Anifah Aman the Minister of Foreign Affairs had a heat bypass surgery last month in Singapore. It seems he had three blocks in the coronary arteries, and the surgery when well and he is now recuperating. I wish Anifah a speedy recovery.

I hear also Prime Minister Najib Razak is getting ready to announce a cabinet reshuffle in a couple of weeks time as part of an ongoing mid-term review of the governance of the ruling Barisan National. Najib is aiming to boost the flagging popularity of the Barisan National since march 2008 by dropping some deadwood cabinet ministers who’s been around since Mahathir. Also the recent election victory in Hulu Selangor is indication that BN is bouncing back and Najib thinks a cabinet reshuffle will further strengthen his leadership.

My sources, who are politically close to the Prime Minister, said three ministers would be moved initially in the reshuffle but that the plan was that up to four ministers, eventually, would be transferred or dropped from the Cabinet.

Anifah Aman the Minister of Foreign Affairs is on the top of the list to be dropped. The talk is Anifah is not up to the job. In particular, his dealings with the press. The most recent example is the famous “shooting from the hips” by Anifah when he admitted in a joint press conference in Washington together with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the credibility problem faced by our Prime Minister, Najib Razak in regards to the Mongolian Aminah@Altantuya Shaariibuu C4 murder case. Anifah brought out the issue of Altantuya although he was not asked about it by journalist covering the press conference. See here. It is a major gaffe that could be the result of fatigue, but it was an embarrassment to both Najib and Rosmah. This prompted Rosmah and some of the “4th Floor Boys” to suggest that Anifah be kept from the press to prevent him from saying too much and having to backtrack. That’s why after the US trip Anifah just disappeared from the radar screen. Even recent overseas trips, Najib was not accompanied by the Foreign Minister.

Frankly speaking to me a reshuffle or not is not going to make any difference. If you ask me there is nothing to shuffle. The only portfolios Najib Razak and his bunch of cabinet jokers have proven themselves fit for are posts like minister of arrogance, minister of incompetence, minister of non-performance, minister of corruption, minister of squander-mania, minister of murder, minister of ketuanan melayu, minister of pornography and similar areas where these attributes are their only strengths.

For me if Najib Razak is really serious about saving Malaysia the first thing he has to do is to fire all the jokers in cabinet and then fire himself. After that Najib could inform the Agong and call an election so that the people could choose some serious representatives who would be capable of serving their true interests and needs and try to salvage what is left of the broken country before it reaches failed state status.

You see the people are fed up with BN and its antics and are demanding change and they want it like of yesterday. They can’t wait for another two years and are running out of patience and tolerance. So why not just call for a snap General Elections?

  1. amir says:

    So far Anifah Aman masih foreign minister.


  2. embogajah says:

    why dont you comment about yourself first…?


  3. kenwang says:

    I stongly believed that the right person should be appointed for the right job.If a person fails to deliver then he should be replaced by a more capable person.This person should not be allowed to cling to the post just for the prestige of it.The whole country is dependant on him to do a good job and the world for that matter and if he fails,well…….learn from Donald Trump.You are fired!


  4. 2PM says:

    Seriously? well, heard he will be unavailable since he is not in good health. But then again, this is politics. No wonder I hate listening about politics and stuffs..


  5. lil kid says:

    This will drop, that will drop..and so much more.What are you talking about? Who’s favourite candidate for this post, anyway?


  6. Marie says:

    Pick the right man for the right job. If they fail to deliver, we kick them out!


  7. Salim says:

    Tukarlah semua kepada orang yang betul betul menyumbang tenaga kepada rakyat.


  8. J.W says:

    I agree that those dead wood that makes no contribution whatsoever to the cabinet or country should be dropped. It’s time we have some major reforms.


  9. blur says:

    buat perlantikan secara profesional dengan mengambil kira kriteria2 yang munasabah berdasarkan prestasi bukan kerana kehendak peribadi. sekiranya pemimpin tidak mengutamakan prestasi dan kualiti kepimpinan, sampai bila2 pun pentadbiran dan politik di malaysia tidak stabil.


  10. sampan says:

    apa yang diinginkan oleh rakyat biasa termasuk saya hanyalah negara yang aman, makmur, harmoni dan tenteram. pertelingkahan, pergaduhan, fitnah dan saling tuduh menuduh yang boleh membawa kepada kehancuran masyarakat majmuk malaysia adalah paling ditakuti. janganlah negara kita menjadi seperti Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Thailand dll. yang sekarang ini telah menjadi negara yang menakutkan untuk didiami rakyat dan dihindari oleh kunjungan pelancong. kacau bilau, tunjuk perasaan dan mogok hanya membawa kerugian kepada rakyat dan mencemar nama baik negara sendiri!


  11. Jacob says:

    Politik memang penuh tipu daya dan muslihat! Samada BN atau Pembangkang semuanya ada agenda tersembunyi untuk terus kekal di kerusi parlimen. Kalau ada menteri yang tidak perform, seharusnya dia patut dibuang. Rakyat yang memilih menteri-menteri yang ada di Malaysia sekarang dan siapa yang telah terpilih harus melaksanakan tanggung jawab. Buang saja menteri yang tidak perform dan NATO. Semua parti berhak tentukan siapa yang dipilih siapa bukan termasuk BN dan Pembangkang.


  12. saya says:

    Bagus kamurang p tilik nasib la, tengok siapa yang turun dan naik takhta.


  13. Nicole says:

    Politics everything can be happen… let it be…


  14. kenwang says:

    I hope the new ministers will make us proud.


  15. ZIK says:

    why no snap election ..because najib wants to stay in power as long as he can laaa!!that why!!


  16. SAM Yap says:

    Hear! Hear! BN’s “Fixed Deposit” is talking. Anifart made his millions by the time he was 25? That was what Anifart claimed, right? Have you checked how he came to make those millions? For all you buggers sitting in the coffee shop know, Anifart could have sold off thousands of acres of logging concessions. If Anifart had his millions by 25, he would have been hailed as our very own homegrown Steve Jobs. Why was it that BN did not trumpet this claim? Is it because it wouldn’t stand up to close scrutiny?


  17. Dayang says:

    Dear Valued and highly respected friends,

    May I request you all to pray for our brother Datuk Seri Anifah Aman.

    I was told about his sickness and nonavailability for a while.

    Allah may give him health, and he should get well soon, and join us back ASAP.

    He will get well soon inshaAllah!



  18. jomosama tuaran says:

    US politics are different. Democrats will never talk bad bout Republican in other country. Like Malaysian politician A’ nipah, his reveiling what not suppose to….to his credits.

    Cheap publicity to made himself popular!


  19. wati says:

    WAS IT anifah aman who did not want the deputy minsiter post> MUST be full minister he said, not that he is the foreign affair man he seemed to be protecting the foreign illegals from the polipin country…..HIDUP PILAK!

    typical useless UMNO moronic minsiters


  20. Ariffin says:

    anifah, same old product from UMNO. same shit. the comment is spoken in english and in US and verbatim is recorded in US state dept. no more sandiwara to say he is misquoted, unless he thinks the US govt is dumbass as UMNO and BN.

    satu lagi projek Barisan Nasional.


  21. Brinda says:

    Anifah has not only made an idiot of himself,but he has shown the world the kind of pea brain Ministers we have in the Malaysian Cabinet.He is an embarrassment to Malaysians and worst off to Sabahans.


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