Party Drug KETAMINE “K” can help people having Suicidal Tendencies

Posted: September 15, 2009 in Health, herb, Information, Ketamine, Malaysia, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, music, psychiatrist, Rebecca Price, suicidial tendencies
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Users say it’s fun, it’s cheap, and it’s beginning to shake off its hardcore party drug image.

Is ketamine the new drug of choice for young people in Malaysia?

See here my own indulgence not so long ago…

I was in a 100% Chinese Karaoke joint in Kota Kinabalu with 6 0ther friends.

Ranny and me decided that we would try it out. So I did a line of “K”, that’s all it took, although it was a pretty fat line…

within 15-20 minutes I’d say I was falling into a “k – hole”, things started moving in slow motion, I looked down to see my legs gone, but could move, but also able to stand up, and then, thinking, hey! I’m walking now, but I can’t feel my limbs. My mind watched everything becoming cloudy and I’m on a cloud floating, next I’m up on the table trying to reach for the speakers. Then I am on the other side of the dance floor, I danced in slow motion and felt like I was in some strange place. I feel so happy and peaceful, so nice, cannot describe the feeling of happiness. I leave the dance floor and walk outside to the smoking area. Sat on a chair but the chair was very small and I am slipping down as if I was going to fall right down into a hole in the ground.

My mind was just going crazy….all kinds of thoughts was going on…very confusing

My friends too were spaced out like me, strange behavior, but i don’t regret doing it and would probably do it again.

Anyway, according to some medical experts from Israel, there is also some good out of ketamine. Its not as bad as how its being portrayed. It seems this new party drug “ketamine” or “K” can also be of help for people with suicidal tendencies. It can bring down depression levels rapidly, a preliminary study has revealed.

Treatment of depression can take weeks to produce positive results, which is inadequate for those contemplating suicide.

However, in early trials, intravenous (IV) ketamine, previously used as an anaesthetic, has brought down depression levels rapidly.

Ketamine cuts down suicidal thoughts when patients were assessed 24 hours after a single infusion. This reduction in suicidal tendencies was maintained when patients received repeated doses over the next two weeks.

Study co-author Rebecca Price, psychiatrist, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, said: “If these findings hold up in larger samples of high-risk suicidal patients, IV ketamine could prove an attractive treatment option in situations that might endanger a patient’s life”.

Since this was a preliminary study in a small group of depressed patients, further research is needed to replicate these results.

However, the findings are promising and could result in improved treatment for suicidal patients in the future.

These findings were published in the September issue of Biological Psychiatry.

See here my indulgence in chemical romance.

So, want to know the kind of music ketamine users love? Here goes….

  1. Nikol Fayth says:

    Hahah no its not. Cocaine is dirty. Acid is dirty. Ecstasy is dirty


  2. tim says:

    Ketamine is gross.It is a dirty drug.


  3. palmetessa says:

    Funny how sometimes medical research seems to go backwards rather than forward.


  4. Brent says:

    Ketamine used as a psychotomimetic? Not sure about that. It is used in anesthesia however and is a pretty powerful dissociative substance. It works by blocking nmda receptors, and also seems to be a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It may also affect opioid receptors.


  5. Radek says:

    Well, if it helps patients with drug-resistant depression, then give it a go. On the other hand it might take you from depression and make you a drug addict quick


  6. Zen says:

    I thought this was out of circulation. Totally takes me back, would do it again in a heartbeat.


  7. Kristina Hooper says:

    There are a dozen or so studies on, for instance, this one, on TAK-063, formerly under investigation for cognitive impairment in schizophrenia. I think the idea is that in schizophrenia, the NMDA receptors may be underactive, and ketamine has similar action, so they can get something resembling schizophrenia in otherwise healthy people.
    Home –
    IMPORTANT: Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government. Read our disclaimer for details.


  8. Nikol Fayth says:

    I know someone that takes it for bipolar disorder. Its the only drug i can really handle recreationally. Everything else is too harsh for me. Ketamine, in small doses, has truly helped change my thought process, easing my depression and anxiety. I love it. Never became addicted but then again i dont have an addictive personality.


  9. Down Under says:

    You are awesome, what a crazy geologist….i too like “Blow your Whistle.”


  10. MorningLightMountain17,735 says:

    we should hang out sometime. im from KK too. :)


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  12. NubCymNnumn says:

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    have a blessed holidays and take care


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  14. Anonymous says:

    this is awsome


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  16. marissa. says:

    dude. that is NOT the music k lovers listen to.
    dupstep is like… slow and wompy,
    perfect for a k high,

    well.. k and acid if your lucky.


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