This sunday, Pakatan Rakyats Zaid Ibrahim will win the Hulu Selangor Parliamentary seat by 3000 votes majority. This is my prediction.

My UMNO Intelligence from Penang, Mohd Idris Othman, just got back from Hulu Selangor parliamentary constituency and he is telling me that Umno’s reading as at yesterday is, Hulu Selangor will go back to Pakatan Rakyat and the margin will be a 3000 majority for Zaid Ibrahim. According to Idris also, even the Special Branch (SB) is saying that the Barisan Nasional will lose by about 2000+ votes.

The Hulu Selangor parliamentary constituency has a total electorate of 64,500. There are 34,020 (52.7%) Malay, 16,964 (26.3%) Chinese and 12,453 (19.3%) Indian voters.

My friend Mohd Idris  says that the Barisan Nasional knows for sure that the Chinese and Indian votes has tilt big time towards Pakatan Rakyat, and so has the Malay votes.

He also told me that Umno’s strategy the next 48 hours is to go all out in personal attacks on Zaid Ibrahim and Anwar Ibrahim. Personal attacks will become the mode of campaigning and also tons of money will be handed-out in the next 48 hours to shift the equation.

Of course, personal attacks of this nature is not going to help Barisan National win the seat, and even, dishing out money is not going to change anything, as the voters have decided a while ago. The voter are much smarter now. They will take your goodies and then ask you to fuck off. This will backfire for sure for the Barisan.

It seems, the hearts of many Indian voters has been slighted in this constituency and they are really upset by the way Barisan Nasional/UMNO sidelined G Palinivel whom they are familiar. He has been their 4 terms MP after all. They say at least, Barisan Nasional and particularly Umno should have honoured the BN coalition spirit and listened to the demand of a component party – no matter how insignificant MIC may be. They openly say that the Indians are treated like shit in this country. The cow head incident is also something the Indians cannot forget and its still fresh in their minds.

Then amongst the UMNO members there is this other problem, they wanted a Malay candidate to contest and some were campaigning for Muhammad Muhammad Taib  to go for the seat. However, Muhyiddin Yassin the UMNO No 2 was not in favour of him, also including Khir Toyo the former Umno top man for Selangor was also totally against this idea. Muhammad2 Taib is still perceived as a threat to many Umno hopefuls as he is still very popular among the electorate in Selangor. Remember this year’s UMNO’s party contest, a very hard fought contest where Muhyiddin Yassin garnered 1,575 votes against  Muhammad2 Taib’s 916 to become Umno’s new deputy president. The fight was intense and the scare is still there, don’t forget! This problem is costing the Barisan National the Malay votes.

The Chinese voters on the other hand are also really mad about the “Teoh Beng Hock” murder incident in the MACC hands and also what happened in Perak to the DAP state government. This is costing again the Barisan National the Chinese votes.

So Zaid Ibrahim versus P Kamalanathan is a foregone conclusion. Zaid Ibrahim will win the by-election with hands down.

With all this political drama unfolded, the odds now are against Barisan Nasional and my prediction that Zaid Ibrahim will clinch a victory in this political bout with ease, and with a 3000 votes majority, come this Sunday , is a reality.

  1. Ng Choong Huah says:

    I hope so that it will turn into a reality as to teach them a lesson.They r like warlords and it is not the minority that dictate terms…they r the ones who say so n so must be the candidate or else u can forget about the election,right?

    Thanks for sharing with me.


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