I picked up this picture from Zorro-unmasked
which I want to share with all.

They say ‘A picture speaks a thousand words.’ We have all heard this saying, more than once, I would imagine. But consider for a moment how very true this statement really is.

This picture can tell you so many things. And in Malaysia, this is true even more so when racist, bigots and fanatics who fan hatred amongst the population just to stay in power spread lies to break the unity of All The Clear Thinking Malaysians. But Malaysians are not at all like that. Just look at this picture and it will say it all. An Indian Kid leading a Chinese Old man home after they had collected their lunch. Our diversity has endless potential and the man in the street knows that and even a kid knows that.

There are people who care. These individuals don’t give a damn to the racist UMNO who constantly try to break the spirit of Malaysians by their racial discriminatory policies. We have many with Humanitarian Hearts and I’m so proud of this.There are good and bad people of every “race” and ethnicity, and that’s a fact. Only UMNO/BN politicians cannot see this.

Well done Bernard for showing the world that love and compassion and unity is still very much alive in Malaysia although UMNO the pillar of our Federal Government practices its own kind of apartheid to break the unity of our people which is not the value-system our forebears bequeathed us.

1Malaysia – Happy New Year!

  1. unhappy says:

    Greed and power crazy can hide any thing and try to divide the peace loving malaysians. in every part of the country we can all races living happily and united respecting each other.Only the dirty greedy politions are creating racial issues to fulfill thiergreed and power hunger.Come Malaysian be united and teach them a lesson.


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