Yes its confirm LTTE supremo Veluppillai Prabakaran is dead.

A report was posted on the site of Al Jazeera television channel on Sunday quoted by LTTE confirming the death of its leader, Velupillai Prabakaran. It said he died on May 19 in the last phase of Eelam IV war.

According to Selvarasa Pathmanathan the LTTE’s head of Internatioal Relations based in Norway, Prabakaran’s final request was for the struggle to continue until Tamil people achieved freedom. Selvarasa also said that the LTTE would observe a week of mourning to mark Prabakaran’s death.

Last Tuesday, hours before the Sri Lanka military confirmed the death of Prabakaran, Mr. Selvarasa had said the LTTE leader was still alive. Never mind about that as it was part of the strategy. I too had said here that Prabakaran is alive and kicking.

So guys, the game is over for now for our Prabakaran, finito.

Praba tried but failed. Unfortunately, this fight would be his final stand. He was executed by Sri Lankan forces under the guidance of the Indian Intelligence with the full consent of New Delhi.

But, Praba is not dead, Praba is alive in all of us. Prabakaran’s struggle for independent Tamil homeland did not fail, it is still in progress: it is our struggle and our time will come.

Need now to groom a new Prabakaran for the struggle to continue till we finally achieve our Tamil Eelam.

To the Fearless Fearsome Leader and one of my dearest hero I say this:

Rest in Peace, Praba, knowing we will not be giving up anytime soon.

Will like to quote here Emiliano Zapata’s famous quote “it is better to die standing than to live on your knees.”

  1. Gamunu says:

    Make1000 prabas,there will be another 1000 mahindas.stop day dreaming,ealam is impossible.go n try in antatica,or try in usa,uk.they r really caring for you people till another september11 comes.


  2. Yong says:

    Are you a Malaysian or a Tamil Eelam? If you are a Malaysian, then you can’t say “our Tamil Eelam” becaue you have your loyalty right here in Malaysia. You can’t have a state in Sri Lanka and another one called Malaysia. But if you are a Sri Lankan Tamil Eelam, do what you think is best for you. But remember, nowhere in the world, war can win lasting peace.


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