Last Wednesday, 5th of May, Musa Aman after chairing the State Working Committee on Security at Wisma Innoprise was talking to reporters and refuted the claim that Sabah’s Block L and Block M had been ceded to Brunei Darussalam. Musa also told the press that according to the Sabah Attorney General, (Datuk Rhoderic Fernandez) no Sabah territory has been ceded.

Its kind of strange here. As far as I know, on the 20th Jan 2009, Datuk Rhoderic Anthony Fernandez had resigned as Sabah’s top legal adviser. Datuk Fernandez had even told the press during the civil suit hearing for the Goddess of Sea, Mazu statue, in the High Court, Kota Kinabalu, that he had submitted his resignation to Yang di-Pertua Negri Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah. Datuk Fernandez also told the media that his resignation was due to “personal and family reasons” and he gave the impression that it had nothing to do with Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat’s suit over the revocation of approval for the Mazu statue by Musa Aman.

So if Datuk Rhoderic Fernandez the Sabah Attorney General had resigned, how come Musa Aman is quoting the Sabah Attorney General Datuk Rodric Fernandez ?  Is this not strange? Musa is saying that he had spoken to Datuk Rhoderic Fernandez the Attorney-General of Sabah regarding the ceding of three million acres of Sabah’s maritime territory namely Blocks L and M by the Federal Government to Brunei Darusalam. When did Musa speak to Datuk AG? Is Datuk Rhoderic still the AG or is there a new AG Musa is referring to? Seems very mysterious. Or was Datuk Rhoderic’s resignation not accepted by the TYT and hence he is still our AG? If not why are we  not told? Why all these secrecy? AG’s position is very important position. The office of the State Attorney-General is a constitutional post and the appointment to the office of the State Attorney-General is made by the Yang di-Pertua Negeri. Musa knows this and I’m sure.

As I said in my earlier article that the ceding of Block L and Block M is unconstitutional because such an act of ceding territory of the State of Sabah in the federation of Malaysia required the consent of the Sabah State Legislative Assembly and the Conference of Rulers and this is stipulated in Article 2 of the Malaysian Constitution.

And according to Datuk Yong Teck Lee the former Chief Minister of Sabah, the only one time that such a consent under Article 2 was given was on March 8, 1984 when the Federal Territory of Labuan Enactment 1984 was passed in the State Legislative Assembly and this caused the downfall of the Berjaya State government headed by Datuk Harris Salleh, then.

I happen to believe that the whole ceding of our territory to Brunei will someday be cited in the history books as one of the worst, most corrupt sleazy, moments in the history of Sabah, and that UMNO and KL have both directly and indirectly encouraged circumstances and events that have put this mess where it is because our government is too stupid, weak and corrupt to do anything other than play along with the bad guys. RM320 BILLION is a lot of money and I think we have been mislead.

  1. amir says:

    Harap isu ini dah selesai.


  2. TruBruneian says:

    What have been ceded to whom?? Come on people, there’s no such things as Block L,M that belonged to Malaysia or Sabah. I think it’s all made up by your leaders in attempt to bully Brunei, so that they can manipulate the good nature of our Sultan in order they get something in returns. Look at the map, a standard one pupil can tell you that that area is within Brunei’s maritime boundary!!
    Sabah Sifu is totally right, but your leaders on both sides of the political divide won’t listen, would they?? They’ll keep on misleading for their own political agenda.


  3. anon says:

    R Fernandez did resign. Lived in KK for a long time, so I know. RF is a straight forward man.
    No nonsense type of fella. My spouse knew him well. Chong Kah Kiat was a good
    CM. Everyone in sabah knows about the Mazu statue civil suit.
    Looks like karma after all. MA and cronies are in deep shit.


  4. bei suu lan says:

    It would be a mortal sin if you sell your mothers into prostitution.
    But it would be much much much more evil if you sell your motherland to another country for personal monetary gains.
    It would be the mother of all evil sins.
    You would be thrown into the 18 level of hell,
    It is because you will be selling off the future of unborn generations,
    Look at the present generation of Sabah Bumi youths,
    They have nothing to eat and became youthful beggers,
    Look at James Wong Kee Ming,
    Abusing his position as Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak,
    Trying to sell Limbang to another country,
    He was put under ISA,
    His name is a cursed name like Lucifer the Satan.
    BN is still good but the present CM is a rotten apple.
    In my home state Kedah he would be gone ago,
    Reporters can come to my IT office in KK for an interview,
    Everybody in the 5 star hotel line knows me.


  5. Bei Suu Lan says:

    My daughter went to school in KK. Her school mates called her ” Cina pencuri billion ringgit ”
    To: Tiong King Sing
    From: Bei Suu Lan and all good Cina.
    Subject: Tiong King Sing kindly return 12.5 billion ringgit to the people of your adopted motherland.We are all paying interest for it.The country will go bankrupt by 2019.Do not hide behiond lawyers and courts.All the other Cina are suffering the ” Cina Pencuri ” for you.We still want to be happy citizens.


  6. 2PM says:

    This is what you get to be a leader. CM needs to “tune out” those allegations.


  7. Nicole says:

    by Saying that Musa Aman done his job perfectly, i think not that perfect, still need more to be fix and settled. But he did made lots of thing to make sure Sabah become more and more develop…..and he is still struggle for it……


  8. pendekar malaysia says:

    Musa Aman adalah Ketua Menteri sabah yang baik, kenapa ramai yang nak menjatuhkannya..? pasal isu blok L dan M tu.. ia ia berada diluar kuasa kerajaan negeri kerana ia adalah dibawah kuasa kerajaan persekutuan..


  9. Thanks Sambo for the crucial piece of info. You are right. AG reappointed only in February this year and for 1 year plus no AG.


  10. slimgirl says:

    totally agree with Lavender…….i don’t understand why some people dislike our CM……… well, only GOD knows why….only GOD……………….


  11. Lavender says:

    Sokong pendapat Benjy :)
    Maklumat yg disiarkan oleh media blm tentu bah btl… hehhee
    Jd jgnlah kita terlalu mempercayai setiap butiran mklumat tu.. nanti kita pula yg hilang arah.. hehe


  12. Lavender says:

    Hal ni amat rumit.. So janganlah kita mudah terpengaruh dgn mana2 mklumat yg belum tentu kesahihannya… Kelak mengeruhkan hubungan baik antara pelbagai pihak..


  13. aku bah says:

    Suatu yg pasti hy individu yg benar2 terlibat saja tahu cerita sebenar..
    kita ni apalah sangat.. setakat dgr/baca mklumat dari media cetak/elektronik ja..


  14. aku bah says:

    Btl Jojo.. politik ba ni… masing2 mahu kasi jatuh org lain.. tak kira lah lawan atau musuh..
    Apapun sama2 la kita harap cerita ini berakhir dgn penjelasan yg sempurna.. supaya tak timbul2 lagi pas ni. hehee


  15. aku bah says:

    Ya Reno… Kata org takkan pokok bergoyang kalau takda angin.. hehhehe
    apapun sebagai pemerhati luar, lebih baik kita menanti dgn sabar kesudahan gosip ni :)


  16. aku bah says:

    Tindakan yg baik SindraRichie .. Lebih baik dgr penjelasan yg plg JELAS dulu sblm c/tgan (buat andaian).. hehhee


  17. aku bah says:

    Aku pun taktau 56663 .. Yg ku tahu akal fikiran manusia dikawal oleh diri masing2…
    Mungkin ada faktor lain yg mampu kasi putar otak kita, tapi at d end pilihan mmg terletak di tgn kita.. so pilihlah utk jadi matang & tak mudah terpengaruh…
    Pendek kata harus ada pendirian bah!!!


  18. aku bah says:

    Ya Benjy … Tapi tu la, org zaman sekarang suka sangat buat cerita.. hmmmm


  19. aku bah says:

    Btl Slimgirl:) only god knows the truth.
    For me, I just hope everything gonna be okay :)


  20. slimgirl says:

    benjy was right….i totally agree with him/her…false assumptions lead to more misunderstanding….


  21. mr corn says:

    i strongly agree with Benjy,, i hope people can decide which one is the best for them to swallow..


  22. cabang says:

    Mislead? I guess I have been misleaded by this author.


  23. Darren says:

    This is a very complicated case.


  24. benjy says:

    The one who is misleading people is the media & alternative media…people who are already mislead tell others the story, making more & more people mislead…


  25. bawang says:

    there is nothing we can do except wait for this case proved.. meanwhile, avoid bad perception and stop thinking about mislead.


  26. jam says:

    wajarlah kedua-dua negara terlibat dalam perkara blok m dan l mendapat manfaat. Yang amat penting adalah persefahaman dan muafakat kedua-dua negara berbanding dengan pergaduhan…yang bakalmerugikan sesama negara. Hormat menghormati adalah perkara terpenting dalam isu blok m dan l


  27. pingpong says:

    Mengapa harus menyalahkan satu pihak sahaja sedangkan dalang di sebalik isu minyak adalah ramai? Hanya yang benar-benar terlibat sahaja boleh memberi penerangan jelas dan win-win situation yang dijelaskan sebenarnya menimbulkan banyak konflik. Sewajarnya kita melihat perkara ni dari segala segi agar tidak menimbulkan salah faham antara ramai pihak samada dalam atau luar negara


  28. tin says:

    janganlah kita banyak persepsi tentang sesuatu perkara yang semua orang pun tidak pasti akan kesahihan tentang benda tu. Kita hanya mendengar tentang luaran saja dan semua orang pun tidak pasti apa disebalik isu blok M dan L ni


  29. jojo says:

    Isu blok M dan L ni tidak akan habis selagi penjelasan sebenar tidak dibuat kepada rakyat sabah. Ia akan terus berlanjutan sehingga boleh dipolitikkan oleh pelbagai pihak yang sentiasa mencari kelemahan seseorang semata-mata untuk kepentingan sendiri


  30. Big Bang says:

    Can’t say he did coz there is no proof that he indeed did mislead the people..Think I’ll watch out an update on this..


  31. Reno says:

    Did he mislead us, the people? I don’t know and I am not so sure if he did. But i’m sure something will come up after this “rumours”..


  32. SE W850i says:

    That’s the question sir. Did he or did he not mislead the People. In fact, what was happening to the issues that being arises, only they know the real story. We can only hope for an explanation on the two blocks.


  33. SindraRichie says:

    Now, I don’t which one to believe but I sense 2nd Harris Mistakes will happen. Still, I will stay put until it is proven and i hope there will be detailed explanation.


  34. 56663 says:

    Macam mana pla dia dikatakan menyongsangkan akal fikiran manusia?


  35. benjy says:

    He is not misleading, he is just told what he supposed to told…


  36. slimgirl says:

    don’know if Musa Aman mislead Sabah or not…we can’t turn back what had happened…


  37. sambo says:

    A.G was reappointed in feb this year, so for one year plus we had no ag,!!!


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