The Sabahsightseeing staff had a FAREWELL dinner for their boss Ambrose Obon  and I too was invited. It was like one last dinner with Ambrose as  he will be leaving  us to start his own Tourism company, a direct friendly competitor to TATT in the making.  So toasts were made, some good-byes were said, and accolades for the session were given, before all return as competitors.

Ambrose, my good friend from the Pasok days will be leaving us immediately. Ambrose did a good job as Manager of Sabahsightseeing as he had turn around the branch which was year marked to be closed down before he took over due to low sales.

I want to thank Ambrose for opening up opportunity for me to learn so much about tourism and its products by allowing me to hang out in the Wisma Sabah office, and I want to thank also the staff of Sabahsightseeing for allowing me a chance to share one of my passions with people who were interested in my topic while I was hanging out with them.

Anyway, the dinner itself started quite normally, we ate, drank some beers and just had fun talking about anything and everything. Overall it was a great dinner, and I really enjoyed myself that night and so was everyone. Thank you Emily for organising this in such a short notice.

To Ambrose, if you ever read this, I’ll pray for your success. I hope our paths cross again, but if they don’t…please know that you’re been a wonderful part of my life during my 9 months in Sabah. I’ll take what you said to heart, that friends should always bring out the best in each other. And remember, it is said that the only thing you can count on to remain the same is the very concept of change. Life moves on, and hopefully we grow and move along with life. See you !! Read my blog often so that I’ll have motivation to update it on your behalf : I’ll try to visit you sometimes in your new outfit.

Thank you. Wish you luck my friend.

See here and here

  1. khairul says:

    Hang buat apa diSabah bagitu lama ni? Ada awet kot disana. Mana tahu lepas ni mata hang terang ramai pulak nak cuba kaedah hang. … jaga nanti bini mengamuk hantar spy…sorry kalau aku punya imaginasi ni agak merapu heehhehe!


  2. Omar says:

    Bila balik Selva? Deepak bilang hang seronok diSabah sampai lupa member disini. Pak Idris kirim salam. Ayo telepon aku balik lah. Aku kecewa kamu nggak mengangkat telepon ini. Rindu suda tak nampak member lama.


  3. ambrose obon says:

    Hi Seva,

    Just to tell u that i,ve visited your blog.




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