This is the proposed symbol for the Pakatan Rakyat.

Pakatan has applied to the Registrar of Society for formal registration as a single entity and last week the application was submitted in Putrajaya.

Zaid Ibrahim the former minister in the Prime Minister’s Department who is heading the task force set up for the registration of the Pakatan alliance has proposed Tok Guru Nik Aziz to head the new political entity.

This is a brilliant proposal by Zaid. I’m too all for Tok Guru Nik Aziz my hero heading Pakatan.

With Tok Guru heading the Pakatan alliance, Pakatan will now be able to attract much rural Malay support into its fold. Besides, BN cannot attack Nik Aziz in a manner they are doing now to Anwar Ibrahim. This move of making Tok Guru to head the Pakatan will also give ample time for Anwar to devote and settle his numerous court cases and also give him more time to put more effort to stablise the Selangor State Government which also looks like its going the Perak way.

So it certain Zaid has laid out a road map to Putrajaya for Pakatan. Anwar Ibrahim should now ‘sacrifice’ himself to make way for Tok Guru Nik Aziz to lead Pakatan. Anwar should not create roadblocks for this move.

As we know, after the March 2008 12th General Erection, that an electoral pact alone was not enough to wrest power from the BN. A cohesive coalition is the only possible way. The biggest obstacle to Putrajaya is not BN but the opposition parties themselves.

Malaysians are sick and tired of BN’s corruption and abuse of power. They are ready for change but there must be a viable alternative to BN. So far there is none.

Pakatan is showing Malaysians some signs that they can be that alternative. If this is possible, then the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is Pakatan’s come the 13th General Elections. This is a chance of a lifetime and lets all make this work for a BETTER MALAYSIA.

  1. baetifully said the alternative is giving us a chance to prove to the BN that your tricks are over.At this point tok guru is the right choice.At least the citizens now have a choice . Pull up your socks BN with sincierity not with threats and underminds.Malaysian can think now .gone are days of sweet talks and acting dramas


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