British Indian Brothers Come Up with “Veggie Condoms”

Posted: April 27, 2009 in Britian, condoms, Health, UK, vegan, Vegetables, vegetarians
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Two Indian brothers running a pharmacy in Baker Street, Central London are seducing Britons with a “veggie” condom that has gone on sale in health shops across Britain.

Shanip and Ketan Shah’s veggie-rubbers are made without the milk-based casing used in other condoms and have the vegan logo, an initiative which the brothers believe would encourage young people to use the Fusion condoms for safe sex.

“Vegans might not have realised there’s a milk extract in most condoms. We want to help this group make an informed choice about safe sex,” Shanip of Fusion Condoms was quoted by the Daily Mirror as saying.

There are 180,000 British vegans, who don’t eat dairy products also, and three million vegetarians.

And according to the brothers, a number of health food stores have recently placed orders of Fusion condoms with the brand gaining popularity across the country due to its “vegan” status.

The Fusion condoms are also environment-friendly due to its cardboard packaging, which means they are likely to be the choice of many young people who are environmentally aware and prefer safe sex.

  1. ronsiojo says:

    Good “thoughts”. HARIBOL!


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