Last night, Wong Chin Huat from the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (Bersih),  after having a press conference to launch the 1BLACKMalaysia campaign, was arrested under the Sedition Act. The campaign was to urge Malaysians to wear black on 7th May in protest to the Perak power-grab by the Barisan Nasional (BN) government and the attempts to legitimise the illegitimate BN government  in the Perak State Assembly.

Why is the Federal government acting so paranoid and treating people like Wong like criminals and as though he is a big threat to national security? It does not make sense because this Wong fellow is a harmless bugger who will not even kill an ant. Look at some of his writings here. Is he dangerous? Does his writing sound dangerous? Come on! What is happening here? Is this a sign that more would be arrested the next few days? Another Operation Lalang on the cards kah?

I’m going to wear BLACK come May 7th. And guys how about you all? Come on guys, let us all wear BLACK on May 7th to show Najib our PM that in one colour – “1BlackMalaysia!“, we Malaysians are telling him in one voice that “Democracy First!” and the one solution for Perak is “Elections now!“

1BlackMalaysia! Democracy First! Elections Now!

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