The Dinner

“The Dinner”

The Dinner

“The Dinner”

The Ride

“The Ride”

These pictures were sent to me by someone from Tanjung Aru Tours & Travel. The rest in the pictures, other than me, are all staff of  Tanjung Aru Tours & Travel the oldest tour company in North Borneo/Sabah.

First, let me note that this is an excellent group. Collectively, they “got it”. I appreciated their effort, maturity and professionalism, including their willingness to put self aside for the greater interest of the company and the tourist visiting Sabah. They collectively worked hard, bucked up when travellers appeared, they rolled up their sleeves and were proactive in their answers and questions asked by travellers. This group is active and does cultivate relationships with people they meet. This was great to witness. Collectively, they are outstanding ambassadors for our country. I am very proud of them and their efforts.

In many instances, because of the professional way this group conducted themselves, they changed the perceptions of Malaysia in a very positive and productive way. I felt honored to witness such an exchange and it made me feel optimistic about the future. And one person who has to be acknowledged in this group is Rosdiana Wasimin, a Dusun from Kundasang, and, she was leading the group and motivating all the others in her team so positively with her knowledge on Sabah tourism and its tourism products, I was amazed.

Understanding that our youth hold the key to our future let us with good judgment, strategize and develop our sustainable tourism product with our youth in mind and as partners. There is a huge potential in tourism which can attract many young people. Its up to us as to bring the best out of them all. If we are serious in scouting for really capable and talented Malaysians, there are many out there and we have to start looking outside of the box of current talents.

I could write more about “The Dinner” and “The Ride” but for now I will settle with the attached pictures that said it all.

  1. farah says:

    Selva, padamkan api segera jika anda tidak ingin terbakar! Nothing special bah!


  2. sabrina says:

    boleh aja bang..OK kata abang, OK la kami semua. Kami ikut aje ckp abang..hahaha

    skali skala kena follow up outing bersama abang..refresh balik idea…bila u want to call me?


  3. Jenny says:

    Tidak adil Mr Selva. How about we all ba?


  4. Kalimullah says:

    Still in Sabah and not coming back to the Pearl of Orient? Go look at your email.


  5. George says:

    Great post dude! I’ll keep this one in my back pocket for awhile — definitely a great overview.


  6. Yapp says:

    Yes the pictures have said it all….nice way of promoting the staff Tanjung Aru Tours & Travel. You sure a smart man mr selva.


  7. Eddy says:

    best gila mr selva.


  8. Mike Lim says:

    Mr Selva I agree with you that tourism in Sabah has a huge potential and the youth must be brought in as partners as they hold the key to our future in Sabah. Well written my friend. I never fail to visit this blog everyday. Thank you.


  9. mr selva kenapa my picture not hansome ishhh malu nyerrr


  10. Hello friends,
    Great post, very well written.
    You should blog more about this.
    I’ll definitely be subscribing.
    Have a good day..


  11. James says:

    Selva, who are the ladies, man? Wow! you must be one lucky fellow with all the girls surrounding you.


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