Farewell, Michael Jackson!

Posted: June 27, 2009 in Jackson 5, King Of Pop Micheal Jackson, malaysia music, music, Race
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Michael Jackson is a musical genius and an icon of my generation a true LEGEND. In my mind, The King of the Pop will always be Micheal Jackson the undisputed king, just like Elvis the  King of Rock and Roll.

I have many fond memories that come with MJ’s music from the days of Jackson 5. Regardless of this personal life, he was a musical and entertainment genius and he personified an era. The world has lost someone that has defined a generation.

I find it amazing how everyone in the media are now paying tribute to him and saying how great he was but when he was down in the dumps, accused of sexual child molestation, these very people were nowhere to be found or just throwing all kind of shit at him…Its really sad how people say nasty things about you when you are alive but when you die, all you hear are nice things being said. How ironic.

 We mourn the passing away of a legend, who brought the world together much more than any politician. In MJ’s words, his was a world of “neither black or white”  although MJ himself went to great lengths to change his own colour.

The world today is grieving for MJ because he brought great joy to all of us through his music and his dance moves. Remember Moon Walk?

Despite MJ’s obvious poor health condition, he was signed up to perform in 50 shows in London. Its sheer madness. Imagine, the tickets for the shows were all sold out in an hour. But there was also a price to be paid as MJ prepared for the tour. The toll must have been too much for MJ.

There’s a lump of sadness in my throat that won’t go away now.

Michael, the world would never forget you and your songs.  I’m “speechless”. Rest in peace Wacko Jacko!


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