Dr Mahathir Says Samy Vellu Screwed The Indians

Posted: August 9, 2009 in Anak Bangsa Malaysia, Dr Mahathir, Hindraf, Malaysia, Malaysian Indian, Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), Malaysian Politics, PKR, Samu Vellu, Tamil, UMNO

  1. raaj says:

    all 2X5 and 5X2 only


  2. Riki says:

    Tamils cannot think! They cannot even think short term, let alone long term. That’s why Samy screwed you lot. Watch him screw you again as an “envoy” to India! He will pinch your education foundation like he did with that so-called “Indian company” where you guys lost millions. History will repeat itself until you kick that Malaysian Indian Comedy called MIC in the backside by not voting for it and its machans in BN.


  3. cobra nair says:

    Who the is main culpit for Samyvelu, to screw the indians, it’s Mahathir. Why didnt he take action against Samyvelu. Samy went out of control, when he was in control. Mahathir as a leader of the BN party, should ‘ve been suspended for allowing $amy to go in a wrong way., which lead to the sufferings of 99.9 % indians.Did Mahathir forget, that he himself is an indian.Can he deny is not an Indian. Both did nothing for the indians & both became millionaires, ayo, ayo, .Where did all the gov funds given thru the MIC, went to. Bought palace in Australia,vast land in India,millions in swiss bank, who is going to tell MACC to investigate this.Indians is to suffer till your graveyard , Why? In.. dia.well Cobra feels, these 2 guys, Samy & Mahathir, should be dipped in a big pot of boiling oil.


  4. Rina says:

    “Indians” screwed Malaysian Tamils by supporting Samy. What is funny is that they continue to ‘support’ MIC. Watch the election. See how many will suport that weak Nathan instead of Zaid. Hidup India!


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