover food.
    About 400 homeless Sabah youths are loitering around Jalan Masjid India, the Dayabumi Complex, Klang bus station and Bukit Nanas in Kuala Lumpur.
    Most of them come from the interiors of Sabah. One of the youths, Apai John from Tenom, said he had been without a job for four years.
    Their plight has been highlighted by the Catholic church and NGOs like the Kechara Soup Kitchen Society (KSK) and Street Fellowship.
    The NGOs claimed that the Sabahans roamed the streets and relied on free meals after they lost their jobs or were cheated by bogus employment agents.
    Bleak future: Some of the Sabahans seen loitering nearby Dayabumi Complex. Picture courtesy of Kechara Soup Kitchen Society.
    “Most of them are young – 16 to 25 years old – and are hoping to seek employment in the Klang Valley,” said KSK treasurer Julia Tan who leads her group of volunteers to distribute food to the homeless every Saturday and Sunday.
    “Those who are still unemployed mingle with the homeless in the city,” she added.
    “When I ask them why they choose to stay on, they said there are more opportunities here for them to earn a living,” she added.
    Yang di-Pertua Negri Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah recently said the Sabah government should assist homeless Sabahans to return home if the cases were genuine.
    Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman said state Community Development and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Azizah Mohd Dun and state Resource Development and Information Technology Minister Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai would investigate the claims.
    “We will come out with some assistance to bring them home,” Musa said.
    “They can then find employment in the state,” he said.
    Musa advised Sabahans to be cautious about agencies offering jobs in other states or overseas.
    “They should only go to government-approved labour agencies.”
    He said some of these youths had become drug addicts.
    “As a result, they have lost their jobs,” Musa said.


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