Malaysia-Indonesia relations has taken a very sharp turn recently. It reminds me very much of Sukarno’s “Ganyang Malaysia” (crush Malaysia) declaration of the sixties.This growing anti-Malaysian sentiment is spreading all over Indonesia like wildfire.

See here a video from a local TV station in Indonesia showing a crowd burning a paper made Malaysian flag.

Also see below a statement posted on a Indonesian blog titled “Terselubung” which says that a number of Malaysian Web sites had been hacked and defaced by Indonesian hackers to “celebrate” Malaysia’s Independence Day, August 31st, their way.

Its funny, while our UMNO politicians continue to play politics of Race and Religion to divide us in order to hold onto power, the Indonesians are planning their strategy to colonize and takeover Malaysia. There are millions of them here already in the form of Khir Toyos. It’s a matter of timing… we are seeing it happening in Sabah now. Next will be Selangor, oh no, no, we already had the CEO Khir Toyo from across the Straits.

What is happening to my dear Malaysia?

  1. Polprav says:

    Hello from Russia)


  2. Malaysian says:

    These bastards don’t even have money to buy a real Malaysian flag, probably they are waiting for us to provide them with some sum of money like we always do when they are fucking broke. Go fuck your stinking self’s you cheep whores. Earth quake hit morons.


  3. Anak Surabaya says:

    Malaysians react when your media reported about the so-called sweeping of Malaysian in Indonesia. I deplore such act, I also hope that Bendera people will be questioned by the police. So maybe you in Malaysia has to understand why Indonesian react when Indonesians in Malaysia were harmed by your Polis and RELA many times or by TLDM etc.

    For example when malaysian NAVY shot a fishing boat belongs to fisherman in Nunukan, our media reported it, they show the boat that has been shot, they interviewed the fishermen, while the fishermen themselves certain they are still in Indonesian waters. And about the caning of Indonesians illegal migrants, our legal workers, our tourist, our karate referee, our diplomats Etc.

    This kind of news were too frequent for us to hear and witness. It affect us too.

    Malaysians only hear a news about some Bendera bunch threat Malaysians, without any Malaysians were actually harmed. But what we hear in return was/is many times worse. I am just trying to portrait the effect of what you hear and see in the media here. Hope you understand what I mean.

    Honestly speaking, many Indonesians like me, very very disappointed with Malaysia provocation (TLDM) in Karang Unarang (Ambalat) in February 2005. This incident has changed my perception on Malaysia … I can’t still understand how Malaysia can do a barbaric action to their neighbor when we still busy to concentrate to help our people in Aceh after a huge earth quake/tsunami in Dec. 2004. Thats the turning point, not only for me but also to many other Indonesians and also our TNI officers.

    Other incidents such as Rasa Sayange, Reog Pononrogo, Angklung, Nirmala Bonat, Ronald, Reog Ponorogo, further provocation by TLDM in Ambalat, Pendet etc convinced me and many other Indonesians that Malaysia has no no good in faith and sensitivity in relationship with Indonesia.

    So, I can understand why many Indonesians ultra nationalist like Bendera can’t control their emotion…

    Nasi Sudah Menjadi Bubur … Setelah tahu ini apakah anda masih menimpakan seluruh kesalahan kepada Indonesia? PATHETIC


  4. Anonymous says:

    Stinking INDONS!


  5. Rudy H says:

    MALAYSIA – Negeri-nya Noordin M Top


  6. roby says:

    malaysia tai……..


  7. Mas Gemblung says:

    Gerakan Anti-Malaysia di Indonesia merupakan wujud kekecewaan rakyat Indonesia terhadap bangsa Malaysia yang telah mengklaim hasil cipta, karya dan karsa asli kebudayaan bangsa Indonesia sebagai produk kebudayaan Malaysia untuk kepentingan tourism di Malaysia. Kejadian ini sebagai renungan, kritik dan intropeksi diri untuk bangsa Malaysia agar bangga terhadap kebudayaan bangsa kalian sendiri jujur dan menggunakan etika dalam mencapai tujuan mensejahterakan seluruh rakyat di Malaysia tanpa perlu mengklaim produk-produk kebudayaan bangsa lain, khususnya bangsa Indonesia.


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