“Freedom is incredible,”  “Only people who have been detained can feel the great joy on being released. The feeling overwhelms.”Uthayakumar said last night after his release from Kamunting under the INTERNAL SECURITY ACT (ISA).

Hindraf’s Uthayakumar created history by being the one and only ISA detainee so far in the history of the draconian ISA in Malaysia to be released unconditionally without signing any papers. 

The authorities tried to force him to sign the conditional release papers and in Uthayakumar’s own words were ” yes, they tried to force me to sign to five conditions including restricted residence and a ban from giving public speeches, among other conditions. But I refused. The whole morning the police tried to persuade me to sign but I refused. Finally they gave up and threw me out of Kamunting. I walked out last. Now, I am my own man.”

Uthayakumar stood his ground and his determination of steel proves he is a character and a fighter and the Indian masses will trust him even more and he would continue to keep the Hindraf fire burning for a longtime among the marginalised Indian community in Malaysia.

Uthayakumar has again inspired the Indian community to stand up against being oppressed and marginalised.

Hindraf has come a long way now and its no question that Hindraf is an effective movement and thanks to Uthayakumar and the others who have sacrificed so much.

The way The Barisan government detained and then released Uthaya and the other Hindraf guys at their own whims and fancy is irresponsible and high handed. It is so blatant. First they harassed him then they charged him, recharged, bailed, released, rearrested and finally ISAed him when there was nothing else to charge him for. We must make the The BN account for this as it is very clear that BN has hid behind an executive order which cannot be challenged in the courts when they detained Uthaya and gang under the ISA. The BN has abused its power. It is a real shame.

And finally, about Uthayakumar’s  idea of forming a new party, I would prefer if its not a racial based party as racial parties are getting more and more irrelevant in this new political climate in Malaysia.

I believe we are moving towards a 2 Party system in Malaysia and that is the way to go.

Uthayakumar please plan your next moves intelligently, rationally and effectively and Never EMOTIONALLY. You can take this as an advice from a friend or take this as an advice from another Indian and most important please take this as an advice from a MALAYSIAN who love this country just like you.


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