Stone out of My Head! Happy Merdeka!

Posted: August 30, 2009 in about me, Anak Bangsa Malaysia, ganja, Ketamine, Malaysia, Malaysia Day, Malaysian Indian, marijuana, music
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Selamat Merdeka!

I’m fucking stone out of my head right right now. Forgive if I’m writing nonsense. Had tooo much of chemicals… K…Happy5 … Ecstasy and weed. This is the first time I ventured with my friend Ranny and all these chemicals were so easily available in in KK. Never knew all these mind altering stuff was just available over a phone call.

Man I’m totally wracked and brain dead now and I hope I’m writing some sense here so that others don’t end up like me. Had just soo much of chemicals with my friend Ranny……..I am terribly sorry for the revelations of my ‘true’ self and my stupidity. Will try never to become adventurous again. Stupid me!

  1. Lett5 says:

    haha ma dudee ur one dope geologist. peace & love


  2. Alister John says:

    You are cool man! I like your style.


  3. SAM says:

    Up to some no good again Mr Selva? You are one crazy fellow my friend.

    Take care and don’t overindulge as we don’t want to lose you.



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