As usual our Umno leaders and their sidekicks were quick to defend and protect the “good name” of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

There seem to be a similarity here. There is a sinister element here. There is a political conspiracy. Remember the Perak power grab? Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) was used to topple the Pakatan Rakyat Perak State Government and now in the same fashion, MACC is being used to topple the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor State Governmant. It is so blatant where every government institutions are used by Umno in its political manipulations to engage in unconstitutional and unlawful activities to seize and preserve power at all costs.

It is not wrong for us to conclude that MACC is actually masterminding an operation to destabilise the Pakatan-controlled Selangor state government by prosecuting PR assemblymen and fabricating the necessary evidence through threats and coercion of potential witnesses. Teoh Beng Hock is clearly a victim of physical intimidation and mental torture under such a process. Teoh lost his life to the dangerous political game played by the institution which is a tool to Umno, the ruling elite. His death is so unfortunate, it is tragic and unnecessary.

Teoh Beng Hock, 30, was found dead on Thursday at the balcony of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission building in Shah Alam. Was Teoh manhandled and threatened by MACC investigators during a 10-hour interrogation he went through? Was Teoh dragged to a window on the 14-story building and thrown out by the MACC investigators? I don’t know but my feeling is that the MACC chaps have done something really nasty to the young man. I know MACC officers claim that Teoh was not a suspect in any crime. But I don’t know why Teoh was interrogated beginning late evening until the wee hours of next day and that his lawyers were not allowed to be present. There has to be a cause but who will ever know the real cause of his death?!!

Teoh was to get married on the day his body was found. His fiancee is expecting their first baby and has vowed to raise the child as a symbol of her love for Teoh. I really sympathise with her and her unborn child.

We must stop all these abuses and the erosion of justice.

May this young man’s life and sudden death be not in vain.

May Teoh Beng Hock rest in peace.


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