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Golfing great Tiger Woods has taken a break from the sport after he admitted to ‘infidelity’.

Websites are raking in millions over Woods’ scandal

It’s a business worth millions of dollars that some internet entrepreneurs are eyeing by sale of websites dedicated to the Tiger Woods scandal, even as the disgraced golfer himself has lost millions in earnings to his ‘infidelity’.

Dozens of websites have cropped up in the past few days and put on sale for prices as high as 21 million dollars to cash in on the scandal involving the former ‘God of Golf’ and his mistresses.

These include, one of the most expensive so far,,,,, and, which are currently on sale at leading online marketplace eBay.

Around 20 such website addresses are currently on sale for a price totalling to over 100 million dollars – an amount nearing the golfer’s annual income from his endorsements and tournaments.

However, Woods is set to lose all these earnings as he has announced a hiatus from his professional golf career and is being dropped from the endorsements as well. Companies like Accenture and Gillette, for who Woods was the star campaigner and brand ambassador, have already dropped him.

In October itself, business magazine Forbes, which is known for its rich list rankings, said that Woods has become the world’s first athlete to cross career earnings of one billion dollars and his annul income from endorsements and gold totals more than 100 million dollars.

This is Raja Petra’s 2010 New Year Resolution: Voter-get-voter campaign.
Raja Petra wants us to make this our New Year Resolution as well.

Come 1st January 2010, we must make sure we get at least one person to register as a voter — if we can get more than one to register, even better. Just through our efforts alone we can get at least half those not yet registered to vote to become registered voters.

The game plan should be:

1. Get them to register as voters.

2. Get them to come out to vote on Polling Day.

3. Who they vote for is of course their business and their constitutional right — but guide them on what they should look for when deciding whom to vote for.

Ultimately, we can only convince them to register as voters and to come out to vote. It is still up to them who they want to vote for. The crucial job thereafter is to turn all these registered voters into INFORMED VOTERS so that when they go to the polling station on Polling Day they will know what is the right thing to do.

According to Raja Petra, Pakatan Rakyat needed only 300,000 more votes to form the federal government in the last March general election. If Pakayat Rakyat had garnered those extra 300,000 votes it would have easily won 112 parliament seats versus Barisan Nasional’s 110 instead of only 82 versus Barisan Nasional’s 130.

So guys, lets get going, lets get this VOTER-GET-VOTER campaign going for 2010.

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