I’m joining all other right thinking peace-loving Malaysians in the condemnations against the cowardly violence committed against the 3 churches in the Klang Valley yesterday morning.

I’m also so proud to know that leaders of all the Churches have been so consistent when they all said with one voice that they do not harbour any ill-feeling against the culprits who damaged and set fire to their churches. The church elders did not stir up the emotions of Christians in this country and the appeal for calm and asking all Christians to forgive those who had done the damage is so heavenly and so inspiring. I’m lost for words!

The statement of forgiveness and tolerance made by the church elders
just goes to show that Christians in this country are both Godly and forgiving.

This is what Malaysians are all about – forgiving!

I take my hats off to the church elders.

Hey, hey! What have you got to say?

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