Nurul Izzah Anwar never fails to amaze and impress me. Meet here only twice but had such a lasting impression on me. To me she is a remarkable young woman and a tremendous role model to all Malaysians. She is full of passion, extremely bright, unbelievably tenacious and exceedingly hard working. I call her the pit bull. When she goes after something she just won’t let go – and that is exactly what she did when Anwar was counting bars in Sungai Buloh. Anwar Ibrahim is such a lucky man to have Nurul as a daughter. Remember, during the time when Anwar was counting bars, Nurul was like a pillar to Kak Wan and family and ALL MALAYSIANS  as she kept the REFORMASI fire burning.

Read here what she has to say to Umno and the Malay extremists, and what the community as a whole needs to understand.

  1. rebena says:

    We all rakyat support Nurul Izzah Anwar as a MP.

    Hidup PKR
    Hidup PR
    Hidup Rakyat


  2. fidel castro says:

    semuga allah memberkati perjuangan mu nurul izzah. amin


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