In case you guys forgot, Malaysia was formed on Sept 16, 1963 and Malaysia is only 46 years old today and not 52 years old as told. What a shame, they NEVER told us this in school. Our ‘official’ history is riddled with prejudice, inconsistencies and huge knowledge gaps, so much so that there was a time when school textbooks made no mention of September 16th as Malaysia Day.

I would love Malaysia to be independent as per the wishes or vision of Lee Kuan Yue @ Uncle Harry Lee…..but somehow still I am not convinced about the Independence Day…….and celebration.

See here our Harris Ibrahim’s initiative on Anak Bangsa Malaysia, which is long overdue. Also see here.

Happy Malaysia Day to all my comrades and fellow citizens in Malaysia.

Happy Birthday, Malaysia!!!

  1. Iskandar Mustapha says:

    If Sabah and Sarawak pull out of the federation, Malaysia will collapse. People from both states are more hard-working and honest, unlike the majority in peninsula who are handicapped and still rely heavily on cluthes, while their corrupt leaders openly abuse their power and rob the nation like day-light robberies, ever since TDM’s era.
    After several generations, their brains become weak and useless, as compare to Singapore brains.


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