Kota Kinabalu High Court Judge Datuk Clement Skinner is a fine attorney and a very good judge, a friend. All those that have come in contact with him over the years will agree. All my friends in Sabah, have described the judge as honest, skilled, and hard working.

Skinner as he is fondly called by friends, is a hard worker and a good lawyer, a founding partner in the law firm Skinner & Lind in Kota Kinbabalu.

I think very highly of Justice Skinner as he is very meticulous, very, very conscientious and a real legal scholar. He’s a very fine judge and a dying breed in Malaysia. I always found him to be a reasonable judge.

Recently in a case of a snatch thief, Jasmie @ Roslan Albani an illegal immigrant from Southern Philippines, grabbed a necklace from the neck of a young lady, Nurima, as she was coming down a bus in the Kota Kinabalu main bus stand. The snatch thief Jasmie was apprehended by a policeman with the help of the fellow passengers in the bus. In court, Jasmie admitted to his crime and a Magistrate had imposed a sentence of 15 months imprisonment.

Judge Datuk Clement Skinner after reading that the Magistrate had imposed only 15 months imprisonment for the snatch thief Jasmie, called for the file to be brought to him for a review of sentence as he felt that the sentence was inadequate. At the trial in his court, Judge Skinner increased the prison term to 3 years and said ” a clear message should be sent that it does not pay to commit snatch thefts.”

This is the kind of judge Malaysia needs in plenty.

Judge Skinner brought to the bench so many of the qualities you like to see in a judge. We need many more judges of such qualities in Malaysia when the image of our judiciary is at its lowest ebb.

Just last week, the Chief Justice Of Malaysia Tun Zaki Azmi, said that disciplinary action has been taken on two judges for being grossly inefficient. Tun Zaki said he is sending out a strong message to the judges and court staff to shape up or ship out. He too wants to redeem the image of our judiciary. See here what Justice Tun Zaki Azmi said.

  1. Neobel says:

    maybe he is a good judge but what good does it make when he allows his fat lazy wife to fooled him, she is so arrogant that she practically told her friends that she does not like to stay in Malaysia because this country is too hot for her, well I have this to say to her…….She has tons of fat layers under her skin that’s why she feels hot its not because of the humid climate in this country but its because of the few fat layers underneath her skin. Besides, its quite surprising an intelligent man like him can marry a woman who is uneducated, so snobbish and talks stupid. Certainly he cant make a difference between stone and diamond, that’s why he end up with a lousy dull person. If I were him I would have sent her back for good to her country. Please wake up!!


  2. Danny Chuew says:

    not sure about that but certainly his wife does not have manners, empty brains, arrogant but an empty vessel.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Have you seen him throwing tantrum and his status saying he is above the law, just because people are asking his children to behave in a public place? Well, think again


  4. James says:

    Good work! Keep it up!


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