Yes , I got it wrong. My prediction was out. Sorry guys. Hulu Selangor has got a new Member of Parliament, Mr Kamalanathan and I congratulate him. He got 24,997 votes and our Datuk Zaid Ibrahim  got 23,272 votes with votes cast 48,935 and  the percentage turnout was 75.87%.

Anyway also Congratulations to the Barisan National for spending RM 60 million to RM100 million of taxpayers money in this by-election which has been well spent regardless of whether it is lawful or not. At least it goes into the pockets of the Hulu Selangor voters rather than the suppliers of submarines, tanks and helicopters or some Israeli agents.

Also must thank and congratulate Mahathir and Ibrahim Alkataki of PERKASA for “turun padang” or else Barisan National would not have won with such a hugh majority of 1725 votes, taking into consideration the 7 25 spoilt votes and 1000 postal votes.

Also the majority of the Indian voters had cast their votes for BN because Hindraf had stayed completely neutral in this election and didnt endorse support for Pakatan Rakyat from the Indian community.

Since Barisan Nasional has won with such a convincing victory, and such a huge majority, it should immediately call for a General Elections and see if it can do better than the 2008 march elections or it should just dissolve the Perak State Assembly and see if it can still have Perak and Dr Zambry its Mentri Besar.

So Najib, if you think you are so popular and Malaysians love you, I challenge you to call for a snap General Election. See if you can still hold Putrajaya! Test the waters Mr Prime Minister!

  1. Haji Othman says:

    My first time reading this blog, I was a candidate in 1990 GE… opposition lah.. use my own funds more then what the party gave… that time was for real… to improve the way things were running… after 20 years I have seen changes… but the SILENT prejudice amongst the masses continue to prevail… sometimes .. I feel sad… but live and let live… in the end all politicians can never be sincere…not the good old days… its all about wealth, power, greed and then we all die…perish…. to me our maker.. only then the TRUTH ….will be presented to us..


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