Tomorrow is Penanti by- elections. And the good news is, I just received a call from my Umno strongman, my friend, Idris Othman from Kelawai, Penang, and he said, most Umno members in Penanti will boycot the polling tomorrow. It seems Umno members in Penanti feel played out by Umno and are very unhappy with the leadership for not contesting in the by-elections. The word used by many is, Mana Muka? HARPRAK Umno!

Even Datuk Azahar Ibrahim, the Penaga Assemblyman who is also the Penang state Umno secretary could not convince many Umno members in Penanti to vote for the Independent candidate Aminah aka Makchik Rongeng. Umno members have openly told him off and some even booed him when he visited.

According to Idris, Dr Mansur Othman of PKR would easily get close to 9000 votes majority and Aminah@Makchik Rongeng will get less than thousand votes. Independent candidate Aminah@Makchik Rongeng is confirmed backed by the BN/UMNO. See here.

We shall see tomorrow how accurate is Idris’s predictions.

My indication is that for sure Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) would win with an overwhelmingly majority and all the Independent candidates are going to lose their deposits, and Dr Koh Tsu Koon and The BN/Umno is going to be so embarrassed that they might just pack their bags and leave Penang for good..

  1. Omar says:

    Less than 50% turnout lah! Truly Umno members boycotted this election.


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