I am shocked by the action of a few donkeys in Shah Alam in desecrating the head of a cow to protest the relocation of a Hindu temple to their neighborhood. These donkeys are giving Muslims in Malaysia a bad name. How can these donkeys carry out this despicable act just after finishing their Friday prayers?

I’m troubled by the action of these few donkeys as this amounts to incitement of religious hatred.

I call all my Hindu brothers and sisters to remain calm and not to get agitated and overreact and retaliate. Forgive all these stupid donkeys. I dare say the majority of Muslims in Malaysia are not like these few idiotic perpetrators.

Malaysians must condemn the mindless act of the few that chose to bring shame to Islam during this holy month of Ramadhan.

Cool guys!

  1. Iskandar Mustapha says:

    God must be crazy to allow those monkeys doing such thing.
    I wonder why they are still alive, and not yet stuck dead by lightning, or succumb to mental break-down. What if someone were to carry a pig’s head to the PM’s office?


  2. ktteokt says:

    Such an uncivilized act! What if the Hindus carry the head of another animal offending their religion to their place of worship? That would certainly start another May 13! These idiots are playing with FIRE! Why is the police so INERT against their act? Are these people free from arrest under the famous ISA???????


  3. MIKEWANG says:

    Who is the hooligan who rested his foot on the cow’s head while making his inflammatory speech ?

    Those cowards, now faced with sedition charges, are trying to shift the blame to others.
    Typical UMNO mentality.


  4. glock18 says:

    wow this pahlawans from section 23 must be truly brave and heroic in their own turf. i hope they can bring their extreme blind ethno religous nationalism heroism to a greater height…example by demonstrating with the same carcass head infront of the India parliament in New Delhi….it will be the greatest scene when the Indian security commandos teach them an unforgettable lesson. Air Asia can sponsor this pahlawans free to New Delhi….capati and tea tarik provided free…one way ticket!!!


  5. Tony says:

    Is this the ONEMALAYSIA envisioned by Najib? My foot lah! Its like putting your foot into their ass.


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