In the Semangat 46 days way back 1988, other than Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah aka Ku Li, I also had great liking and interest for our present day Information, Communication and Culture Minister Rais Yatim. Thought that Rais must be one smart cookie a thinking person with his PhD from King’s College London and his doctoral dissertation “Freedom Under Executive Power in Malaysia: A Study of Executive Supremacy”, which I read. What a shame, I was so wrong.

Over the years, my interest in Rais started taking a dive and I began to realize that Rais Yatim is just one big pseudo intellectual a showoff who love to use bombastic words and love to shoot from his hip and will do anything to upstage anyone to impress his boss. What a let down man!

Remember, during our Pak Lah’s era this Rais Yatim had even suggested that all Malaysian women who are traveling alone overseas ought to get their family’s permission before leaving Malaysia or else these women may end up as drug mules overseas. Rais even brought this matter up to the cabinet but it was shot down by Pak Lah. What an idiot!

Then again when Malaysia lost to Singapore over sovereignty of Pulau Batu Putih aka Pedra Branca , Rais Yatim told the press that the ICJ’s verdict in The Hague was a ‘win-win’ decision. Joker this Rais! He thinks Malaysians are dumb.

Now, the most recent one is Rais’s proposed internet filter, his bright idea to impose censorship of the internet and his justification for the protecting of the public’s morality and targeting child pornography and pornography in general. This is yet another ‘brilliant’ idea of our Rais. He thinks he is a smart aleck lah.

Thank goodness, Najib Tun Razak our PM was quick to come out with a statement that the government does not intend to do anything of that sort and has denied that there is an effort to filter the internet.

This is sure a slap in the face for Rais in public. Hope he realize what a joker he is. Rais is proving time and time again that he is an embarrassment to Malaysians with his constant idiotic statements.

Should read here for more.

See here picture of the Indonesian Maid a victim of rape.

  1. Chronos says:

    Not only a disgrace but insulted all PhD holder in the world.


  2. James says:

    Sue the buggers Dr. Rais. Teach them a lesson. Put them in jail. How can they fool around with the honour a lawyer who has a doctorate and a Minister in a UMNOputra run government. Teach them, every single of them, to respect you. Sue them. Get the UMNO police to hound them.


  3. john Lim says:

    The right thing now is for Rais Yatim to make a police report. Its already two weeks now since this story came out, how come Rais Yatim has not yet made a police report against all bloggers including you Selva? It is funny because Rais Yatim is a lawyer and he should know it better. Looks like he is covering his backside! But its too late, the shit has hit the fan.


  4. THIS IS RAIS YATIM’s Statement today (January 5th, 2011) denying THE RAPE EVER TOOK PLACE!

    Information Communication and Culture Minister Rais Yatim today denied an allegation that he had raped his Indonesian maid in 2007, describing the accusations as “wild” and inspired by bloggers and opposition political parties.

    “I refute the allegations, whether they are about raping any individual four years ago or any other allegation, raised by bloggers on the Internet or by any political entity,” he said in a statement sent to Malaysiakini, the independent Malaysian website.

    Asia Sentinel carried the story on Jan. 3, citing a three-page document from Migrant Care, a non-government organization which interviewed the maid after she had returned to Indonesia. Confusion arose initially because reports said the allegations arose from a WikiLeaks release from the 250,000-odd diplomatic cables that a US Army private first class delivered to the website. There was no evidence that that was true.

    Rais, a 69-year-old UMNO stalwart who has served in at least three governments, described the “wild allegations” against him as “heaps of libellous statements and awful, ugly and wicked lies,” Malaysiakini reported.

    “I state readily that any report by anyone so far related to this matter should be investigated under the country’s laws,” he said.

    Rais said he and his family members were prepared to extend full cooperation in such an investigation, and would accept and comply with any outcome of the official probe.


  5. Greg Lopez says:

    Its interesting how the law is applied to Malaysians. Yet the majority of Malaysians continue to support BN.


  6. TERENCE says:



  7. kaycee chong says:

    What a disgrace to Malaysia and Malaysians also to Islam!!!If the Isreali President can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,we dare Najib to put him behind bars and make Badawi accountable for this parasite’s criminal acivity..let Rais be an example,so should Tamby Chik and other sex predator politicians of Malaysia!


  8. mike aker says:

    I used to have a couple of young Indon MAIDS before. Never crossed my mind to rape them even during quiet tempting moment at night. Thank God for making me a better person not to ever treat others like animal.


  9. johari aziz says:

    This guy RAPED his Indon MAID a number of times. How come he is still in the cabinet of Najib? Najib pun 2×5


  10. johari aziz says:

    memang embarrassment kalau Menteri rogol amahnya.


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