Posted: September 27, 2009 in Malaysia Today, Raja Petra Kamarudin, Uncategorized

Its my birthday tomorrow and I cant believe it that I’m 53 and been here since 1956. Needs an award for this.

So its Libra time again, September 23 – October 22.

They say Libras are notoriously diplomatic, as they are on both sides of the fence. Libras are peaceful, kind, charming, easy-going and romantic. On the negative side, they say Libras can be indecisive (I don’t know if this is true?).

Famous Libras include Michael Douglas – September 25, my buddy Raja Petra – September 27, Myself – September 28, John Lennon – October 9, Luciano Pavarotti – October 12, and my other buddy John Richard Jayasuriya also a Libra.

  1. al says:

    i’m also one of the libra.hope i can become like you…clever ..


  2. ktteokt says:

    Say, I am a LIBRAN too!


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