Many properties belonging to Yayasan Sabah (YS) has changed hands ever since Musa Aman has been sitting in the top heading the helm.

The Sadong Jaya property changed hands. The former Sabah Bank block now Alliance Bank, this block stretches right up to Sabah Parks office in the Sinsuran area, in Kota Kinabalu, was sold for a song to Musa’s crony. The empty land behind Bank Negara also sold. The McDonald Drive-in SHELL station near the Innoprise Building next to Sabah State Assembly building facing Kingfisher park, also sold to Musa’s own saudara. The land opposite Chartered Bank , now Suria Sabah also sold. The Waterfront land, which was reclaimed, also belonging to Yayasan Sabah, has also been sold. These are just YS properties in Kota Kinabalu, there are a lot more in Sandakan, Lahad Datu and Tawau which has changed hands by just a stroke of Musa’s pen. So much more prime land and landed properties belonging to Yayasan Sabah and Innoprise has been sold to third parties linked to Musa Aman. In my coming article I would give details on how and who these properties were sold to, for a song, to third parties linked to Musa Aman.

Barisan National and  UMNO loyalists in Sabah cannot make moves or comment against Musa Aman as now by fault (not default) he is heading the helm. Due to mistake, passion or compassion, UMNO chose him in critical time 6 years ago. Just due to the existence of Musa Aman,  BN and UMNO’s integrity is on stake. This is a tough time for BN Sabah as unwillingly they have to defend the integrity/legacy of UMNO and consequently Musa Aman. If BN is defeated, it will mean UMNO will be defeated and may lose its existence in Sabah once and for all. UMNO KL knows this and so does Najib.

After Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat, because of the “rotation system” and perhaps also with a view to gain Muslim votes, UMNO, specifically Pak Lah, agreed to put Musa Aman on the hot seat to lead the  Sabah state government, but afterwards, they realized that they had to carry Musa Aman’s burden of alleged and much publicized corruption and scandals upon them and unwillingly they are doing it.

I know several sincere and honest UMNO Sabah leaders have left the party because they cannot continue living two lives and keep a blot on their conscience but a few close, new and old stickers are still on. They keep on coming over media and keep their all time vague, unjustified, lame stances just to defend Musa Aman but with less than required vigor because they know they are beating around the bushes.

In the broader sense, Sabah BN leaders are defending  Musa Aman because their future political career is related with UMNO Sabah.

Musa Aman becoming the head of UMNO Sabah was an accident and not by design. Or it may be termed as an accident which was caused by design.

KL need to have ‘’stooges’’ or puppets to achieve their bigger plans in Sabah. If a stooge is corrupt and already void of any moral ground by default and specially when he is on a good political hot seat by design, then the task becomes amply simple. Legalize his illicit practices, design an immunity for him to provide him protection from the natural justice, place him on the highest echelon making him untouchable and get your work done. In very tough times of political instability, UMNO as a so called designer of the Malaysian new order, needed a reliable stooge in an important geographically placed state, Sabah, and Musa Aman was the man. He had money, some say close to US$ 3 Billion, he also had close links with Pak Lah and was able to feed the UMNO warlords. But when Najib took over he wanted his own man Shafie Apdal and so Najib decides to get rid of Musa Aman sooner than later by throwing the book at Musa Aman. The casualty is Musa’s Chinese timber cronies.

Various CM’s from Sabah, has done the same thing. Initially, all CM’s including Pairin Kitingan, Tun Mustafa and even Harris Salleh was seemingly tough kids to become a stooge but then due to their fascination with power and money, they made few notable criminal mistakes. And to cloak the mistakes, to get a clean getaway, they all become balllickers or stooges of KL just like what Musa Aman is doing. But this time the balllicking is not working.

  1. martycruz says:

    so what should we do to achieve 100% perfection and excellence for Sabah? change leader? leaders will be changed when the time has come.. change the government? just look and see what has been contributed by the PR government in states ruled by the PR.. oppression, discrimination, poverty is still there. economy is still not encouraging.


  2. NgamNgam says:

    Masa untuk berubah. Inilah masa untuk membawa kelainan. Masa untuk org Sabah ” Lu fikirlah sendiri”.


  3. Ditauto Annonces Automobiles says:

    Chip Centralita De Potencia Lancia Dedra Delta Musa…

    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…


  4. sampan says:

    kalau benar orang seperti Musa Aman didapati bersalah dan terbukti kejahatan dia, mengapa tidak dibawa ke muka pengadilan? Bagi saya artikel ni just permainan politik dan media yang sentiasan jadi batu api rakyat…


  5. Sabahan says:

    Not only najib…I oso want to see his money at hong kong and Singapore… Hong kong police oso put an eye on his movements… many zeros? 9? 10?


  6. Sabahan says:

    Hahaha….. Tis tun thing really purposely made for the top man to corrupt…. With their salaries u think they can affort all those properties and nice cars they own? Those money can’t see even more…..


  7. lada putih says:

    Sabah is in dire need for change and PM Najib must exercise his power to remove Musa Aman in order to maintain his Fixed Deposit tag for Sabah.
    Don’t know how authentic the stories on Musa’s wealth are but judging from the way contracts are awarded in Sabah it is plainly clear that they are all going to Musa’s cronies.
    I just wanna add to your list the new IDS Building along the Penampang by-pass where people are saying that it was bought by the government from one of Musa’s usual contracts man from Beaufort.


  8. legacy says:

    Sabah is in dire need for change and if PM Najib really wants to see his Fixed Deposit retained then he must move now and get rid of musa Aman,


  9. Anonymous says:

    What? Musa Aman is worth US $ 3 BILLION. Hey what the hell is wrong with Sabah? Why all politicians become CM and then they become soooo rich. Last time i hear Mustapha raped all the forest in Sabah and he got big mansion in Thames and London. Then Harris salleh got the whole of Labuan and he even gave land in Labuan to that Arab Adnan Koshigi. Harris Salleh also stole so much money from Sabah. Then Pairin also same, also got so many houses in Perth and Sydney, Than Yong Teck Lee he give all the beach land to his friend Joseph Ambrose Lee, then Salleh Said Keruak also same In KB he curi all the land. Chong Kah Kiat take the 4D from Sandakan. Itu Bernard Dumpork he take Pulau Tiga and give his friend Primose. Then Osu Sukam go and gamble $150 million in Ritz in London. How come all the CM become BIG PENYAMUN.

    I see only the first CM of Sabah Datuk Peter Low very good, Never tipu like the rest of the PENCURI CM’s of SABAH. I see the worst is MUSA AMAN leh. Wah US $ 3 BIILLION


  10. 2PM says:

    Looks like CM is not so happy with things nowadays with allegations by allegations coming up..fffuuu~


  11. IbnAbdHalim says:

    Sembahyang Jumaat yesterday datang lambat,SiMusa, orang tengah sembahyang. Muka Sikawan pun masam dan panjang. Apa suda jadi Musa?


  12. Julius says:

    So far the talk in KK is more than 16 Chinese businessmen connected to Datuk Seri Musa Aman have been arrested by MACC. They will be charged in court in a few days time.

    Datuk Seri Musa Aman is going to become the TYT of Sabah and become a Tun and this is the discussion betwen PM and Datuk Seri Musa Aman for Datuk Musa to step down as Ketua Menteri Sabah.

    Datuk Seri Musa Aman will go on long leave to America to treat his brain tumor before coming back to KK to become TYT.

    There is going to be byelection in Semporna soon. Hajiji will be acting CM when Datuk Seri Musa Aman go to US for treatment.


  13. Lee says:

    Cuma nak kongsi sedikit terhadap perkara yang disampaikan oleh penulis ini. Saya pernah ternampak salinan “title” tanah kosong dibelakang Bank Negara KK. Mengikut dokumen itu tanah kosong ini memang dimiliki oleh YS tetapi telah ditukar milik dan didaftarkan kepada satu syarikat lain. Kepada yang berminat, buat title dan company “search” kat jabatan-jabatan yang berkenaan dan buat penilaian sendiri.


  14. gila_nie says:

    rumors……….nothing is clear with evidence……..


  15. pkg says:

    Ukur baju di badan sendiri. Jangan hanya pandai menilai tapi tidak tahu apa sebenarnya isi kandungan yang tersirat.


  16. lil kid says:

    Who are you to judge anyway?


  17. gila_nie says:

    ni artikel sapa yang tulis nie? sumber dari mana? bagi sa, ini adalah satu lagi ‘gurauan’ politik yang bertujuan untuk menjatuhkan Musa…nampaknya ada pihak yang cuba mengambil kesempatan…selagi tiada bukti yang kukuh, sahih, masuk akal, saintifik, selagi itu sa x mo percaya ni crita…setahu sa Musa telah menjalankan tugasnya sebagai CM dengan baik…banyak uda yg da wat untuk pembangunan negeri sabah….


  18. burite says:

    CM memang mempunyai harta yang cukup banyak sebelum dia melangkah kaki ke arena politik. Jadi jangan bandingkan apa2 yang tidak berkaitan.


  19. guava boud says:

    Don’t potray someone that you barely know. It’s humiliating.


  20. Nicole says:

    Haiyyahh you are not in his position, don’t judge him as he is dead man walking… You don’t know the situation and you don’t know how he try to handle lots of people around him… You will never know hows it feel until you yourself experience it…


  21. saya says:

    Orang mati mana pandai berjalan.Hujah yang berjela2 pun tidak akan mempengaruhi minda intelek seperti kami di sini.


  22. Salim says:

    Adakah Najib tidak sukakan Musa Aman kerana dia pernah menjadi orang Abdullah Badawi?


  23. Iman says:

    Pak Lah did the right thing for ending the rotation system. This system failed to bring any good to the state, we only see developments after the rotation system was ended.


  24. Ujin says:

    A dead man walking? Well, that’s scary as if he’s a zombie.
    Well, i don’t he’s that bad…


  25. lidah says:

    kabur, tiada bukti dan berbentuk luahan emosi yang jelas menunjukkan berat sebelah. saya harap tiada pembaca yang terpengaruh… orang lain sibuk menjatuhkan CM sabah, tapi CM tidak pernah cuba menjatuhkan pihak lain..


  26. Nicole says:

    Different angle different opinion… but most of all Musa did brings more changes in Kota Kinabalu… for sure…


  27. TrueSabahan says:

    Apa yg penting PTI mesti Di halau dari Sabah ..Sesiapa yang Dapat membenteras dan Berjuang Sepenuh tenaga untuk menghalang dari PTI dari berkuasa di sabah .. akan di anggap Hero di abad ini ..


  28. michael says:

    Apa yang ditulis dalam artikel ini adalah mempersoalkan isu CM di Sabah. Sewajarnya isu CM ini dikaji dan penulisan tentang ahli-ahli politik yang tertulis dalam artikel ini memerlukan penjelasan lebih lanjut.


  29. 2PM says:

    “dead man walking”? man, that sound harsh. I gotta say, I only believe 10% of this. The rest is pure bs..But oh well, we will just have to wait and see then..


  30. Big Bang says:

    Things are stirring up. Soon more to come out..Oh dear..I hope it doesn’t goes up to critical level..


  31. michael says:

    jangan suka memburuk-burukkan seseorang bukti perlu disertakan


  32. mimo says:

    semua yang ditulis dalam artikel ini harus mengemukakan bukti yang nyata..


  33. blurr says:

    apa rasional di sebalik artikel ini? adakah ia bertujuan menyebarkan khabar angin dan fitnah? Apa bukti dan kesahihan fakta yang dikemukakan dalam artikel ini?


  34. simpang says:

    Betulkah ura-ura Shafie wil jadi CM kerana ada kaitan dengan Najib? Bagaimana dengan pilihan rakyat Sabah? Rakyat Sabah amat memandang tinggi prosedur CM ini dilaksanakan dengan yang betul dan siapa yang jadi CM harus melalui proses-proses pemilihan seperti mana-mana CM sebelum ini. Namun pemimpin yang rakyat Sabah harapkan adalah pemimpin yang boleh membawa Sabah pergi lebih jauh, berinovatif, bijak, cekap, telus, betul dan berjiwa rakyat.


  35. jam says:

    permainan politik adalah sangat kotor dan saling mencari kesalahan orang lain demi untuk meruntuhkan kewibaan seseorang itu. sesuatu tohmahan yang tidak betul dan boleh mengelirukan rakyat dan berniat menjatuhkan seseorang adalah sebenarnya berniat jahat!


  36. SE W850i says:

    Oh my. Things now are getting much more complicated. “Dead man walking”? No mang, it’s more like he’s walking out from this unscathed.


  37. basung says:

    its hard to believe…there’s no facts or evidence supporting this rumor…well, it is just a rumor i think…people should not believe in such rumor like this…musa aman is the best CM so far…and i believe there will be more from him to develop sabah…


  38. slimgirl says:

    this is just another rumor to manipulate the people perception towards Musa Aman…


  39. habibag says:

    Jangan hanya pandai menilai dari paras luar.


  40. ELLIOE says:

    ” A dead man walking‘? What’s that supposed to mean? You don’t even exist in Sabah yet you’re talking like you know the CM very well indeed. How strange is that.


  41. sambo says:

    what sabah need is a byelection,as i see it bn house still inorder as far as kl is concern,they need him more than ever now ,even with all those corruptions ,as you said he has the money through corruption to take away 6 to 8 yb and mp from umno ,would not sit well for pm and bn, so he stay for now! also i agree with banji on simporna ,nothing be done to improve the lives of the people ,the place is a health hazard(got this from medical people there) it is dirty , unorganized i dont know what the overseas visitors think after their visit to what supposedly one of best driving sites in the world, ask shafie?
    but bottom line is i agree musa has to go,also taib of sarawak,if you been there too long ,corruption is absolute ,and destructive , so work hard boys if you want changes


  42. junta says:

    what the strong evidence to this article..? this article no have strong evidence for his statement .. so this not 100% true..


  43. gila_nie says:

    is it true? i mean, the properties that been mentioned owned by Yayasan Sabah has changed hand (sold) since Musa Aman becoming CM of Sabah… is there any facts to support this charges? or just a rumor or false assumptions been made by some people…nothing is clear about it…

    -the title ‘dead man walking’ reminds me to “The UnderTaker” one of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar…. :p


  44. blur says:

    let people decide the validity of this article. but for me, if the land sold for development purpose is fine.. its better than leave the land remind idle.


  45. mr whatever says:

    overall of the article is just emotion.. seems the writer is know everything but nothing to prove it. maybe what Benjy said is true, nothing has been sold..


  46. mr corn says:

    i agree with u Benjy.. bias information can not be trusted, especially if there is no strong evidence to support the statement.


  47. benjy says:

    I heard that the property is not being sold, but rented out…i dont know how credible is the information, but it seems like your information is much the same as mine, doesn’t have anything to substantiate it…

    I don’t know about Shafie, but if you want to judge others generally, you should look at his own back yard….Semporna is where Shafie coming from…but its has been the way it is since 20-30 years ago as a whole…being a Federal minister, he can do so much thing to help develope Semporna…but right until now, Semporna is just a small fishing town located in east coast of Sabah…at least with his capacity as a Feds Minister, he can do something…but so far, nothing has been done…again this is only my opinion, i dont have anything that can be use to substantiate it, much as same as your articles…


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