Vellupillai Prabhakaran Is Alive And Kicking

Posted: May 19, 2009 in Hindu, India, LTTE, Sri Lanka, Tamil, Tamil Elam, Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, Tamil Net, Terrorist, Velupillai Prabhakaran
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I think its full of crap this Sri Lankan government claiming that they have eliminated Vellupillai Prabhakaran the supremo of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). In fact nearly all the international news media are also parroting the Sri Lankan government’s propaganda and saying that Prabakaran is dead meat,dead duck. I say it’s bullshit.

The thing is there are no pictures or video footage of the dead body of Prabhakaran. There is no real evidence to show Prabakaran is dead.

This  is one the military trick to divert the people and weaken the spirit of the Tamil people.

Remember, even the Interpol in its physical description of Prabhakaran, describes Prabha as “very alert, known to use disguise and capable of handling sophisticated weaponry and explosives”. Interpol even says that these skills have helped Prabhakaran elude the Sri Lankan armed forces so far. And luck too was always on his side.

Even as far as last month, Sri Lankan army officials admited that they missed capturing him “by a whisker.”

Prabhakaran has sacrificed his life in order to obtain the Tamils’ Freedom and independence. He will continue to lead the quest for dignity and freedom for the Tamil people for a long long time to come.

Rajapakse is merely committing War Crimes and Genocide on the Tamils with the help of India, China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan.

Whatever happens, Prabhakaran will always be remembered by the Tamils. Prabakaran is an inspiration to the Tamils around the world.

Tamils have been butchered by Rajapakse and the Sri Lankan army and the  Tamil community must be vigilant and must exercise maximum restraint whilst grieving for the loss of  100,000 Tamil lives in the barbaric conduct of the final chapters of this battle.

Long Live Tamil Elam! Long Live Prabhakaran!

The struggle will continue with or without Prabhakaran till we find a Tamil Homeland.

  1. u.raja says:

    Tamil is the first language in the world, learn some thing about Rajaraja cholan and the skills of him come and see the living monuments which is a evidence of great giant, The powerfull king Ravanan a tamil giant and his history,like that vellupillai prabakaran a powerfull giant and a king who ruled and goin to rule again entire lanka, all these nothing but the enemity starts from vikrama singa raja who was the first king of sinhala, he is nothing but a north indian, a son of animal, later he got married a girl from pandia vamsam, and sworn as a sinhala raja, the war is between tamil and north indian,it never ends ,the mayans yes the tamils are more ppwerfull and they cannot be destroyed, tamil will soon rule the entire world, the world will be in its power,. Vazhga tamizh,vallarga tamizh makkal,pirrakattum tamizh ullagam.


  2. Vikram Shah says:

    Why so much hatred ?

    People shud more concentrate over education and productive things…
    And try to give best education to the children…So that the coming future of the world is better than today..

    Few of the Good Indian Religious TV Epics like Ramayana Mahabharata Vishnupuran Shri Krishna Saibaba shall be shown to children.

    Best regards
    Vikram shah
    Great Indian epics and religious tv serials


  3. Elvis says:

    I saw Prabakaran with Elvis in downtown Las Vegas.


  4. Chinese Democracy will definately be the most expensive album ever made. Was it worth it? The answer, like everything else, differs from person to person. But I love it, Axl did a great job.


  5. Independent says:

    Hello all, why talk here about 70mil tamils bringing to sri lanka, when you can do the same to Singapore, and become the supreme power? I think the mistake here is not about SLA killing ‘VP’, but LTTE killing Rajiv Gandhi. Look at, any tamil can live in any part of Sri Lanka, but did tamils allow any sinhalese to peacefully live beyond LTTE’s virtual boundary? LTTE masacared most border valagers who were absolutely incocent. I have physically seen most of them, and proof available.


  6. […] LTTE leader was still alive. Never mind about that as it was part of the strategy. I too had said here that Prabakaran is alive and […]


  7. suesser says:

    only in india we can hear d word paria


  8. Irudayaraj angel says:

    Hey already we ve seen Dhasaavadhaaram of kamalhasan. dont try to make us fool. If you really killed him, y u did nt send his body to india for DNA Test. you liers. We know everything ya.


  9. Irudayaraj angel says:

    I appreciate TORONTO TAMIL.
    Ive got a plan. All Tamils of this world, return to Sri Lanka. We have a world population of 70 Million people, compared to the Singalese 20 million world population. I dont care how your getting there, but go. The tamil minority will become a supreme race in Sri Lanka. Then we’ll see who wins the election. If you dont want us to take a peaceful election, well imagine a LTTE with 70 million.


  10. Irudayaraj says:

    read tamil god’s word Above. I appreciate tamil god.


  11. Irudayaraj says:

    Criminal is Rajabakshe. If prabhakaran could not kill him, tamil from the world will kill rajabakshe. remember the power of tamils. they will never get lost of any thing.


  12. Irudayaraj says:

    Hey Guys, I know very well about Rajabakshe. He is a lier… Wait and see the end of him… all tamils are waiting for a chance to kill him. prabhakaran will come back. because, this srilankan government told several times as prabhakaran died. but prabhakaran came to the presence of people and fought for tamil rights. if you shout and repeatedly say, A lie cant become fact. He ll win independent Tamil Eezham. He will be the president of Eazha Naadu.


  13. La Milo says:

    To all the dumbos making stupid comments above;
    some of you were really deceived.
    Have you not heard double!
    The question now arise which one is the double; the one killed or the one alive and kicking?


  14. Tamil god says:

    Dai dai sinialese pooolus, adangunga da. ungalala pirabhakaran’s mayira koda pudunga mudiyathu.


  15. TORONTO TAMIL says:


    Ive got a plan. All Tamils of this world, return to Sri Lanka. We have a world population of 70 Million people, compared to the Singalese 20 million world population. I dont care how your getting there, but go. The tamil minority will become a supreme race in Sri Lanka. Then we’ll see who wins the election. If you dont want us to take a peaceful election, well imagine a LTTE with 70 million.


    You all think your so great. I dare you to try to speak like this in Toronto. You will get murdered. You’ve probably made the biggest mistake ever to kill Velupillai Prabhakaran. In his power it was “terrisom” due to political desire. If the oppression isn’t gone, it’s going to be a war fueled by pure hatred and anger

    Big Mistake…


  16. newsagencyblog says:

    All the people of sri lanks needs right now is peace!
    they’ve gone through so much, like an african adage says; when two elephants fight, its the grass underneath that suffers.
    the numerous civilian casualties in the sri Lanka carnage is a reflection of this and should make us pause and wonder how true peace can really be achieved in the world


  17. Senthu says:

    srry about the language, just got a bit into it


  18. Senthu says:

    Singhala people stop talking shit, if you guys actually think you can rage a war against all tamils your stupid as fuck, there are over 70million tamils in the world, compared to the little 20 million you have, I aint up for battle I want peace or I am from Colombo and I am tamil, my dad had singhala people working for him, I had butlers that were singhalese and gardeners who were singhalese, but I also had good friends that were signhalese as well, Colombo was a short glimpse how people can live in peace. My dad’s best friends where singhalese, im just shocked at how evil people can be, its not a matter of who is supporting who right now, people are dying no matter what race they are no 1 should be mistreated in that way…10s of thousands of people shouldnt be forced outta their homes and into camps, I would say it the same way if it were singhalese people who are in our positions, but its your damn government, like ever government in the world it has brainwashed its own people…..


  19. Anonymous says:

    Well said Mr Selva – great article! …. very true. Thanks!


  20. Gonoris says:

    Long live Prabakaran…my god he lived long enough to leave such a carnage.May he rot in hell!- Word of warning to Lucifer…with this murderer around even you wont be safe.


  21. selvarajasomiah says:

    Guy, guys, stop being abusive and with all means debate, but do it in a civil manner and stop being racist and stop flaming each other.

    I want to see logically reasoned argument here.

    Again, please avoid personal insults..

    If you wish for other people to respect your points of view, then you must also respect theirs. Remember, we debate issues here, not individuals. If you cannot present your position on an issue without resorting to personal insults, then there’s a good chance that your position is not very strong to begin with.

    Again I say, please avoid foul language and curse words. Remember there are kids here.

    And finally, please do not make me delete any of the post here.

    Thank you.


  22. Anonymous says:

    sinhlalese means people with alot of sin


  23. Tamil says:

    All of u fucking Sinhalese – i feel so sorry for you idiots. Wait and see what international countries are going to do to you. You can say all you want but you are just going to be in shock how this is going to end. Big victory is waiting for us despite of the loss of our innocent civilians so if i were u i wouldn’t get so excited at least not yet.


  24. LAX says:

    Fucking tamilians, better u all keep ur fucking mouth shut, or else we sinhalese will wipe out the fucking tamilians from GREAT SRI LANKA. U won’t be no more in sri lanka near future as ur fucking son of a bitch prabha fucker ‘s death.


  25. LKing says:

    Go to hell you fucking tamils, sort out cast probems among yourselves, We could have done it long time ago, we were so sympathetic on the innocent tamils. Otherwise, you are gone long time ago, come back if you can again. Same thing will happen. Your hero got killed while he was trying to hide. ha ha ha.


  26. LKing says:

    Go to hell you fucking tamils, sort out probems among yourselves, We could have done it long time ago, we were so sympathetic on the innocent tamils. Otherwise, you are gone long time ago, come back if you can. You all will be eliminated this time.


  27. Chatura says:

    Tamil, stop being a fool. Your murderer Prabakaran is dead. Period.

    Whatever you say will not bring him to life. They say ‘live by the sword, die by the sword” and that is your Prabakaran’s fate an adage which is so applicable to him. This story picks up at the end of a chain on events for your Prabakaran the murderer


  28. Tamil says:

    What kind of evil crime are you talking about? The crime that your fucking Rajapaksa is commiting on tamil people? That’s evil, and his stupidity to call our leader dead with faking mask that doesn’t even look like our leader. It’s so obvious that Rajapaksa is totally fried once the world finds out he is world #1 liar.


  29. Anonymous says:

    you are one racist Tamil Bastard Mr Selva.Its people like you who need to be sent to the mental asylum because you condone people like TERRORIST PRABAKARAN for his heinous and evil crimes on his fellow citizens. How can you support such people? I never believed you are a supporter of LTTE.

    Repent Mr Selva


  30. mahabharata says:

    One prabhakaran goes ten will rise against Raakshas of Lanka, So have fun Sinhalese Sri-Lankans, you guys are full of sin as your name says it.
    Treat Tamils with respect and remember equal rights for Tamils or else the history would repeats over and over again.


  31. jonathan says:

    Prabhakaran sahab jindabad,
    Sinhalese Leaders and Military Murdabad
    Not a fair war,
    All the countries that support Sri Lanka Govt. burn in hell.
    Prabhakaran will be back asta la vista baby, heheheheh


  32. Tamil says:

    Indika- what the fuck makes you think that he is dead. No one can kill him. You wait and see when you fucking sinhalese people find out that he is alive, it’s gonna make you fools go crazy…..ha ha ha


  33. Owned says:

    u got enough proof now that he is dead? buddy? :)


  34. Indika says:

    The fucking Murderer has beed killed.
    I have killed thousands of people in Sri Lanka.
    This fucking animals dead was cause to a selebration in the country.


  35. DL says:

    Did you see the pictures and video now. Happy to see the dead body, right? see, when you hold the body for a day what kinda bullshit comes out. hehehehe. have fun. peace


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