3 Muslim Women Kena Rotan For Khalwat, 1 Waiting To Be Given 6 Strokes For Drinking Beer

Posted: February 17, 2010 in Agence France-Presse, Bar Council president Ragunath Kesavan, Islam, Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, khalwat, Malaysia, Malaysia Today, Malaysian Human Rights, mothers, Muslim Council of Britain, sex scandal
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Hear this….I picked this up from Agence France-Presse

Three women have been caned under Islamic law for having extramarital sex, and this is the first case in Malaysia.

Officials said the three women were caned on February 9 at a women’s prison outside the capital Kuala Lumpur after being convicted of “khalwat” or “close proximity” between an unmarried couple.

“I hope this will not be misunderstood until it defiles the purity of Islam,” Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said according to state media.

“The punishment is to teach and give a chance to those who have fallen off the path to return and build a better life in future,” he said, adding that none of the three sustained any injuries.

Hishammuddin said the three women and four men were caned following a December decision in the religious courts — which operate in parallel to the civil system in Malaysia.

He said one woman was released from prison last Sunday while another will be freed in several days and the third will be released in June.

Malaysian Islamic authorities triggered uproar last year when they sentenced mother-of-two Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno to six strokes of the cane for drinking beer.

Her case, which was to have been the first time a woman was caned under Islamic law in Malaysia, is under review and human rights groups have urged religious authorities to reverse the sentence.

Kartika’s case has been given wide media coverage but the case of the three women convicted of extramarital sex came as a surprise.

Bar Council president Ragunath Kesavan said it was worrying that the punishment had gone ahead even as the caning issue was being hotly debated by Muslim scholars, religious groups and human rights activists.

“The impression was that Kartika’s case would be the first so I’ve got no idea what has happened,” he told AFP.

“It’s not as if this is the Middle East… it’s not a good signal that they’re sending out.”

“We are against any form of corporal punishment, for men or women,” he added. “The fact is that any form of whipping is barbaric.”

By the way, my friend Antares wants to know if these 3 girls in the picture below are the ones who got caned? Antares is willing to give the mobile number of these girls if anyone care to find out straight from the horse’s mouth. Anyone care?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can a khalwat member call me 012-2738062


  2. Naz says:

    It is a well-known fact that when najib comes to sabah, he must have girls, not one, not two but three young girls. He would be six feet underground by now if the malaysian authorities had caned him properly under muslim laws.


  3. Izat says:

    I am operating a lodge and very often I have guests from Turkey, a Muslim country. Man oh man….the ladies and the guys can really DRINK ! They filled up my freezer with liquors and beers and drank, sang and danced till 4:30 am. They were celebrating their friend’s engagement to a local muslim girl. Malaysia…oh.. Malaysia…. may ALL the muslim women vote for DAP !


  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think so either in muslim, hindu, buddist, trully christ, trully jews or trully human being like to allow the something that immoral behavior. and also animal not like to drink alcoholic…the bees also not like the poppy flowers… so what…. in muslim religion… it just want to guide the human more behavior like the human being…
    naked, nude… birthdays suits…. the truth that who give this idea is not healthy mind and phychic. how can we put the cloth in our wife whom, or how can our baby built up their cloth…. crazy thinking…


  5. Anonymous says:

    The Muslim religion…well all religion suppresses any advancement in humans and the will for people to make their own choices in life. Muslims are brainwashed idiots who have the education level a steaming dog shite


  6. Peter says:

    Yep canning these women certainly has made all the Muslims that I know stay on the right path!!!!!!! Jeeeez in the dictionary there should be a picture of the dumb SOB’s who dispense this violence under the word “coward” ……. so much for the equality of the Muslim faith ……. when was it that a man was last canned for a similar act ……….. don’t think to long or your brain will break ………….


  7. By canning,they violate their basic human rights.I think that they are real cute in their birthday suits.I see nothing wrong,you were born into this world naked.Sometimes it is ok to run around in birthday suit.
    But in Sarawak,there are two laws,one for the muslim and the other for Taib’s muslim..his niece held up TIGER beer,champagne MOET or PERIGNON and yet no action by JAIS.I supports you girls,can I have your contact so that I can give you my support. GOD bless


  8. panasmata says:

    Pictures of lovely breasts! Wow! Just appreciative of natural beauty-nothing wrong I hope! No caning for looking??

    Hahaha! May be no Khalwat in Bali (Budddhists no?) Bare breast women are part of our kulture all over the archipelago lah! The westerners are emulating us- topless (and bottomless). No one gets upset!

    We are all born naked- so….what’s the big deal. Running around saves money on clothing. Although may cause environmental problems with overheating (onlookers)!

    To be fair the men who had sex with the ladies should also get the rotan x2 ?


  9. Puvanz says:

    one need to know where islam,muslim and malay fit in….

    the law above is for the non UMNO malays….
    yes u have Malays,then UMNO malays and then NON UMNO malays…


  10. sirivijaya_empire says:

    stupid will always be stupid. there’s no repairing stupid!!!! i


  11. James warman says:

    Please do not challenge only on “Muslim” Ladies. Keep this low profile, there are many other more important news than – Muslim ladies “Khawat”.


  12. Bucky says:

    Re the girls in the above picture, I would be VERY interested in getting the mobile phone number, but only to get the truth from them about what really happened, that’s all. And I’m quite prepared to meet them on the beach where that photo was taken too!


  13. aly2pan says:

    Hoping Malaysia will rules by one civil law only. It is injustice for the people since nonmuslim are free to drink and no khalwat for them… the real bad laws and contravane to the basic human right..Barbaric


  14. Daylight says:

    Two of them where whipped six times and the third was given four strokes of the rotan at Kajang Prison.


  15. Ah Loh says:

    Caned for illicit sex??? I think their authorities should look at the amount of illicit sex taken on handphones by muslim couples in malaysia, they will have to schedule canning for the 100 years liao.

    And how come the guys never kena canning one???


  16. Anonymous says:

    truly asia.


  17. American says:

    And the Muslims wonder why the US and Europe don’t want them …


  18. Troubled says:

    So my understanding is that they had sex with non-Muslims, right? I mean, they must have as I don’t hear any punishment for the males involved. I really like Malaysia but they are starting to worry me with all these new Muslim laws.


  19. Ali says:

    These ladies deserve it and Malaysia is doing the right thing. It is wrong in Islam for Khlawat. It is haram in Islam to drink alcohol.

    We must sent the right signal to all muslims and Malaysia is doing the right thing.


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