An oil producing offshore area, Block M and Block L belonging to Sabah near Brunei in the South China Sea is no longer a part of Sabah. It now belongs to Brunei. This Block M and Block L is close to 6000 square kilometers in size, which is like 10 times the size of Singapore. Both the blocks can produce 1 billion barrels of oil  or US$100 billion in revenue and it belongs to Sabah.

Our Chief Minister from Sabah, Musa Aman together with Abdullah Ahmad Badawi negotiated with the Sultan of Brunei to get back Limbang for Sarawak, in exchange they agreed to surrender this Block M and Block L belonging to Sabah. Can you believe this? Yes, Musa Aman with Badawi,  on march 17th, 2009 in Brunei, had signed away US100 billion dollars of oil to the Sultan of Brunei.

And this was not brought up at all by Musa Aman to the Sabah State Legislative Assembly. More importantly by giving up the Blocks L and M, both Musa  Aman and Pak Lah were altering the boundaries to Sabah, and the Constitution under Clause 2 (b) provides that this will require the consent of the state and as well as the Conference of Rulers.

To give away or demarcate boundaries of Borneo States, Badawi must first consult Parliament, then under the Federation Agreement with Sabah, Badawi must ask Musa Aman to convene an emergency sitting of the Sabah State Legislative Assembly and then take a vote in the  State Assembly. Musa Aman did not just do that.  Musa Aman concealed this whole thing, Brunei, Block M and Block L from Sabahans. This Musa Aman, did not bring this matter to the State Assembly at all and why was he hiding this from Sabahans? Musa Aman owes Sabahans and explanation.

Besides, only if  Sabah had cleared this matter in the assembly, then only, can this be brought to the Agong for a royal consent to the demarcation of the new boundaries. The Conference of Rulers MUST also agree and that too has to come BEFORE the signing of the Agreement with Brunei. But they did not.

Then why was Pak Lah and Musa Aman in a hurry to sign the Agreement with the Sultan? Why the rush? Pak Lah says he has got the approval from his Cabinet and so everything is in order. But is this true? Was the  process done constitutionally, as per the Federation Agreement?

To me this is like TREASON! Musa Aman  should be charged for Treason for concealing, hiding or aiding the crime of TREASON. Musa Aman concealed this action from the Sabah State Assembly, and for any public servant To conceal, hide, or aid the crime of TREASON is to be guilty of the same offence.

The facts are :

1. Malaysia, Sabah no longer has any sovereignty over the 2 areas i.e Block L and Block M.
2. Malaysian oil companies can only participate in jointly developing the areas for 40 years (with Brunei’s permission).
3. Limbang remains a disputed area with Brunei.

I stand by my opinion that Musa Aman and  Abdullah  Badawi should be tried for Treachery and TREASON for losing territory belonging to Sabah, Malaysia.

Then if  the KL boys were to say that the Blocks L & M are not within the Sabah State waters and therefore under the purview of the Federal Government, then I will say, why this not brought to Parliament, and not brought to The Agong, and then to the Conference of Rulers, as we are after all altering the boundaries of the federation? Is it because it comes under the Federal Territory of LABUAN?

Explain lah!

Dato’ Sri Anifah bin Haji Aman, the Malaysian Minister of Foreign Affairs the brother of Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman, you are the right person, please explain? You and your brother claim fighting for Sabah’s rights, show us lah! Sorry Anifah I have to bring you into this picture although you are just recuperating from a massive attack following surgery to clear blocked arteries in your heart. I hear you are recovering well following coronary bypass surgery in Singapore. I wish you speedy recovery my friend!

Read here my earlier post on this.

  1. Collen says:

    Or if u feel like too lazy to click and wait just pls read it here.

    No Sabah areas ceded: Musa

    Published on: Wednesday, May 05, 2010

    Kota Kinabalu: No Sabah areas have been ceded in relation to the two oil blocks issue according to the State Attorney-General, clarified Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman.

    He said the State Government was aware about the matter since Wisma Putera had briefed the Cabinet twice.

    At the same time, he said the issue of bringing the matter to the State Legislative Assembly also does not arise.

    Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) President Datuk Yong Teck Lee had asked whether the Chief Minister and State Cabinet knew about what he claimed to be the “surrender of its maritime territory” by then Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    The Foreign Ministry in a report stated that the Commercial Arrangement Area (CAA) agreement between Malaysia and Labuan for two oil blocks provides for a sharing of revenue in oil and gas exploration.

    The Ministry stated that the Exchange of Letters between Abdullah and the Sultan of Brunei had established the final delimitation of territorial sea, continental shelf and exclusive economic zone for both countries.

    On Sunday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the negotiations over the two blocks were ongoing and that although an agreement to resolve the boundary dispute had been reached in principle, talks for a win-win situation had not been completed.

    Meanwhile, Musa said the Government’s seriousness in addressing the illegal immigrants problem in Sabah is reflected in the formation of the special laboratory on the management of foreigners and launching of Ops Bersepadu Phase III.

    The lab aimed at enhancing management, entry system, monitoring and confirmation of foreigners in Sabah would see 30 government officers from various departments and agencies with wide experience in their respective fields selected to work in the laboratory on a full-time basis for four weeks.

    “We hope they can provide positive inputs in resolving problems concerning illegal immigrants,” he said, after chairing second State Security Committee meeting this year at Wisma Innoprise.

    The Cabinet Committee on Foreign Workers and Illegal Immigrants chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had decided that the laboratory be set up in Sabah, he said.

    According to him, among the targets of the laboratory was to gather the latest data on foreigners in Sabah based on the category whether they came legally or otherwise.

    Besides, it was also to reassess the interest cost of foreign labour in the various sectors like plantation, industrial and tourism.

    “We hope the lab will be able to provide valuable input on how to resolve the illegal workers and illegal immigrants problem in Sabah,” he said.

    On the Ops Bersepadu Phase III, he said it was a follow-up to the previous operations where all the employers were required to register their undocumented foreign workers since there could be new ones.

    The number of foreign workers registered since the last two phases were 316,000 with 217,000 of them Indonesians and the rest Filipinos.

    The operations to cover the whole of Sabah would be held in 24 series beginning May 4.

    Musa said the security situation in the State was good and there were no indications of any major threat.

    There were no attempts of people from Southern Philippines to enter Sabah to get away from the unrest there.

    At the same time, Musa urged the local community leaders to be the ears and eyes of the Government in ensuring no illegal immigrants are present in their areas.


  2. Collen says:

    If u guys want to kill the time, please read this.


  3. Tontolou says:

    org kaya bertambah kaya…miskin bertambah miskin.. musang2…


  4. Local Sabahan says:

    Senang je, tunjukkan bukti. Kalau apa yg didakwa di dalam artikel ni betul, buktikan. Jangan percaya selagi takde bukti. Semuanya spekulasi.. x habis²… Nak buat police report, nanti polis tanya mana bukti yang menyokong ke atas dakwaan awak? silap² kita plak kena report polis atas dasar memfitnah.


  5. Bei Suu Lan says:

    Make a million reports against Musa to MACC and PDRM.
    If a thousand Sabahans gathered anywhere to protest against the two oil producing bloks given away to Brunei they can be arrested and charged with illegal assembly.
    But if a thousand Sabahans gathered in front of all Sabah police stations to make police reports against the two oil producing bloks given away to Brunei their rights will be protected by police themselves.It is because nobody can deny anybody from making a police report.
    And if a thousand Sabahans gathered in front of all Sabah MACC offices to make MACC reports against the two oil producing bloks given away to Brunei their rights will be protected by police themselves.It is because nobody can deny anybody from making a MACC report.
    Then the IGP and MACC Director General have to explain the progress of their stance in the PDRM and MACC reports.


  6. […] The CM of Sabah Musa Aman Should Be Tried For Treason … […]


  7. 2PM says:

    2PM Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    May 23rd, 2010 at 13:53
    Let’s leave this block alone. The more we discuss, the more complicated this matter will be..


  8. 2PM says:

    Let’s leave this block alone. The more we discuss, the more complicated this matter will be..


  9. kidal says:

    saya setuju dengan nicole tu… walaupu kedua blok itu menjadi milik brunei namun limbang menjadi milik malaysia.. limbang adalah lebih berharga daripada kedua blok itu, limbang mempunyai tanah yang subur dan luas untuk dinbangunkan… kedua blok tu ada minyak ja.. bila habis sudah minyak tu.. tiada guna sudah blok tu… so.. memang ada sebab munasabah kerajaan melakukan sedemikian.. kita haruslah berfikiran positif bagi perkara ini..



  10. Ali says:

    I agree with “Agree to Disagree”
    Since the deal was carried out without following proper constitutional procedure, then it is deemed illegal.
    Could PR take this up legally to nullify it ? Dont expect the govt to do it. Our govt of the day is only good to do things illegally.
    BTW, why “sell off blocks K and L” so fast ? Is it Pak Lah’s time was coming to an end ??? Just a guess. Not sure myself


  11. Nicole says:

    Kalau kita tgo secara kasar la kan memang tindakan yang diambil adalah kurang bijak. Kenapa perlu bagi minyak yang harga billion2 trillion2 sama Brunei kan…

    Tapi bila kita tgo dari sudut lain, kita akan lihat dari pandangan yang orang tidak nampak.
    okey, menurut undang2 malaysia 3batu nautika dari darat saja yang menjadi milik state lebih dari 3 batu nautika adalah dibawah kuasa federal. So, Sabah tidak ada kuasa atas 2 blok minyak 2. Jadi Musa Aman tidak berkuasa untuk berkata YA atau TIDAK dalam kes ini kerana federal mempunyai kuasa penuh terdapa dua blok ini.

    Okey, berbalik kepada agreement yang di tandatangani oleh kedua2 pihak. Melalui isi kandundan surat tersebut menyatakan bahawa dispute antara sarawak dan Brunei telah selesai. Maksudnya disini secara tidak langsung, limbang secara total adalah milik Malaysia. Dan Brunei mendapat hak kedaulatan terhadap dua blok minyak tetapi secara tidak langsung Malaysia (Petronas) masih mempunyai hak untuk turut serta dalam mana2 aktiviti yang akan dijalankan di kawasan tersebut. Dalam undang2 antarabangsa ada terdapat artikel/code yang membenarkan situasi seperti kedaulatan sesebuah kawasan adalah dibawah kuasa negara A namun negara B berhak dan berkuasa terhadap aktiviti yang dijalankan di Kawasan tersebut. Jadi melalui pandangan saya srtikel/code ini boleh diadaptasi untuk kes Malaysia dan Brunei.

    Jika diteliti Malaysia tidak kehilangan atau mengalami kerugian. Malaysia sudah mendapatkan Limbang dan juga masih lagi mempunyai hak terhadap kedua2 blok. Jika kita berfikiran positive akan ada banyak perkara positive yang dapat kita kongsikan.

    Semoga kongsian ini dapat membuka minda untuk melihat sesuatu dari sudut lain.


  12. Nabalu says:

    Kalau budak sekolah bawa handpon ke sekolah, hp dirampas walaupun harga Rm90 saja. Kasihan. Yang si Musang aman curi berbiion ringgit itu tidak ditangkap. Duit pun tidak dirampas. Sepatutnya boleh ditembak mati sudah. Tiada salah bah tembak org macam ini sekali-sekala. Lagipun taulah polis malaysia, semua bodoh-bodoh. Jadi, itu blok L dan M itu kalau tidak suka, pergi bakar sajabah. Kan baampai-ampai bom tangan yang buatan sendiri. Pura-pura pigi memancing, buanglah itu bom. Jadi, tiada org rugi dan tiada juga yg untung. Win-win situation.


  13. miya says:

    Bodoh punya melayu babi……….

    Baik balik ke tanah melayu la. We are natives of Sabah and Sarawak land – buat apa kamu punya orang datang sini menjajah kita oh?

    Kita tak suka kamu orang datang sini mengorek sumber petroleum tanah kita – this Sabah and Sarawak land not belongs to your malays.

    Get out from Sabah and Sarawak la!

    Bodoh melayu babi!


  14. AgreeToDisagree says:

    We HAVE NOT lost Block L and M. Because the exchange/sale was done illegally without proper process via consultations with the people and appropriate approval by the state authorities, this could be challenged quite easily in an international court.

    The Malaysian Federal Government does not have the right to sell Oil Blocks without Sarawak state’s approval.

    By this fact alone, this deal is null and void. Brunei also should know not to accept deals done without the Malaysian people’s consent. An apology to the people of Malaysia by the appropriate Bruneian authorities and the immediate withdrawal of all illegal claims should be acceptable for reparations and normalization of ties between Brunei and Malaysia.


  15. Salim says:

    Tiba tiba ada berita macam ni.


  16. Ben says:

    This Nana person might be drunk while posting.


  17. Yoyo says:

    I think we should wait for Musa Aman and Abdullah Badawi to step out and explain this.


  18. Iman says:

    Entah betul atau tidak. Baik kalau kita tunggu dan lihat sebelum membuat apa apa pentafsiran.


  19. Baboon says:

    I don’t know if I should believe this or not.


  20. slimgirl says:

    so many speculations!!! what is the real issue here??? the money or the territory???


  21. pungit says:

    Further explanation needed to clarify this issue…its getting complicated when new facts & theory is shown…there must be something that malaysia get when the federal decided to give the rights of the said location to Brunei….


  22. Chong Eng says:

    3rd May, 2010

    SIBU: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yakin bahawa rundingan antara Malaysia dan Brunei berkaitan dengan persempadanan laut dan darat akan mencapai satu bentuk penyelesaian yang saling menguntungkan kedua-dua negara.

    Perdana Menteri berkata kedua-dua negara jiran itu sedang berunding perkara berkenaan dalam semua aspek, termasuk peranan dan peluang yang boleh diraih oleh Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) daripada segi kerja cari gali dan pembangunan serta pelaburan yang boleh dibuat oleh Brunei di Malaysia sebagai satu pakej.

    “(Duli Yang Maha Mulia) Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah selalu sebut perkara ini bahawa baginda berkehendakkan penyelesaian yang berasaskan satu formula yang saling menguntungkan,” katanya.

    Najib berkata demikian kepada pemberita selepas menghadiri jamuan tengah hari dan menyampaikan Pingat Jasa Malaysia (PJM) kepada 32 veteran Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) Sarawak di Kem Rascom, Briged Kesembilan Infantri di Jalan Ulu Oya dekat sini kelmarin.

    Beliau berkata persetujuan pada prinsipnya telah dicapai pada 2009 dan kini kedua-dua pihak sedang melihat rundingan daripada segi kajian yang dilakukan dalam satu semangat perjanjian yang menguntungkan.

    Najib diminta mengulas kenyataan bekas Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, yang menulis dalam laman blognya Khamis lepas, mempersoalkan sebab dua medan cari gali, konsesi blok L dan blok M, yang bukan lagi kepunyaan Malaysia dan berkata kehilangan itu boleh mengakibatkan kerugian kepada Malaysia sekurang-kurangnya US$100 bilion (RM320 bilion).

    Dr Mahathir mendakwa penggantinya Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi telah menyerahkan kedua-dua blok itu sebagai pertukaran bagi Limbang.

    Abdullah, yang menandatangani Pertukaran Surat pada Mac 2009, menjelaskan bahawa perjanjian darat dan laut dengan Brunei diluluskan oleh Kabinet Malaysia dan Malaysia akan dibenarkan mengambil bahagian dalam usaha sama pembangunan minyak dan gas atas dasar komersial di kedua-dua kawasan itu bagi tempoh 40 tahun.

    Sementara itu, Petronas pula berkata syarikat minyak nasional itu telah dipelawa oleh Brunei untuk membangunkan dua kawasan penerokaan luar pesisir tersebut atas dasar persetujuan komersial.

    Petronas berkata syarikat itu telah menubuhkan sebuah pasukan dan memulakan rundingan dengan Brunei untuk memperincikan terma bagi pembangunan kedua-dua kawasan itu yang kini dikenali sebagai Blok CA1 dan CA2.


  23. IbnAbdHalim says:

    For the benefit of other readers

    Brunei has an outstanding territorial dispute with neighboring Malaysia over the deep-sea acreage that includes blocks J and K off the coast of Borneo. In June 2003, Total suspended exploration work in Block J, following an April 2003 incident in which several naval patrol boats from Malaysia chased away a Total ship. In 2003, Murphy Oil (U.S.) and Petronas (Malaysia) discovered a large (700-million-barrel) oil field – called “Kikeh” – which may extend into Block J. Brunei claims that Block J and the adjacent Block K (awarded to a joint venture of Shell, Conoco and Mitsubishi) are completely within its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Brunei is counting on Blocks J and K to maintain the country’s oil and gas output another decade or more, and without these Blocks, Brunei may be forced to move more rapidly away from an economy based on hydrocarbons.

    Malaysian officials have offered to devise a joint-development zone with Brunei, but this would necessitate Brunei redrawing its contracts with Shell, Conoco, and Mitsubishi. In March 2004 Shell Malaysia announced a new oil discovery at Gumusut, near the disputed territory. The status of oil development in these disputed areas remains unresolved.


  24. nana says:

    you said we should believe in him? After all he had done to Sabah? Well, i don’t know who should believe in anymore. I’ll just support the person who can give the best for Sabah :)


  25. nana says:

    But on the other hand, Musa might as well had another plan for Sabah. He may do this for better improvenment. He might know Limbang can give us plenty of benefits!! I’ll think i might trust Musa again as he’s the leader, we should believe in him for the best things he is doing for us.


  26. J.W says:

    I’m still waiting for proves. Speculations will get us nowhere, let’s just wait and see.


  27. pungit says:

    Malaysia is a failed state? So what kind of state is Iraq, north Korea, Myanmar, Afghanistan, African Country can be called? A veeeeeerrrrryyy Faiiilleeedd State??


  28. nana says:

    The facts are :

    1. Malaysia, Sabah no longer has any sovereignty over the 2 areas i.e Block L and Block M.
    2. Malaysian oil companies can only participate in jointly developing the areas for 40 years (with Brunei’s permission).
    3. Limbang remains a disputed area with Brunei.

    Seriously serious people!! We are losing our treasure in Sabah. Musa didn’t think how we’re going to think about his plan. Why rush through it anyway??


  29. crocs says:

    Wow, US 100 Billion? That’s aaaaalot!! Musa exchanged the Block M and L for Limbang. And likewise, it’s for Sarawak. Why didn’t he ask whethger Sabahans would like that? Why did they have to do it so secretly? Why the rush??


  30. J.W says:

    You know who else should be tried for treason? Harris Salleh and Mahathir Mohd.


  31. IbnAbdHalim says:

    If we say Malaysia is a failed state some might think it’s too far fetched but looking at the events it’s not far from the truth if it’s not the whole truth. First we lost Singapore. Then we lost Pulau Batu Puteh to Singapore. Then we lost Block L and M to Brunei. Perhaps in the waiting list will be Limbang or Sabah? Hey! What’s happening? Is Malaysia disintegrating or what? Come on PM, we need straight answers.


  32. 4evermalaysian says:

    Ya la! How can any Malaysian approve giving away Sabah to the Filipinos?


  33. TruthSayer says:

    They hide their treachery,murder ,corruption , and wrong doings under the “ketuanan” protection. They should rope in first Mahathir ,because this bugger is responsible for removing all checks and balances. This bugger is the cause of all the ills the nation is going through. He weakened the checks and balances during his 22 years. This ultra evil is now playing “angel advocate”. About time UMNO is booted out for good to save Malaysia.


  34. Lawrence says:

    Mr Selva, we lost 2 rich oil blocks to Brunei, we lost one island to Singapore, we lost PDRM to Israel, we lost adik Aminulrashid to PDRM, we lost Teoh Beng Hock to MACC, we lost PKFZ to BN, we lost Sabah to the Pilaks dan ini semua adalah Satu Lagi Projek Kerajaan Barisan Nasional.


  35. Jabar says:

    Musa Aman publicly declared his assets as RM300 million when he first took office as Sabah Chief Minister in March 2003. In the short time he has been Chief Minister, he has managed to increase his assets to an estimated RM2 billion. The fact that Musa Aman was worth RM300 million when he took office in March 2003 is in itself something to question. How he managed to increase 6 times his worth in such a short time of six years is no mystery . Wonder how much $ he made from this Block M and Block L? No wonder, Musa keeps going to meet the Sultan of Brunei.


  36. yokuboiti says:

    come on the people of Sabah.!!!wake up dont be fooled by this UMNO goons Musang. if u dont act now, he will gradually sell off Sabah….he is already well known as a 5 million dollar man. All projects are his including timber1


  37. pengiran Al - sabah says:



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